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The reason this blog is called 'The Multiverse' is not because the author believes in various versions of himself in different universes, unlike some in scientism where just one version of themselves in one universe is seemingly not enough. But instead tries to highlight the Multitude of Verse that makes up our single book of reality. But now you are here, please have a look and click around as you explore a universe based on an electricity and which is taken from the very real worlds of Plasma Physics, Electrical Engineering & of course, mixed in with plenty of Common Sense. This is Real Science.
(because the mainstream is very suspect)
If you are new to this ginormous paradigm shift that is now happening in our scientific understanding of how the universe works, then the 'Thunderbolts of the Gods' video just below is the best place to start. It was released onto the YouTube platform in December 2012.

Since then we have advanced by absolutely massive leaps and bounds to where are already getting what looks like fusion. With only 1,800 Watts DC, we have already after just a short time of the power going in, getting output spikes of upto and over 10 million Watts. With this being achieved over two years ago, by the SAFIRE Project.

But to start with, the documentary The Thunderbolts of the Gods is the best place to start to understand this completely different and correct way of understanding the universe and our place in it. Join the hundreds of thousands of ordinary people, students and academics alike and see the future, because the future is now.

It's really not worth clinging to a mistake, even if you did invest shed loads of time, money and effort learning it. Sorry but you are gonna have got to get over it, "if it's wrong, it's wrong".


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As per normal with anything from the main stream pseudo religion of scientism, it has to be envisaged through the lens of relativity and so then has to be believed in and of course, can only be mechanical in nature and of a set model, the 'standard model', but in the end is just a guess.

Like the guess of what the earth is like, down to the core. With that guess projected on the previous guesses. Well at least there is some sort of the order to the guesses.

Visualised from earthquakes, current data and outdated models and what they have of course done, is purposely leave out the most important factor- electricity.

"...This visualization is the first global tomographic model constructed based on adjoint tomography, an iterative full-waveform inversion technique. The model is a result of data from 253 earthquakes and 15 conjugate gradient iterations with transverse isotropy confined to the upper mantle...."


But in the  realms of off world and great distances, the imaging built on guesswork gets really fanciful. With the help of guessaretical physics (an obvious contradiction in terms) black holes merge with huge sums of money.




Its not surprising that some scientists have to cheat a bit if they won't to carry on being scientists. This is because everything has to be done through the lens of relativity and so is bound to only make matters worse when trying to do science.

When excluding the electromagnetic force from being of any influence, when it is 10^40 or 1000, billion, billion, billion, billion times stronger than the 'bending of light by mass on a flat bit rubber cloth' (einstein's fantasy on newtonian gravity), this is probably a massive mistake.


And of course there is my particular interest, the weather, or as it is seen on the bigger scale, the climate. This is why Trump gave up on going green, because of the deceit and fake scientific news and now because of the 'false witness' that has been going on, we now have the problem of persuading people that we should still be going down the green and blue routes, but instead for the right reasons, very simply because its not good or nice to mess our own nest.


On the other hand those in the Electric Universe community very much include electrical charge in the equation. As it powers our minds and connected central nervous system, as well as most all of our modern lives. We can measure it in the atmosphere and we can see it in deep space. With what we see out there conforming to what we can replicate in the laboratory. 


There seems to me to be a clear choice as to what is done both by those in main stream science, as well as society as a whole. As for those in scientism, they either just admit they have been fooled into believing some very poor guesswork, or they admit deceit and fraud when they knew perfectly well that it was wrong to take or try to obtain funding.

We as a society must then decide what to do with these people and that is either suspending them from their present positions with them retaining was is useful but then learning the Real Science with a real scientific method of Observation, Measurement, Lab Experimentation & Prediction That Proves Correct. Plus of course, learn the Electric Universe Theory.

Of course not everyone has the funds to prove that their speculation/guesses are either right or wrong in lab experiments, like those in scientism. So even without experimentation, if the reasoning is sound in the speculation and the predictions constantly prove correct, then that says it all really.

Or if there is evidence that any were being fraudulent in gaining funding when they knew scientism's doctrine & tenet was wrong, I think there is strong case that they should be sent for trial for fraud and if warranted, also charged with crimes against the earth and its biosphere. 

With the penalties if found guilty, being to pay back all the money they have got through funding and other related means and then sent to jail. But luckily for them, I am not in a place where I decide their fate.

Apart from yours truly, there are many voices who are now seeing that the main stream scientific community don't have a thread of evidence to back up their guesswork and just use word play to cover up the total lack of provable science.

It is easy to find examples of the deceit, as the main stream scientific publicity machine is almost completely full of it and deceit. This is beyond laughable and also bordering on criminality to even publish it on any other day other than on April the First.

Even though the headlines always proclaim the bad guesswork as being fact, once we start to read the copy we very quickly see that this is not correct.

Is this what journalism has become, producing joke articles that are always littered with terms like "...seems to be..., also appears.., ...theoretically at least..., ...applications are thought to be far off, but it is believed..." etc etc?


This is on the other hand is some fun stuff for kids and adults alike, where they can have fun by building & experimenting with things and learn about some real practical science while doing it.




The idea that time dilation was proved by aircraft circling the earth back in the seventies and so making it a dimension totally ignores real physics where time doesn't actually exist, because it can't measured or in any way detected.

Time is just a convenience that was invented to order our everyday lives and is roughly divided into man made divisions that only roughly correspond to turning of the earth, so isn't even accurate to the spinning planet. 

Time measuring devices (like all so called constants) varies according to the amount of charge around at any given time and so can speed up or slow down any measuring device, or other ordinary matter come to that.

At ground level the voltage of charge coming down from the ionosphere is about 100 volts, where as at the top of the atmosphere it is about 300,000 volts, so an aircraft because it is higher, will be getting more voltage naturally and so will be different to a clock on the ground and so this invalidates the experiment. Also whether in sunlight, under cloud cover or in the darkness of the night, this will also affect the amount of charge the two clocks get and so also invalidates the experiment.

Also in einstein's guesswork, the speed of light has to be constant in a vacuum. But it has been proven time and time again, that light isn't constant whether outside a vacuum or inside the fictitious vacuum (there is no such thing as true vacuum) and so this once again invalidates any experiment.


It is now becoming more and more apparent to more and more people that what we are told as being scientific endeavour is nothing more than an exercise in obtaining funding and which is of no use to anyone apart from those who get the funding. It certainly doesn't help humanity go forward but rather just keeps driving us down a cul-de-sac of absurdity and repeatedly smashing into the brick wall at the end.




In the world of guesswork and stretched imagination that main stream science has come up with, the neutron star is one the most un-reasoned notions to have come out of their must be obeyed doctrine & tenet.



As we have seen, because SAFIRE uses a metallic anode with it's photosphere hovering above the surface and not being in contact with it, we know that the enormous power outages that are taking place is being produced in the photosphere as the charge that is being released by the anode interacts with the surrounding hydrogen.

But typical of the fairy tails that scientism promotes with the help of their mates in the Main Stream Media who are trying to hold their paradigm together for them, their idea of how a star operates is typically presented in a less than mature way, with this seemingly being because of their lack of true scientific understanding. So it is no wonder that they come across as nothing more than kids playing with toys that their funding has afforded them.

Even though the photosphere of the actual sun has been measured at just 5000 degrees and that's not that hot really, the main stream guess though is that the sun is a burning ball of gas and shining because of mechanical actions deep within the sun. But as usual there is not a shred of evidence to back up this guess.

Typically in presentations in the following video clip, because they have to imply something else but have to demonstrate some form of eye candy to sound plausible, they use a Plasma Discharge Mode 2 which is constricted by magnetic fields into a sphere to make an intensive visual impact. But in the end is nothing more than a fancy fluorescence bulb.

There are three modes of plasma discharge- 1 Dark Mode, this is when the current is low and the discharge cannot be seen in visible to human eye sight but can be detected in other wave lengths of the Electromagnetic Spectrum like radio waves. 2 Glow mode, this is when there is an increase in current and the plasma starts to glow in visible to humans eye sight, like in a fluorescence tube. 3 Arc Mode, this is when even more current running through the plasma and it will then be seen as lighting strikes, anode tufting like on the sun and even as large sheets running through non restrictive plasma. 


The un-veiling continues and what a year this is turning out to be, with it being the fifth year since 2012. "Five years, what a surprise"  Although it might not be as some fear, the total destruction of the earth, or that the human race is facing some sort of zombie apocalypse, it certainly is turning out to be an absolutely massive change in reality.

The weather getting extreme, the almost complete overhauling of science and a possibly big rearrangement of the European and the world economies.

But rather than a total breakdown of reality, the word apocalypse literally means, an uncovering and a disclosure of knowledge and/or, revelation. 

Due to many people over the years calling out the mass spraying that has been going on above our heads, our authorities are now having to admit that they think it's a good thing and so, now they are going to set up a study group to see what happens.

If electrically conductive substances are used as the cloud forming catalyst, then this will create electrical pathways that intensify the movement of charge down through the atmosphere. With charge moving faster through the earth/ionosphere system it means that the return currents are also speeded up.

When there is an inrush of charge coming down an atmospheric Low, it creates a build up of charge in the earth, before releasing it through tectonics and then back up through the return circuit, the atmospheric Highs.

If a dielectric catalyst is used, then the charge which has to get to ground, will be squeezed unnaturally together elsewhere.


At the moment our democratic guardians who run our countries seem to be clueless at the moment  as to the electrical nature of the atmosphere, or at least they claim to be.

The European Community was not set up as being competitive, it was set up as being cooperative, with nations helping each other. But when things go wrong, will this still be the case?

Now PM May has implemented Article 50 and the whole of the UK (for the moment anyway) pulls up the draw bridge across the English Channel (but leaves the tunnel open) and we deal more openly with the rest of the world, so how will this affect things economically for everyone concerned?

On the European mainland in the Nederlands it has been report that- "It is mostly GREY in my country nowadays. Plants wither away in summer.... What warming?! what weather?! there is no weather, only grey and stripes made by chem-trails, people are brainwashed thinking this is the weather, in a decade people FORGOT what the sky looks like."

But with countries now without the economic muscle that the UK brought to the table, will all the deals that were done before now being thrown to the wind, even if they are not blown very far.

Germany is to the east of the Nederlands and the wind blows mainly from the east and now both countries seem to be counting the cost of having the skies about their heads pretty constantly sprayed. With the result being that they both miss the direct sunlight with Germany also having it's wind stopped. Heat and Air Pressure are both byproducts of charge running through the atmosphere, which is the wind.

So will the mass blocking of the sun, which we are told is undoubtedly necessary, actually force countries because they simply can't afford financially to have it go on, take stronger measures against other countries to stop the madness.

Presidential Disclosure, well they didn't expect Trump to put a spanner in the works. Permlink to The Unexplained show in the right 'side bar'.



We think with electricity and the electromagnetic field our thinking creates extend outside our skulls, where it interacts with all the other electromagnetic fields out there.



The biggest telescope made to date is now operational. They say-

"FAST aims to find out more on the greatest mysteries of our universe such as dark matter and dark energy, and would also seek out gravitational waves and radio emissions from stars and galaxies, and possible signs of intelligent extraterrestrial life. “In theory, if there is civilization in outer space, the radio signal it sends will be similar to the signal we can receive when a pulsar (spinning neutron star) is approaching us,” Qian Lei, an associate researcher with the National Astronomical Observatories of the Chinese Academy of Sciences..."

So is this another waist of space/time? Well they will get some nice radio waves which are of course part of the Electromagnetic Spectrum and so at least that bit will be of great use. As for the rest....?









I am taking the year start/finish point as the June Equinox as this is was the rough point of when the last El Ninio ended and the weather really started change.

There are always new people finding out about our Electric Universe and so for any newbies looking in, here is a quick explanation of how the charge that travels on mass from the ionosphere towards ground can affect our weather at  a local level as a concentrated current of charge drills its way to ground.

Tornadoes, dust devils and water spouts are all Birkeland Currents discharging currents from higher atmospheric layers down to the ground, where they use the negatively charged clouds, or heat from the ground (which makes a weak plasma in the atmosphere above the ground) as conduits to discharge to ground. 

When we first think of our atmosphere we tend to assume that it starts at ground level and just goes up until it reaches the ionosphere in one lump, but this is not so. Even though it seems to be continuous, it actually has layers.

This is why clouds flatten out, because each layer is of a different charge to it neighbours with its voltage stepping down from 300,000 at the top of the atmosphere to about 100 volts at head height above the surface.

When enough charge has built up in a layer it can then overflow charge down through Birkeland Currents to the lower charged layer below.

As they reach through the atmospheric contact layer sitting just above the surface of the planet and the most dielectric in nature, the positive charge has to concentrate the current  to force its way through the resisting layer. 

A lighting bolt is also a Birkeland Current but in Arc Mode. The current is so concentrated at this point in the vortex that is spiralling its way to ground, that the magnetic fields produced by electricity has pinched together the charge and causing the discharge to give off a very bright light. 

There was a string of tornadoes in February this year and which has now advanced the start of tornado season into the cold of winter.


The trouble with traditional weather forecasting is that has to be done like everything else in traditional 20th century science, through the lens of relativity and so because of scientism's doctrine & tenet, just use fluid dynamics and so largely ignores electromagnetic mechanics.

Even though the equations for fluid and electromagnetic are very similar, the attraction of opposite charge and repulsion of charge elsewhere makes a massive difference. On top of this they don't take into account the sun's electrical output and which is for ever changing, with our earth adjusting to the change in the electrical field.  So this is why main stream weather forecasting can't predict weather much more than 3-5 days in advance.

As the debate goes on as to whether the earth is heating up, cooling down or being much the same, where do we get some decent information. As we know main steam scientism doesn't always if ever tell us what reality is showing us.

What we do know is that the sun is now going through a quiet phase and so reducing the earth's magnetic field. In turn, any charge coming from coronal holes and filament releases will have more impact as they get through the weakening field.

This will heat up the interior of the earth as it acts as a load on the sun's electrical field and so cause parts of the earth's original crust (the continental land masses) to heat up and radiate heat. Another effect of this will be the earth's cracks (fault lines) becoming more unstable with volcanoes becoming more active too. 


As a horticulturist and as a Brit, the weather and trying to understand it has always been of great interest to me. Having come to the conclusion that clouds are negatively charged and don't hold rain but are just catalysts to produce it straight from the atmosphere, I was looking for the mechanism that would form the clouds in the first place.

Once I found out about the Electric Universe some years ago, it obviously then had to be some sort of an electromagnetic mechanism and charge differential. Also I had heard that cosmic rays might be having at least something to do with it.

In the next video the collation between the sun's activity and the cloud production shows that cosmic rays are related. But are they the cause of cloud production, or are they too being the result of another process, even the weakening magnetic field. When The Cloud Mystery documentary was produced they thought that the mechanism for the production of cosmic rays (and so causing the increase in clouds) was purely mechanical, with far off supernova explosions being responsible.

But what the documentary also shows is that even when going along with seeing things through the lens of relativity, if your findings are too far outside of doctrine & tenet, then the chances of having your true scientific findings published, is zero.

Because they were thinking in mechanical terms, the production of low clouds eluded them at that time, but once electromagnetic atmospheric stratospheric layering is taken into consideration, then we are getting there.

We know electricity doesn't flow smoothly and seeing it drives our universe we should expect it to be variable too. It often travels in pulses though, so we can look for any pulses which can give us some sort of handle on any cycles and which will give us an indication as to what is coming.

We can see from past records (since they were started to be recorded) that about every 200 hunded years there is a dip in sunspot number and so showing a less energised sun, with the last one being known as the Dalton Minimum and about two hundred years before that, the more famous Maunder Minimum, where rivers froze over in Northern Europe. 



While it has been proved that global temperature records have been subject to 'Intellectual Phase Locking', Mother Nature of course has been ignoring the fudging of the figures.





Because the heat hasn't dried up the planet and in real more snow than ever is now falling in our modern times. What you have to do is listen to exactly what they are now saying and the words they choose to use, those little words they slip in to try and cover themselves when Mother Nature gets on with reality.

The sun's trip around the sun is not circular but in fact slightly elliptical, with its closest point 91 million miles being in January and its most distant being 94.5 million miles, so it should be now at its warmest. But with snow snow falling in the Southern Hemisphere which is having its summer, this surely should tell us somethings wrong with what we are being told. 

The amount of H2O that is now being lifted from the oceans and then being dumped on us as rain, hail, sleet and snow is so massive that it cannot be accounted for even by the very dodgy and manipulated statistics and graphs that the global warming fear mongers have put out and can only be accounted for by an electrical explanation as to what drives our weather and climate, just like the rest of the universe.

To find out about some of how the universe really works, you can either come along in person to the conference in Sunny Phoenix, or you can get the live streaming of the conference to where ever you are in the world that has a www connection.






The title can be a bit off putting but it does have its place in humanities past. The use of electricity in the past is well researched and yes there is some speculation, but it does tie up a lot of world mythology to where we are now.



As well as the maths this has descriptive text too- "This velocity is so nearly that of light, that it seems we have strong reasons to conclude that light itself (including radiant heat, and other radiations if any) is an electromagnetic disturbance in the form of waves propagated through the electromagnetic field according to electromagnetic laws."