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The reason this blog is called 'The Multiverse' is not because the author believes in various versions of himself in different universes, but instead, tries to highlight the Multitude of Verse that makes up our single book of reality.

But now you are here, please have a look and click around as you explore a single universe made and functioning on electrical principles and which are taken from the very real worlds of Observation, Plasma Physics, Electrical Engineering & of course, mixed in with plenty of Common Sense. This is Real Science, where ever it might lead.

(because the mainstream is very suspect, or so it might seem)

If you are new to this ginormous paradigm shift that is now happening in our scientific understanding of how the universe works, then the 'Thunderbolts of the Gods' video just below and to the right is the best place to start. It was released onto the YouTube platform in December 2012.

Since then we have advanced electrically by absolutely massive leaps and bounds to where 'current thinking' has brought us to where are already getting what looks like fusion, with a mini electric sun that has been built in the lab.

But everything in its place and the atmosphere with its many layers is first on the list for data collection.

Even with the proof of concept model and only 1,800 Watts DC, we straight away and after just a short time of the power going in, getting output spikes of upto and over 10 million Watts, with this being achieved by the SAFIRE Project over two years ago. This is a privately funded piece of experimental science designed to test  the Electric Sun Model and so, the validity of the Electric Universe in general.

But to start with, watch the documentary The Thunderbolts of the Gods and then Wal Thornhill's John Chappell Memorial Lecture (links just to the right in the Side Bar), then follow it with the new SAFIRE video. I have also now added Dr. Sky Scholar to this list as condensed matter is fundamental to an electric sun model (whether in purely solid form like SAFIRE, or in metal core with outer liquid form, like a star) >>>

Join the hundreds of thousands of ordinary people, students and academics alike and see the future (even if at first you didn't like the idea of it). It's really not worth clinging to a mistake, even if you did invest shed loads of time, money and effort learning it. Sorry but you are just gonna have got to get over it, if it's wrong, it's wrong.

Just a thought, just like in Weston traditions in Hindi the word apocalypse also means revelation, But also includes 'radio (wave lengths of the Electromagnetic Spectrum), sense and lightning'.



 You might have heard the hype and you might have read some mistruths about the paradigm shift of cosmological proportions that is going on in the world of science today and especially since the SAFIRE Project got finished in its construction and has been giving us data since January of last year.

Well now for the first time an Electric Universe conference is being held on this side of the pond in the UK and so it is the chance for those over here to personally discriminate the fact from the fiction and as they do so, have a fun, rational and very informative long weekend away from the madding crowd and see some Real Science in action. This includes looking at the stars, with our resident astronomer showing us around the heavens (weather permitting).

Set over five days and two exceptional locations, with the first half in the City of Bath and the second nestling in a private conference centre in the Quantock Hills, this year's Electric Universe community get-together is taking place in the beautiful and mystical West Country of England and the Brits warmly invite everyone to come and see what the Electric Universe is really saying, but with a distinctive UK flavour.

Electric Universe UK Conference 2018



The reason the main stream needs global warming and so keep needing to continue the myth is because heat is the only explanation they can offer for the massive increase in the amounts of H2O that is now being lifted from the oceans and then falling back down on us as rain, hail, sleet and snow.

But due to the so called global warming pause, this of course shouldn't be happening. With less heat this should mean of course that there is less evaporation, certainly not more. 

They will have to at some point accept that it is the returning current that is changing the matter state of the H2O from liquid into vapour and not ideas derived from the 'standard model' and which is built on unproven guesswork. I would have thought that it must be a dangerous way of going about things, surely.

From my new Weather Mechanics talk called The Sun Is Our Climate-

"....Well I certainly wouldn't want to venture out there into planetary space when the understanding of science is only based on mechanical action, let alone try to understand even the basics of the holistic nature of electricity in our lives, as well as the rest of the universe.

As we descend into the next Grand Solar Minimum and because the Electric Universe community has such a better and truer understanding of weather mechanics (as well as the rest of the universe), the main stream should come and chat.

With all the different atmospheric and other conditions that might be uncounted on other planets, it will be absolute madness to carry on using an outdated model based on an idea that is not working. 

The potentially fatal conditions both in space and on any alien planet, moon or asteroid as far as charge goes and how it effects its environment, must be properly understood to help ensure the survival of any adventurers who seek new frontiers..."


The electrical pulse on the High Tension Birkeland Currents that run through this part of the galaxy and focuses on our sun.



Personally I didn't get past 3 minutes of the video below, give me Real Science any day ¦:¬)

Seriously though, shouldn't we be getting loads more value for our money? After getting all this dosh, all that can be said is that they think that they have found intriguing signs and are sort of thought fairly confident that maybe this and maybe that will be found.

After getting all the masses of funding to date and only finding what amounts to being in my eyes no more than atom debris, they are supremely confident that they will be able to continue to keep the money rolling in.



The discrepancies with Pioneer probes distances from the earth doesn't surprise those well versed in the Electric Universe and is actually expected. Using Red-Shift and the Doppler Effect to gauge distance has known to be wrong since Halton Arp clearly showed it to be so decades ago and simply excluding any electromagnetic effect of the probes travelling through the heliosphere, it is no wonder that once again main stream scientists are surprised by reality.

So one has to ask, if scientism is so wrong over such a small distance to the edge of our solar system, then how wrong are they with distances to distant objects? 

Being able to Fly around the solar system in the modern era was basically worked out from observation in the old days. But they proved not to be constant when looked at up close and so adjustments always have to be made for probes venturing beyond earth's surface.

It was discovered that gravity (which isn't even a force according to Einstein but instead 'the bending of light by matter on a flat bit of rubber cloth') could be easily overcome by other charged factors, like the Solar Wind. But rather than seeing the charge as being the factor, the main stream continually see the charged particles purely having a mechanical action with the charge itself having no effect.



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Impact craters are hollowed out holes and the objects causing them almost exclusively hit the surface at oblique angles and not at ninety degrees from directly above.

The craters that cover the moon and elsewhere around the solar system though are almost exclusively all round and so are formed from directly above. They also usually have smooth floors and only just below the crater's rim, with some even having sharp etched mountains rising at their centre , this means that the original guess by a show of hands at the astronomy meeting to discuss this and make a dicesion as to what formed them, was wrong.





It's looking very much like that we and everything else on the planet will have to adapt and evolve now. I can't see anyway around it.

We have only since the rise of electrical use from the turn of the ninetieth century and into the twentieth that we been bombarded by artificial electromagnetic waves, so this is very new for us. We are electrical beings living in an electromagnetic environment and when we were blasted by nature electrically we moved on and now it looks like the whole earth might have to too now. 



I have often wondered about what would happen to all the old scientism text books based on the 'sub-standard model' in educational institutions. Yes some would get kept as examples of what was believed to be real, but most would just go for recycling.

Now though the art departments in the educational establishments can make excellent use of them instead, as they can turn what was once just fiction of poor quality into something of real worth and for the the first time, actually create some animation within the pages and so making them artistically valuable in their new form.




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The reason this blog is called 'The Multiverse' is not because the author believes in various versions of himself in different universes, unlike some in scientism whose egos seem to be so big that one universe is enough. But instead, it tries to highlight the Multitude of Verse that makes up our single book of reality. But now you are here, please have a look and click around as you explore a single universe based on an electricity and which is taken from the very real worlds of Plasma Physics, Electrical Engineering & of course, mixed in with plenty of Common Sense. This is Real Science.

(because the mainstream is very suspect)

If you are new to this ginormous paradigm shift that is now happening in our scientific understanding of how the universe works, then the 'Thunderbolts of the Gods' video is the best place to start. It was released onto the YouTube platform in December 2012 and so the great unveiling was not what most people expected but when looked back on, should have been.
Since then we have advanced by absolutely massive leaps and bounds to where are already getting what looks like fusion. With only 1,800 Watts DC, we have already after just a short time of the power going in, getting output spikes of upto and over 10 million Watts, with this being achieved over two years ago by The SAFIRE Project. It is a privately funded piece of experimental science that is designed to test  the Electric Sun Model and so, the validity of the Electric Universe in general.
But to start with, watch the documentary The Thunderbolts of the Gods and Wal Thornhill's John Chappell Memorial Lecture (links to be found together in the Right Side Bar with the SAFIRE Project > ) as these are the best places to start to understand this completely different and which on a daily basis is proving to be the correct way of understanding the universe.
Join the hundreds of thousands of ordinary people, students and academics alike and see the future (even if at first you didn't like the idea of it). It's really not worth clinging to a mistake, even if you did invest shed loads of time, money and effort learning it. Sorry but you are just gonna have got to get over it, if it's wrong, it's wrong.

In Hindi the word apocalypse, also means revelation or unveiling. In the Hindi it is associated with
 'radio (wave lengths of the Electromagnetic Spectrum), sense and lightning'.

How very appropriate, or is that just serendipitous?



As per normal in the Yule Tide/Christmas/New Year edition of this blog, I also look at some spiritual aspects to our existence to look beyond the fog. First though, some music you might like when preparing you Christmas day grub.





Good news and glad tidings to all men and women is on offer at this Time of Yule as the pseudo religion of scientism and who follow the Doctrine & Tenet of guessing first and then fibbing about the results later, is being relieved as being not what they claim to be, of any value.

But change is at hand and true science is once again being set on a true path of discovery with the Electric Universe.

As a modern complete theory it is only about 17 or so years old but it is built on decades of work by the pioneers that went before, like the American physicist Antony Peratt. So most will find it amazing that within this short time scale and especially since Dec 2012, the Electric Universe has already rocked main stream science to its very foundations, where it was then seen, to not have any.

Yes so it seems like it's time for change and new beginnings and we have seen it happening all over the place for the last five years or so, as well as actually feeling it in the wind.

So understanding and utilising the deeper levels of the charged change is fundamental to the future of the world as we simply can't carry on the way we are going with continuous growth, a throw away life style and having a main stream science that is so plainly wrong.

We need to take on new sets of values now and get away from scientism's thinking and so, need the new Electric Universe people to spear head the change. As we are proving to have a 10^40 better understanding of explaining the workings of our reality than those who simply make very, very expensive guesses.

What we need to do is embrace circular living, with a sustainable life style. The incoming next Grand Solar Minimum will simply demand it.

<<<The Maunder Minimum

Little Ice-Ages wait for no man and global warming is a scam and I think it is upto those who have tried to convince us that global warming is 'settled science' to prove it isn't a con.

Plus I also think all funding should be stopped on any science which uses the 'sub-standard model' as its mantra, as it clearly doesn't work and is in many cases looks plainly like fraud.

We really need to shift funding now, so we can without delay start putting it into worth while ventures like new education. We need to teach the Electric Universe as a theory now, so it is in the minds of the next generation who will have to carry the world through the chilly times ahead.

Also funding  should be put into projects which are ready for prototypes to be built, or if already proven, help to fund production and getting the products/services to market. Even without the next cold snap, surely it only makes sense to spend science funding on science that actually works.

Isn't it now with the day to day continuing evidence that we do live in a Electric Universe rather than one built on bad guesswork, criminal not to? And when it starts to get really quite cold, machines built with dark matter and powered by quantum singularities just ain't gonna cut the mustard and really wont help us with the coming cold conditions.

So the quicker we embrace the future the better and the more prepared we will be for the next Grand Solar Minimum,which we are now entering.

Gladly though there is change happening and I don't mean the political change like BREXIT & Trump & Corbyn,  although they are indicative of the mass human consciousness picking up on a change in energy and expressing it at the ballot box.

So we just now need to see our beloved leaders to wake up to the fact that an Electric Cosmology actually works, where as the old 'sub-standard model' cosmology clearly doesn't, so it is the advancement of Real Science that needs to be forwarded, if we want to avoid  an unnecessarily very challenging future.

With our modern knowledge of plasma physics and electrical engineering which makes up the Electric Universe, we are now looking at old unexplained phenomena as well as new discoveries with a new understanding that makes sense and so guiding us to a better future.




 Richard Dawkins seems to prefer the dark

Prof Pierre-Marie Robitaille explaining why the sub-'standard model' has had its day. This really is the return to some true scientific values (pre Einstein & Bore) to determine how our universe functions. 





Electric Universe UK2018

not a bad second location

I am pleased to announce that we are holding an Electric Universe conference in the UK next year. Although we in the Electric Universe community are all on the same circuit board so to speak, we are all still independent individuals who follow our own agendas and special interests.

Of course a lot of our ideas and ideals run very much along the same lines and certainly come from the same generating station and where ever in the world we hail from. But upto recently the only real place for everyone to get together to discuss such matters in person was at the Thunderbolts Project's American event in the US of A and more recently at the Suspicious 0bservers conference, as they are aligned with our community, but once again this is held in the States. 

Now though, as the proof grows that the sub-standard model is woefully wrong, more and more people are looking to the Electric Universe to show a more enlightened view on reality. So we on this side of the pond are now also able to offer a place where you can get antiquated with an Electric Universe and some of the people closely connected to it.

This will be very much be a uk flavoured affair and in two parts and those involved aim to make it one of those, 'I wish I could have been there' events.

The five days will be split over two different locations with an Open Day between them. As well as having some top speakers in the first two days, the weekend days will be very much a relaxed immersive affair, where fun 'other bits' will be going on to amuse and educate.

Lucy Wyatt and Adrian Gilbert, co-organisers, and in harmony with the Thunderbolts group are putting on the first ever 'Electric Universe' Conference in the UK. It is going to span five days, from June 27-July 1 2018.
The first two days will be held in Bath. This will be a formal conference, similar in format to the Thunderbolts Conferences in the USA . There will be guest speakers from all over the world, including Wal Thornhill from Australia. He is one of the founders of the Thunderbolts group, and as their chief adviser on Physics, the main driving force today for expounding and developing the Electric Universe paradigm. We are very pleased and honoured to have him attend what will be the first official Electric Universe Conference to he held outside of the USA.
Also coming will be Monty Childs, the CEO of the SAFIRE project, which is simply the most advanced experiment to date on testing out the plasma sun model. According to this model, the sun is not an on-going nuclear explosion but something more akin to a fluorescent light bulb. It receives its energy from outside of it in the form of electric current flows from the rest of the galaxy. The SAFIRE experiment has been running for several years now, testing this hypothesis under laboratory conditions. Monty will tell us their latest news, which believe me you don't want to miss. It is really exciting. You can read about SAFIRE here:
There will be other members of the Thunderbolts and SAFIRE team coming as well. In addition we have a growing galaxy of other speakers, some from the UK, some from the rest of Europe. These include Rupert Sheldrake, perhaps the most outstanding figure in the Philosophy of Science today. Also Robert Temple will be speaking as will my humble self.
Friday 29th will be an 'open' day for delegates to either enjoy the delights of Bath (a very popular idea with their wives I am told!) or to visit interesting sites in the area, such as Cheddar Gorge (a mini Grand Canyon with evidence of electrical scarring), Avebury Henge (the largest stone circle monument in the world), Glastonbury Tor or Hinckley Point nuclear power station, if that takes their fancy. There may even be a few early-bird crop circles to inspect, the southwest of England being where they most often occur.
For the weekend of 30th June to 1st July, the location shifts to the Quantock Hills near Taunton (Somerset). Here, at Lucy Wyatt's private conference centre we will be holding a second conference but with a different purpose. This one will feature seminars intended to teach the basics of Electric Universe Theory. We will also engage in simple but practical experiments to do with electricity so that those who are not from a scientific background can get a better idea of what it is all about. At night, weather permitting, we will look at the stars in the company of at least one senior astronomer to show us the way. Less formal than the Bath conference, this event is planned to be fun for all concerned.
So that is it for now folks. I will keep you posted as things develop further and with details of costs etcetera. For now please keep your diaries open for those dates, either for a part or all of the time from 27 June to 1 July.




The raised feature was put there first by two other electrical events elsewhere, after which the subsequent bolt was unleashed to ground to create the canyon.

Sorry Michael RIP, but even if the arc did happened after, it does still actually show the dust layering of the previous electrical activity and in doing so, expose what has been come to be known as, the 'Great Unconformity'.

This is yet another piece of physical evidence that exposes the main stream guesswork (both mountains and river formations) to be floored.

I also think think that most all river systems start as grounding charge starting just off the coast, which then moves inland as the bolts fully discharge. This would explain why the Colorado River (and on the much smaller scale, the quite deep but short River Crouch in England, both end up at suddenly becoming nothing more than the size of a stream, with the Essex river being a narrow uniform width for about half its length and the Colorado being like this for most of its length.

The Mississippi is though the best place to see a bolt coming ashore after grounding in the electrically salty shallows just off the coast and then arcing its way through the landscape and so creating the river drainage.




As the temperature goes up animal life (including humans) flourishes, which produces more CO2. Then when we get a cooling period from a diminished electrical output from the sun, animal life also diminishes as food gets less plentiful and so consequently, the CO2.

So it is not surprising that empires grow as the weather improves and fall when it gets cold. In this modern day and age though we have advance massively and like never before, so can we this time prevent the fall of civilisation as we enter the next Grand Solar Minimum?

Although our understanding of science may be still limited, we have in the process of trying to understanding it, increased our conscious awareness generally. So by knowing this we can engage  a bio-feedback mind frame (which includes of course having a healthy living) we should be able to adjust more easily to any change in our charged environment that we might face.


As well as coming from the natural environment, we as a planet are being continually bombarded by EM produced radiation of all sorts and that is being produced by ourselves, at a continually intensifying rate. 

This major uptick has been since our increased use of electricity coming through power grids and using directly electronic devices in our every day lives. This EM onslaught stems from the turn of the nineteenth and into the twentieth centuries but now just after the turn of the twenty first century, is at a tremendously high level. 

So is this big increase in charged produced pollution going to be of detriment to our and the planet's well being? Looking at reality in its present form the answer must be yes. 

But thinking the unthinkable, will this actually be good for us in the long run, as it will force us and the planet to get ready to once again suddenly evolve beyond the present? 

We can see that the earth has gone through some mega changes in the past, in both its form as well as life trying to survive on its crust, with these it seems always being down to changes in the electrical conditions at the time and have nothing to do with scientism's guesswork of crashing comets and the like. 

In light of this radically different understanding of our universe and how it functions we must then take a radically different view on every piece of scientism's guesswork and say we don't know how old the universe or our little bit of it is.

"Eric Milton describes his examination of a petrified tree trunk (essentially water and carbon) in Alberta, Canada:

“The piece was pure clear silica inside, it was coated with a rougher opaque crust of partially fused sand. The tree, whose stump was petrified, was alive five years ago! After the tree was cut down to accommodate the right of way for a new power transmission line, an accidental break allowed the live high-voltage wire to contact several tree stumps still in the ground. The power was cut off within hours of the break. All of the tree roots which contacted the broken wire were fossilised.”

Obviously, extremes of electricity can metamorphose matter quickly.


So it's not about whether evolution happens, it's about how quickly and why it happens. So from an electric point of view, not slowly and gradually over aeons of time like Darwin and the 'sub-standard model' suggests. But suddenly and at lightning speed and we can see examples of evolution doing this now, instantly adapting to a change in the environment. 

This mirrors on the small scale the planet's reality changing very quickly in the past on the big, with this happening within the solar system. Now though, we leave this region of reality to face a bigger challenge of charged change, but expanded out from the heliosphere to the galactic arm of our galaxy.
This wont be though like planetary events like in the past, but more like what happens to what is left existing on the crust from a psychological perspective. 

Because we live in an Electric Universe, all the past changes have been down to the shifting currents of charge that make it function and now that the earth expansions have taken place and for the moment at least the solar system has rearranged itself into a settled configuration, we as a solar system are about to enter free intergalactic space. This will be full of galactic cosmic radiation, which we will now have to adjust to.

So was twentieth century and its cuspal periods (real) science all about preparing our systems for a very big change and which is happening before our very consciousnesses? Well it certainly and serendipitously fits, if we have the eyes to see it.

In order to come to terms with our universe and make sense of our path upto now to this point in history, I have to see us being assisted at many times along our way to our electrical destiny.

The onset of the last great Ice-Age might well have been when the 'Golden Age' ended and Saturn and the other giants were drawn into the sun's heliosphere and so being turned off from their own direct galactic currents. Which upto then made Saturn and the others plasma giants radiate in glow mode and so keeping their families of moons and rocky planets and which included the earth, nice and toasty at a constant temperature.

There would still have been coming some thermal energy coming from the dimmed Saturn while traversing into the inner solar system and so not letting the earth becoming a total ice ball. But with a greatly reduced electrical connection, it would have made it rather chilly.

I am looking at the global expansions happening during Noah's time, with Saturn and family then going into its polar configuration around the sun, with this first melting the Ice-Age and which then, drained the melted waters into the newly created ocean beds. 

The Bible says by Day 150 of the Flood the floodwaters had submerged all the high mountains under the whole heaven (Genesis 7:19), then the waters receded from the earth continually (Genesis 8:3), a process that is said to have taken about seven months.


So was this when most of the earth expansion happened? And so twelve and a half thousands years ago and not sixty five million, with the dinosaurs and other creatures that couldn't rapidly evolve becoming extinct at that point, with some getting electrochemically turned to stone in the process, with the rest being gobbled up by the other land and ocean dwellers that could adapt quickly.


As the world heads towards the inevitable cold snap, our beloved leaders all around the world are vying for position in the global economy. So what will our new Dawn look like, if this is the massive shift in reality which has been forecast by different ancient people around the world and which forces a shift in consciousness in humans?


So much, if not most all of truth has been suppressed through intimidation and paying people off. But as we have seen, this is maybe changing as new generations come through life.



The shock that will change humanity is of course electric and will be in all areas of life, but this change in charge will be first seen very plainly through our weather and so our climate.

Last year equalled 1998 for temperature highs, so does anyone see an El Nino cycle going on here, a roughly seven year electrical pulse. But on what side of the heliosphere boundary (sun's circuit) is it and on what side of the ionosphere (earth's circuit) is this pulse being generated?

Is it the intergalactic transmission line that feeds our sun and consequently our solar system with charge, or could it even be when the outer planets are in a certain configuration and so causing an electromagnetic effect.

It would be so good if the bunch of Electric Universe people could get together and really research the consequentially of it's natural state and all the frigging around with it that our governments and private organisations are doing.

With those in the main stream mind set only using fluid dynamics in their computer modelling and not electromagnetic modelling means that they will always be guessing past three to five days and that is in my opinion a frightening prospect for the world.

The sun and its solar system is working as a capacitor in the galactic interstellar medium, with the sun sharing the load around with its family of planets and associated moons. The main stream choosing to not look at even this basic model and so stay totally ignorant is so wrong.

We can see the electrical build up of charge with it then discharging over the last three El Ninos. During the intervening El Nino (between 2016 and 1998) it shows that there was multiple builds up of charge with then quick discharges which was probably due to interstellar conditions before the then weakened load could fully release in 2016.

Surly we should understand the earth earth circuit fully in relationship to the heliospheric and galactic circuits before we star playing God through geoengineering.

Instead of our governments just pretending that all science funding is being usefully employed, we must now convince them that they must divert the money to real scientific and so worthwhile endeavours, like those proposed in the Electric Universe community and especially those which are looking to produce new clean energy production methods. We are going to seriously need them in the coming decades.

Continually giving the dosh to prop up a failed paradigm as forwarded by the pseudo religion of scientism is simply criminal in my opinion. We must separate in main stream science the useful from the absurd and with what is left over from the useful and however small that group is, be integrated into an Electric Universe model. With an understanding of plasma physics & electrical engineering or in other words, Real Science.

Because as of this moment, this is the only model that works and can reliably build the protection and advancements we will need in the coming days, years and decades.

Even a basic understanding of the EU model gives insights as to how problems might be solved in reality and from a modern clean perspective and so not needing to return to the dirty reality that was the past. But it will be almost impossible to do while scientific funding is just wasted on really bad novelty guesswork that has always been ridiculously floored.




We can see into the future as far as trends go with the interaction of electromagnetism in planetary configurations and because most people at the moment just following the herd, rather than acting as a collective group of individuals they are effectively thinking as one mind on the subconscious level.

A type of drone mentality which can be controlled by a few strong willed individuals through the soft hypnosis of the Main Steam Media, but a change in thinking and a waking up acured as at the same time a small band of scientists and scientific researchers challenged main stream science. Reality was being scrutinised on so many fronts and life was rearranging, adjusting to an incoming altered state of some degree.



The cubists love Saturn's connection to time, with this being another reason why they loved Einstein and why he fitted the bill perfectly for their needs. As he seemed to have turned time into some form of reality and with it, giving them heavenly powers.

1 2

As man and womankind struggling to understand their place in the cosmos it is interesting to note  the sacrifice of technology (cassini) by scientism into the plasma giant. Yet another archaic gesture by man's imagination born from roughly 12,500 years ago, when Vega was relinquishing its power and influence as the pole star towards the one we have now, Polaris, our present star sitting in the polar configuration from earth's perspective.



Maggie's deal back in the day saw her exchanging our UK manufacturing base and other industries like Fisheries in exchange for handling Europe's money through the City of London and then Canary Wharf.

This led to just a few people who had interests in Saturn holding sway making millions and billions out of it and people just down the ladder having better times. But after the inevitable burst of the good times financial bubble, most all normal people and including the middle class got screwed when in 2008 the financial crash hit us and which we have never recovered from as a people ever since.

The energy of Pisces is all about the individual doing it on their own and alone. This is why it rules the twelfth house of isolation and confinement and through this, letting spiritual energies/madness arise within the consciousness.


Aquarian energy is all about now realised individuals as a whole (rather than a singular individual as represented by the Age of Pisces) coming together as a Group Christ Consciousness. A symbiosis of many self realised individual entities from around the world evolving to another level.






I give this a lot of thought and am still thinking about it. My rambling thoughts at the moment are along the lines of, not a neutron and even an electron but the neutrality of the neutrino in the presence of protons being altered and so not be neutral.

So is the neutrino sub structure acting when in close proximity of protons acting as being negatively charged, because they have less charge than a proton, being neutral and because they are everywhere throughout normal matter, they could become a localised cloud/shell of magnetically negative electrons that surround any protons.



You can't break the laws of physics as they are what they are. If something breaks in physics it is the original guesswork and/or understanding that is wrong.




The Plasma Giant electrically discharges in Mode 1- 



Scientism is so full of bad fantasy that it just beggars belief. The world better get used to it, most all of science has been wrong since Einstein had his day. The only advancements in today's reality really being achieved by medicine and the understanding and use of electricity.

It's quite some thought to know that everybody who simply believes in the 'sub-standard model' and so follows the doctrine and tenet of the pseudo religion of scientism, is just an expert of guesswork that is wrong.



The Electromagnetic Wave can be tuned by using of electrons and photons don't exist. They are just another piece of guesswork expressed with a maths equation.







1 2






"...Now, researchers at Stanford University think they may have gotten the wireless charging technology right, as they’ve been able to transmit electricity wirelessly to a moving object nearby. If their technology is scalable, they may have discovered a way to allow electric cars to recharge as they’re in motion, eliminating issues of charging station availability and EV battery range. If that final hurdle is truly overcome, electricity could easily become the standard vehicle fuel worldwide..."



More and more spiritual and what are regarded as free thinking scientific thinkers are turning to the Electric Universe, once they find out about. As it can put into perspective the likes of telepathy, Chi energy and living in the Mind of God.

Although I have given talks in UK universities in 'Open Discussion Groups' (they wouldn't let me in the front door and so the back door was the only way in) and showed Einstein to be just a fantasist, I actually like to really appeal to the general populous. After all scientism doesn't have the power to stop the oncoming tide of change that is now happening.

There might well have been loads of years when academia ruled the day and dictated the flow of information through their institutions and mates in the Main Stream Media, but in this new age of mass communication and the internet in general, their house of cards is starting to come a tumbling down as the waters are splashing around their feet.

Just like the MSM and political experts has been continually proved wrong in what they preach and then predicted with Brexit, Trump & Corbyn in that arena, by not realising that people were by passing them by using social media to talk to each other as they exchanged ideas and information and so I am confident that it will be the power of the people independently gaining knowledge and it will be this which will force scientism's much needed demise.

The Electric Universe came out of just going where the evidence led and not having any preconceptions. No one is claiming it is perfect yet, but it does work exceptionally well and we know large bits of how the universe does work.

From the charge separation in the atom, right upto and beyond a homopolar motors the size of a galaxy. The known sciences of Plasma Physics & Electrical Engineering gives us an explanation which is very very good as far as comprehending what we perceive as life.

It will most definitely be superseded by the next level of deeper awareness at some point and this will include looking at thinking like Sorce Theory. But to the collective of humanity and the working science which we use in our every day lives, the Electric Universe way of thinking is rationally understandable on a day to day basis and puts us squarely into a collective universe.

We think with electrical impulses and we exist in a charged environment, about 200 Volts at head height and upto 250,000 Volts at the top of the atmosphere. If in the future the evidence says something else then fine, but at the moment an Electric Universe is looking exceptionally sound, and especially now that SAFIRE is fully operational.


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The universe looks very structured to me and not at all random. The way electromagnetic impulses from distant points of intense light (fixed stars) can have on the psyche here on Earth is fascinating and I find such things quite profound. We think by way of charge and we see charge everywhere across the universe and through the magnetic fields created. we are totally connected. 

So I have to ask, due to electricity being fractal in nature, is the universe thinking and so, are we living in the mind of God. In the beginning there was a spike of consciousness, the light of consciousness and not an explosion out of nothing, as the devotees of scientism would have us believe.


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Picking up om subtle changes in the electromagnetic fields in the earth, like moving charge in an subsurface stream.



If you really and without bias think this canyon was carved by a river then you really need to have your rationality examined.