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Christmas & The New Year 16/17


 The Ice Season

The reason this blog is called 'The Multiverse' is not because the author believes in various versions of himself, like some in scientism. But instead, because it tries to highlight the Multitude of Verse that makes up our single book of reality. But now you are here, please have a look and click around as you explore a universe based on an electricity and which is taken from the very real worlds of Plasma Physics, Electrical Engineering & of course, plenty of Common Sense. This is, Real Science.



Seeing this edition of the blog covers Christmas Time and into the Weston New Year, which was grafted onto the Pagan Yule Tide celebrations of not freezing your nuts off by eating strange mushrooms and then dancing around a burning tree for weeks on end, it will have the odd spiritual and other related flavours as per usual for this time of year, exoteric & esoteric  




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But first-
"Next year's EU conference: August 17 - 20, 2017, Sheraton Wrigleyville Mesa in the Phoenix area.  The conference theme—"Future Science”—is an invitation worth spreading through all of the space sciences, the earth sciences, and the life sciences. The message? We do not live in the inert universe of standard dogma but in a universe animated by the electric force."-  Dave Talbott 

Ms. McKusick has a Master’s degree in Integrative Education, and is currently at work on a PhD in Integral Health with a focus on Biofield Science. Her extensive research and practice in the field of therapeutic sound spans both the academic and alternative realms. 
Based on the recommendation of Wal Thornhill, Eileen will be speaking at EU2017, her website.







After the initial trials of the small proof of concept version in a bell jar, and the much much better than hopeful success of it, full funding was gained and the full size version was designed and hand built by the team (around 40,000 components).

After the completion of the chamber it was given an initial firing to make sure it functioned as required before the majority of the sensor equipment was fitted.

Unlike the attempts being made by scientism which were designed with the gravity/bish-bash-bosh view of how the universe works in mind and have managed to make a donut of plasma hover for about 20 seconds in Europe and about a minute in China, the spherical Electric Universe model sun fires when you turn it on and goes out when you turn it off.

While the hovering plasma donut takes massive amounts of electricity to create and in the end, is just a hovering plasma donut, with only 18,000 watts DC current going in, SAFIRE is giving us output spikes of over 10 million and that was achieved in the Bell Jar proof of concept. 

The team is now further testing the capabilities of the chamber and completing work on special controls and instrumentation to be used in the critical experimental phase. So it seems that the path is now clear for commencing full blown experimental tests in January 2017.

These tests could throw new light on longstanding mysteries in the space sciences, including the wide-ranging anomalies in solar behaviour. This is real applied science carried out to a true scientific method, so there isn't a guess is sight.

Even though there has always been a mountain of discrepancies between the  'standard model' guess of how stars work and the observation/measurement, this is completely ignored by the pseudo religion of scientism and simply not talked about in polite open society by the science or Main Stream Media.


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Wal Thornhill and his 'Stars in an Electric Universe' talk. This is about the time the electric paradigm started to become known to a bigger scientific audience. Now some five years later the bigger world is now finding out about it too.


As well as the massive changes going on in the world of science and the climate, this is of course just part of the adjustment the world as a whole is going through.

Even though the MSM done its very best to make the Clinton family a classic American dynasty and were even handed on a plate all the news footage they wanted by the candidate they didn't want, they still totally failed and were then totally dumbfounded that their expensive ad-campaign for the Democratic Party didn't work. 

Here in the UK we had BREXIT which threw a massive spanner in not just Europe's works but also the global village. What was planned as being a single forced together world alliance was since 2008 when the crash happened running headlong into problems, normal people were now quite informed that massive greed equated to massive ineptitude  on an absolutely massive scale, with the end result being normal people become more broke but those that caused it, seemingly getting more bonuses.

So this begs the question, if governments wont get rid of the unholy greed, do we need governments? The trouble with all revolutionary ideas is that they are fine when just ideas but when put into practice, they always seem to fail. So are we stuck with democracy? Another model has recently been put to the test and while it was happening it was ticking along fine.

The Spanish model of Anarchism was played out with the true anarchist ideals of 'rules not rulers' (and not how the media paints it as being just lawless thugs) and the country flourished. The politicians just got in the way and cost the country money, in more ways than one.

Because the UK is one of the larger players on the world's economic stage, its leaving the Economic Community not only seriously puts a dent in the EUs finances but also means that other community members now wont automatically have rights over our home industries, like fisheries. This means that it will naturally harm those other countries who have been allowed to build up their trawler fleets.

And now across the pond the American voting system has elected Donald Trump to be the leader of the free world, indeed we are living through interesting times. Aquarius as an energy is all about unconventional, eccentric and what is not to be expected and the events this year have certainly reflect that on the political front. 

So how does this division bring about the dawning of a peaceful and prosperous for all new age, well the answer will certainly not be what most people might think if this year is anything to go by.


 The Sacred Tree
                                                                               Aquarius energy also rules scientific stuff and is said to be the sign of the scientist, true scientists obviously and not the devotees of the pseudo religion of scientism who just follow doctrine & tenet and so just believe in strange mystical 'standard model' stuff that not only can't be seen or in any way detected, but also can't even have its individual facets exist together in the same universe.

Competition is built into the psyche of human advancement at the moment and has undoubtedly driven humanity forward since the end of the last major ice-age, but in a most ego driven and violent way, with the 'standard model' view of reality that main stream science has come up with in the twentieth century growing out of this.

But this way of being is coming to an end now with more and more people coming to the realisation that the pseudo religion of scientism is just spinning us round in a vortex of absurdity and getting heaps load of money for it.

Upto now they have got away with it by having a strangle hold on getting scientific papers published as well as the scientific media, and so get all references to an Electric Universe removed from scientific history. This led them to become extremely complacent and knowing themselves in their own heads to be infallible So by the time they realised what was going on, a whole new cosmology was already in place with the members of the community around the globe joyously tearing apart their guesswork.

Plus to make matters worse for them, while they were completely ignorant that a New Copernican Revolution was taking place, many hundreds of thousands of normal people out there in YouTube land and elsewhere in the virtual world did.

Unlike traditional religions though and which are founded on spirituality and inspired artistic works of beauty, the pseudo religion of scientism is purely built on inflated egos (and yes some devotees do imagine many versions of themselves, presumably because one inflated ego isn't enough for them) and a belief system of guessing which is then expressed with contorted math gibberish and believe it or not, infinity isn't a number and dividing it by zero doesn't make up for it by giving you another number.

The Electric Universe Theory community on the other hand is now showing that it instead, can show us a way out of the destructive tornado we have been led into by those who head up scientism and out into the clean air of the future, where the whole benefits from individual efforts coming together through the cooperation of the group and not being forcefully herded together like economic blocs.


Is it just a coincidence that the Mayan 2012 event (Sacred Tree) and the 'end of the world as we know it', just happened to be, when we had the Thunderbolts of the Gods documentary being released on Youtube (nearly a million views) and which was quickly followed a few weeks later by their Tipping Point Conference? Well it was certainly serendipitous for any hippy nerds.

Knowing the universe is totally interconnected by electromagnetic fields (no need for entanglement then) opens up a universe full of true scientific possibilities.

Is it any wonder then that aliens don't want to openly greet those in the pseudo religion but rather engage with normal and creative people. After all they would have very little in common with bad imagination and who were obviously still vibrating to a belief system enforced by doctrine & tenet.

By the time the 'sacred tree' event had happened, the umbrella group for the electric universe community The Thunderbolts Project had already hosted a string of conferences and produced various videos and new media. But it was post winter solstice 2012 that the bigger world started to find out and not only those who had an interest in science but also the more spiritually minded too, as the Electric Universe Theory seemed to explain scientifically what they knew instinctively.

And the ancients certainly seemed to know of the power the electromagnetic force had, and that the changes in our position in relationship to the galaxy would have massive world changing effects on the earth, with a rationality in science taking over from an illogical belief system based on guessing badly, the preferred method used by scientism. 


So  as far as I can see the Age of Aquarius is all about individuals coming together as a group and not sheeple being herded by an all encompassing Nanny State that keeps the majority as nothing more than paid slaves.


One thing is for sure, the Electric Universe Theory definitely vibrates to what has been envisioned as the Age of Aquarius.



When an electrical arc is of basic power it is round like a drill bit, but when the power goes up the magnetic fields created by the electricity start to straiten out the sides of the arc and it then morphs through different geometric forms to eventually become a square.

But by far the most common after the circle is the hexagon and it is the power level creating this form that we see with the interconnect magnetic fields working at their best, with this being expressed in the 'flower of life', which is a multitude of hexagons.

The Sacred Tree geometry has the sun on the shortest day (northern hemisphere) with the earth upright squaring its equator (Mundane Cross), conjunct the centre of galaxy, with the solar system along with the rest of the galaxy on the diagonals (Heavenly Cross). This configuration is likened to an eight spoked wheel and this configuration is referred to in many ancient texts and traditions from around the world.

The so called Lost Book of Nostradamus is old but the version we do have, even though goes back many hundreds of years is said to be a copy of an earlier edition. What is interesting though is that some of the same imagery is to be found there too. But their interpretation as to meanings is somewhat different in a lot of places.

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When a significant meeting of minds happened over a carved on stone image back in the day, it created a major piece of Electric Universe community folklore and although slow to start with, has now become a scientific torrent that scientism can't hold back.

The whole EU Story though will make a great film one day, It has the classic battle of rebels against the empire scenario with a diverse set of characters with each of them, all having their own interesting story to tell as they come together to challenge the established order. 

The struggle against the suppression of being heard and so give out the message of  joyous scientific knowledge was but a trickle then. But the drips soon sped up to become an unstoppable flow. There was a different perspective and understanding getting out there now and normal people could simply see that it worked, with this being due to being based on real science rather than poor guesswork.

The time of un-provable contorted mathematical guesswork has now had its day, but of course it isn't going down without a fight, how ever futile that battle might be.

In the years that followed the rebel band of researchers and scientists that individually collected were quite a quite diverse community of people and were roundly regarded as heretics for going against doctrine and tenet that the pseudo religion decreed as being 'settled science'. And actually to start with, they didn't even see the rebels as a threat or even pay them any lip service at all.

But once the word started to get out that there were people who were interested in truth, rather than how much funding they could secure, they just regarded the rebels with so much contempt that the empire of the pseudo religion of scientism simply decreed that the renegades must be totally ignored and without question, and so all their devotees all duly followed this dictate and so ignored the scientific evidence of plasma physics and electrical engineering without question, even though it is the understanding of these real sciences that drives our modern world today.

So they mainly left the rebels alone to get on with it, safe in the knowledge (as they reasoned it) that they were untouchable and so, just carried on with even more absurd contorted mathematical fantasy.

Let the first paragraph of this sink in as to what it claims. "An incredibly small and fantastically strange theoretical feature of the universe is too microscopic to see directly, so a team of scientists has instead looked for it by studying some of the brightest galaxies in the universe."



Somehow though we have survived to see the new age start with things starting to change and this has now escalated into a battle of words as the Electric Universe Theory community grows and so have a bigger voice that continues to question the empire's logic of 'bish- bash-bosh & incredibly weak force mechanics' (the 'standard model').

As the tussle for the good name of physics endured into the twenty first century, scientism was definitely not wanting to embrace it  and tried desperately to hold onto the age on the cusp. But in the end, the electric dragon roared its head off and so heralded the end for them, with the rebels then overseeing scientism's house of cards collapse in on its self and disappearing up a own black-hole of their own making.

Even though we talk of a new time, time as a thing doesn't exist even though those in the pseudo religion of scientism believes that it does and in a lot of ways, worship it. It cannot be measured or seen or in any way quantified and so as far as real physics goes is not real and just a conveyance to order our lives and is just a human construct made from a rough division of the turning of the earth around its axis.

But even though time doesn't exist, cycles do and it is with this cycles that we make up time by roughly dividing the cycles , the earth spins roughly in a twenty four hour period. Another division can be seen with the Mayan 'Sacred Tree' cycle with the next cycle now beginning anew and so time to me is just is the movement of consciousness through a myriad of different cycles.



Heavy Snow was experienced in many parts of the Northern Hemisphere, not unusual except that this year it was two months early, at the beginning of October. So as predicted last year, once the last warming El Nino year ended, we would see an unprecedented change in the climate and weather.  But does the climate drive the weather or does the weather drive the climate? I now tend to think the weather drives the climate.

With what started last year and was very notable over the northern hemisphere's winter was the masses amounts of the H2O molecule being lifted from the oceans and then dumped back down on us in its liquid and solid forms.

Then as the year continued the weather just got even more extreme. We are now in the north half of the globe heading into winter, then we will see what happens down-under as they once again enter their next cold season.


The trend has been for a while now for it to get a bit chilly due to a weakening sunspot number, but with the El Nino year giving it a rest bite, so last year I was looking to the amount of liquid H2O falling from the skies as an indicator of the amount of load the earth system was carrying and there was a lot.

Even though their was less charge coming via sunspot CMEs, our weakening magnetic field is letting more in from the solar wind and filament CMEs through and so is stirring up the weather. Coupled with any charge being accelerating through the system due to small conductive metal particulates or being slowed up by dielectric particles which will then have to concentrate elsewhere. So we seem to be in for a bit of a ride where some adjustments will be needed by the earth and those experiencing reality on its surface.

In the UK and Ireland we had about 10, once in fifty year storms blow through last winter and with one inch of water equating to 10 inches of snow, I did find the figures somewhat disturbing for when it gets cold and so it turned out to be.

But not just the amount of the white stuff the cold will bring but also for the flooding that will follow when it melts. With this even happening a few times during a season, as a mini ice-age is about resulting in areas of more extreme temperatures.

The duration of a prolonged cold snap like those in the Maunder Minimum which the sun's present electrical output is mimicking and from time to time froze rivers in Northern Europe and was particularly remembered due to some Londoners thinking was a good excuse for a party and so had, ice fairs on the River Thames.

The difference between a Mini Ice-Age (what we are facing now) and a full on cold snap is that there will be pockets of extremes (so hot and cold) with lots of H2O being lifted and then changing matter state.

For a prolonged ice season in any year in any place on the planet, I would think there would have to be a stable Return Current (atmospheric High) sitting over that area.  There would be the continued loss of energy from the earth at these points and would turn these areas quite chilly, with the water molecules in the rivers and streams turning to a solid state of matter.

Although the Maunder minimum went on for sixty years or so it was only at times that all the rivers in Northern Europe become solid. So I would think that when it happened, a significant atmospheric high was sitting over Europe and static and so lifting (return current) ground heat from the land and so making it extra bitter.

Obviously with man's impact on the earth things are different now but how much is still to be determined. But with the increased amount of H2O being lifted from the oceans by the Return Currents due to extra electricity getting through, we will see loads more now condensing out of the atmosphere and dropping on us and giving us big floods and snow amounts.

With more electricity getting through a weakening magnetic field is stirring things up and bringing colder temperatures to lower latitudes and taking warmer ones higher and so making the weather unstable and volatile with waves of cold and hot passing through.

And with the sun now on a similar course to the Maunder Minimum as the sunspot numbers diminish, we can expect the Mini Ice-Age to really be noticeable that it is on its way from this year on.

Many in the community estimated that it would start to happen in about five years time but personally I always thought that we would start to see the effects after the end of the last El Nino year, which is now. In the years upto to now we have seen the signs of this turn down with record Antarctic ice in 2014 but taking a respite last year (as expected) and so now, we are getting back to the trend and so far we are on track for that.

An interesting thing to remember is that temperature follows changes in the sun's electrical field and thermometers measure ambient temperature and not moving charge. According to these ice core samples the mini ice-age happened when it was warmer than today so there is something wrong there. CO2 is what it is and we will have to judge if it really has any climatic impact, apart from greening up the planet due to it being plant food.

Another question that must be asked is, how did they actually measure the temperatures in the past? Now we see that, the temperature is just speculation grafted onto the CO2 count to fit in with the doctrine and tenet of the 'standard model', which then begs the next question.

How do we know the dating of ice core samples is correct as they would be also derived from the same doctrine? Certainly we must clean up our act and we are now getting there with alternative energy sources being developed, but we should be doing it for the right reasons and because it is quite logical to not crap in our own nest.

You feel the biting charge as it flows through the atmosphere and it can feel bitter, but the thermometer still reads 6 Degrees C, this is because thermometers don't read charge hitting our bodies, they read the resulting environmental conditions around us. When the charge has grounded it then feel like 6 Degrees C.



Piers Corbyn (Jeremy's brother) has thrown down the gauntlet to  pop scientist Cox to have a climate debate but will he engage, probably not. Although no one argues that man must not carry on down the polluting course and instead now fully engage with the future. But as far as the weather and climate goes, plant food (CO2) responds to climate, it doesn't drive it, electricity does that.

Yes we are adding to a natural process but how much influence are we really having? And is CO2 just a smoke screen for other man made experiments with our atmosphere, with that instead being the cause of our increasing extreme weather?

(and can it be regarded as crimes against the planet & its biosphere)

So why aren't the Main Stream Media talking about this and warning of what is happening so people can prepare so people can prepare for the coming cold snaps and big snow.





From about 04:00 minutes of 'Inside The Temple' (second link), this is just an example of the great work by David which pieced together our planet and our species origins and how this filtered down to today.

This is when the Earth left the purple glow of the Saturn system and joined the bright light of the Sun system and this is why those that inhabit the associated realms of mysticism liked Einstein's fantasy of time being a dimension and so used him to over shadow the fantastic achievements of Real Science that Tesla and the others working with electricity made.

One of the reasons Einstein was fit for purpose and so given a ticket tape parade to show him off to the world was because he venerated time by making it a dimension.

So now because of this, we have to live with the pseudo religion of scientism only accepting guesswork that is seen through the lens of pure fantasy (relativity).

To his credit though and towards the end of his life, he did seriously question whether he guesses expressed with maths were correct, but this wasn't widely reported at the time, or since. 




It has been noted in astrological circles that generational and indeed financial ups and downs follow different planetary movements and cycles, This would mean that the forces of the electromagnetic fields from all the planets in the solar system were working together as a whole.

The sun steps down the charge from the galactic arm and gives it out to the planets which steps it down again and gives it out to their moons. We know this because we can see it and the pseudo religion tells 'porkies'.




At the moment a lot of people are thinking, if mostly all of science is wrong, how do we change it without too much fuss and what happens to all the teachers and lecturers who are now just experts of fiction?

Well obviously those who are willing and able will have to go and learn the basics of charge separation as a matter of course, plasma physics and electrical engineering. Because it's real science you can teach yourself what you need to know and not the stuff that is not important at that time.

And what about all the books in science libraries, are the shelves about to become empty? All though a few examples of the thinking will be kept back to show what people believed in the age of the cusp as they also grappled with Aquarian energy that was coming in, most all of the scientific books written in the twenty and early twenty first century will now, not be needed. Maybe the Lewis Bonfire next year should be made of scientism's books with an scientism effigy on top.

Also what about the students who have borrowed many tens of thousands to learn the fiction. They might just want their money back if the degrees relate directly to their future careers. Plus of course compensation for wasted years learning it.


"We think science is based on facts and evidence, but from gravity to dark matter, string theory to parallel universes, its theories are curiously bereft of hard evidence. Is evidence less important than we think and conjecture alone capable of leading to greater understanding? Or has science dangerously drifted into fantasy?"