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February/March '17


The reason this blog is called 'The Multiverse' is not because the author believes in various versions of himself in different universes, unlike some in scientism whose egos are so big that one universe is enough. But instead, because it tries to highlight the Multitude of Verse that makes up our single book of reality. But now you are here, please have a look and click around as you explore a universe based on an electricity and which is taken from the very real worlds of Plasma Physics, Electrical Engineering & of course, plenty of Common Sense. This is, Real Science.

(because the mainstream is very suspect)

If you are new to this ginormous paradigm shift that is now happening in our scientific understanding of how the universe works, then the Thunderbolts of the Gods video is the best place to start. It was released onto the YouTube platform in December 2012.

Since then we have advanced by absolutely massive leaps and bounds to where are already getting what looks like fusion. With only 18,000 Watts DC current going in, we have already got output spikes of upto and over 10 million Watts, with this being achieved over two years ago by the  SAFIRE Project.

But to start with, the documentary The Thunderbolts of the Gods is the place to start to understand this completely different and correct way of understanding the universe and our place in it. Join the hundreds of thousands of ordinary people, students and academics alike and see the future, because the future is now.




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2017 looks like its going to be one heck of year as far as the great unveiling is concerned and not just with the weather. Over the last four years since December 2012 many many more people have found out about the Electric Universe Theory and so main stream science is now in the firing line too.

This is because after getting away with just guessing badly with the pseudo religion of Scientism (main stream science) being caught telling porkies, because reality ignored their poor guesswork, normal people are now finding out about this too.

Personally I find it really strange that when an experiment fails, it quite often means that even more money can be gained by those who failed so they can fail again, this is so so wrong. Even one of scientism's most loved heroes said in past that when something is guessed wrong, it is wrong.

I have always argued that we don't have to convince the current hierarchy in the scientific establishment that they are wrong, as have been proved time and time again by reality. This is because they will never readily change their stance, due to them feeling like they will bring forth their own demise which of course it will.

Its the normal Joe in the street, the younger academic and student who we should be getting through to and instructing them directly as to what is what. So the next generation will then grow up in their own homes with the new paradigm already in the mind and ready to expand upon this as they mature and go out into the big world and further their careers, or just generally increase their interest in science.



The lovely thing about our community is that we cover nearly every aspect of the new cosmology. This is of great shock to a lot as they really don't expect it to be so inclusive and so includes both humanities and the solar system's history.



Mainstream astrophysics tells us that more than 95% of all galaxies are home to one or more black holes -- regions of space where matter said is to be collapsed to "near infinite density." However, there is no experiment that can provide evidence for matter collapsed to “near infinite density”. The Electric Universe suggests that electromagnetic plasmoids are responsible for the enormous energies and mass at the centres of galaxies."

Due to being between venus and the earth, the small red planet mars saved us from the wroth of venus as she approached the earth and started to discharge like a comet. Then after tremendous electrical battles raging in the sky between mars and venus, she adjusted to the change in the electrical field and once again became her beautiful self.  I would think that this is where the idea that females need to be kept in their place came from and where the battle of the sexes was born.




As expected since last summer (northern hemisphere), the amount of H2O being lifted from the oceans hasn't diminished but because of the cold conditions post last year's El Nino, we are now seeing the coming white out conditions and we can now expect this on a yearly basis and for the foreseeable future.

After the winter started two months early, then loads more snow fell after Christmas, Eastern and South Eastern Europe then also got blanketed by it. From the past we are used to estimating the severity of the falls by inches and feet, now it is being measured by the meter. 



Obviously word is getting out that people are on the watch for an incoming little ice-age, but Tamitha Scov thinks it's not going to happen, sighting the appearance of the first reverse polarity sunspot. Personally I think its a bit early to make such a call on the evidence of one spot and especially when she doesn't seem to know what the science actually says and that it the number of sunspots over a period of time that we need to look at and not just one in one year.

The problem mainly is not knowing what a Little Ice-Age represents with most thinking that this means the world freezing up but on a smaller time scale. But this is not the case as temperature extremes is what we are looking at. The cold is brought down from the ionosphere at the poles where the charge concentrates and enters the earth, This heats up the inertia with the heat then being having to radiate out again. This causes a lot more H2O to lifted from the oceans which then condenses out and falls through the incoming cold. 

So will she have a Michael Fish moment in her judgement as we still keep getting unprecedented amounts of H2O being lifted and then dropped on us as rain, snow and hail due to a weakening magnetic field letting more electricity through? 

The sun reverses its polarity which shows up in the sunspots, positive in front and negative behind, to negative in front and positive behind and then repeating this roughly every twelve years, so seeing the first one in the next cycle doesn't really mean much I'm afraid. We will also still see some from the old cycle mixed in with those from the new, until the reversal fully takes place. Yes it's good to get different perspectives and I like Tamitha and have been putting stuff of hers up for quite a while on the Facebook Group which deals with stuff on a daily basis, as she deals with other connected issues like affects on Ham Radio.

a weakening sun showing a less sun spot trend

But she is trained in conventional, 'through the lens of relativity' and so needs to learn a lot more about plasma physics and electrical engineering, if she fully wants to understand about space weather. There is a very big difference between a full on ice-age and what happened in the sixteen hundreds and not knowing the difference is not a good start. Just like Mr Fish and those that have followed him, taking no notice of the electrical output from the sun affecting down currents and turning them into hurricanes.



Convective Available Potential Energy (from surface), or negative charge coming from the earth to you and me. This is a constant feature that morphs it shape and intensity as travels up and down the Med and is what is responsible for this area of the world being such an electrically active region geologically and as far as the weather goes. Positive charge is attracted here like a magnet, literally and is drawn down from the atmospheric layers above to ground. See how the charge (wind) disappears into almost nothing, once it makes contact with bedrock.


Although traditional weather forecasting can't really be accurate past 3-5 days due to using fluid mechanics in their models instead of electromagnetic mechanics, it does at least try to do real science unlike most in scientism. Unfortunately at the moment the weather too is still understood by the dictates of doctrine and tenet, with everything seen through a filter of relativity, hence the small time frame in accurate forecasting.

When we consider that the electromagnetic force is 10^39, or a 1000, billion, billion, billion, billion times more powerful than the gravitational force, or as is now believed by those who see everything reality through a relativity filter, 'the bending of light by mass on a flat bit of rubber cloth' (einstein's fantasy of gravity), we can easily understand why fluid mechanics don't cut the mustard for long term forecasting. 

As we know electricity doesn't travel smoothly, hence the need for capacitors in circuit boards which smooths out the flow. Although it does have electrical cycles, even electrical pulses can have variations and so not be exact, so we can only go by the previous cycles as to what might happen now and in this instant its the Maunder Minimum plus the cold snap in the eighteen hundreds, so yes every two hundrend or so, which mean now.

We must also at this point look to other anomalies from the past giving us pointers to give us an accurate as possible handle on it. Ancient maps show Antarctica and Greenland as being ice free, these maps were drawn up in the 16th Century. 

So I am watching the ice sheets of both the Arctic and the Antarctic with much interest to see if they show any signs of mass melting or freezing up even more, with an ice-bridge forming between Antarctica and South America.

This would make these copies from much older maps, when there was general global heating. I would say that it from much older maps with a big climate change and time generally then destroying much of the records.

Temperature is a product of charge, and as said the poles are where the cold charge comes in from the ionosphere. As our magnetic field has weakened we have been getting an increasing amount of charge and cosmic rays entering our atmosphere. Then after passing through the earth, the charge in the return circuit is of a higher temperature as well as the land masses in th natural heat zones, 

Although in the centre of the negative charge flow, heat can escape from the ground in the general upward flow. Because there is now more charge getting more directly through it will stir up our weather during and just after times of solar activity like filament CME's and the solar wind stream.

Watch out for times of Aurora activity as a sign of more turbulent weather and especially when there is one activity on the heels of another. This is because the first will have energised the system with the second then speeding through the system.

We certainly need to change how we produce our energy needs now, with this being just the first year of what is increasing looking like a new Little Ice-Age, so we need to push for clean energy because of the enormous health risks to ourselves and the rest of the biosphere.

We may think we don't have to worry about how we produce energy because CO2 is plant food and change is natural, but in the end it's not about the global warming or even climate change/extremes, it about whether we we poison ourselves, while trying to stay warm during the cold snaps and keeping cool during the warm ones and grow enough food through these extremes.

Different open, which will then be able to become enclosed growing environments will have to be developed to grow food, with the energy that powers them being clean. 

Like many have said in the EUT Community, this is going to be about extremes with areas of hot and areas of not so hot, but what ever the temperature there will be lots of H2O falling. The weakening magnetic field is letting more charge through and so allowing more charge to devolve more ocean into the atmosphere near the equator which then condenses back out.



Without doubt we must pursue a clean agenda at utmost speed now we have started the momentum and not slip back into the destructive old ways. The health of the planet and its biosphere is becoming obviously poor but an answer is quite simple, give over all the funding that is wasted on scientism's guesswork and let those in the EUT Community set up and develop some real scientific endeavours of merit, from education through workable projects.

Then out of this we can imagine ways to forward our existence. If not, the funding will continue to squandered on really bad fantasy, which helps no one apart from those in the pseudo religion who are after all, are looking like they are just profiteers, with the 'love of money' being their only motivation.

Now we have projects like SAFIRE though which is already looking like its giving us fusion and people within the community also cracking earthquake predictions, it seems pretty obvious to me where the problems lie.


It is my belief that the world governments must put a complete halt on all attempted modification of the weather and climate as it is also speeding up the charge in the earth circuit, due to making the atmosphere either dialectic or conductive, depending on what type of catalyst they use.

 With main stream science some people having some answering to do, as to why they after originally doing their level best to push Tesla and other electrical pioneers into relative obscurity, continue to do so with anything electric. I think it looks like a serious ploy to hold humanity back.

If the right group of people got the science funding, instead of giving it to a bunch of bad fantasists to fritter away on more bad guesswork, we wouldn't be in the hole we are now in.


IMHO It's not liquid freezing, its the H2O molecules changing their matter state from liquid to gas. The H2O molecule changes it matter state from liquid to gas by the heat in the liquid, which is now not a solid mass contained in a saucepan, as it hits the cold of the air it becomes a spread out form.

Because the thermal energy cannot be destroyed and only transformed (Newton's first law of thermodynamics), the energy is forced the make the liquid into a gas as going from boiling down to 40 below cannot not be made instantly. But because there is not quite enough energy and so still being a liquid upto that point, it produces a cloud instead, which I think would be negatively charged.




In simple terms,  Visible to humans wavelengths of the Electromagnetic Spectrum (light) is on the cusp between the ionising and non ionising sections of the spectrum, with the Ultra Violet reaching into the ionising part. When the frequencies get down to that very short wavelength, they start to break up the surface of what they hit, hence we get sunburn. 

Wavelengths below Ultra Violet and down to Inferred excite the surfaces they bounce off but only excites them enough into radiating that intake of energy, with that being what we see as light.



These people actually believe they are brightest buttons in the box. Even with a limited learning curve and so doesn't include even the basics of charge (which powers our world and so most important), they have been led to believe they are top of the tree and no doubt the future makers of the world. Wow are they in for a (electric) shock.



To create a metal magnet, it has to shot through with heavy weight electricity and so swamp the metal in the direction of charge. This aligns the atoms of the metal in series and so creating and then maintaining the resulting magnetic field. 

In this clip the magnetic field created by the electricity is low powered so only reaches a little way into the circle of metal so can once broken, looses its binding force. Heat would also make the nuts come apart as it would make the atoms move around vigorously and so shaking them out of a series configuration.


This is not banging pistons that don't do anything else but pollute the environment, this is the development of electric batteries, electric motors and various other electrical systems which is going to power our civilisation in the future, the technology will spill over to so many walks of life. Such high performance machines have always benefited the car on the road with the manufactures using racing to pay for the development of the advancements, but now these advancements will filter down to everyday life, like the development and then use of supercapacitors and putting graphite and graphine in batteries and so make new longer lasting and cleaner versions, which must be developed for our electric future.



Plasma Giants like Jupiter, Saturn etc are really Dark Stars, as they still produce plasma discharges in Mode 1 (dark) which can be detected in frequencies of the Electromagnetic Spectrum like radio. 

They stopped being in glow mode when they entered the sun's heliosphere and lost their own direct connection to galactic currents, which is when I would think the great ice-age happened, we then shifted suns to where we settled today. 

How far down into Saturn's plasma sheaf would a probe go before it hit metal hydrogen?


A friend of mine, originally from the Nederlands once misheard me when I said "Time is only relevant to the environment in which it has been created" and then repeated in an asking way- "Time is only an elephant?" But when I thought about it, he might be right by association, Time being just a long memory.