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The reason this blog is called 'The Multiverse' is not because the author believes in various versions of himself, like some in scientism. But instead, because it tries to highlight the Multitude of Verse that makes up our single book of reality. But now you are here, please have a look and click around as you explore a universe based on an electricity and which is taken from the very real worlds of Plasma Physics, Electrical Engineering & of course, plenty of Common Sense. This is, Real Science and not unfounded guesswork.

(because the mainstream is very suspect)



Post the last El Nino year and which ended May/June time, will the northern hemisphere now really see the first signs of the mini ice-age (climate extremes, very hot in some places but very cold in a lot more) that is set to engulf the earth? 

A massive power outing storm in Australia has dropping tornadoes, hail, wind and copious amounts of rain along a 6000 km convergence line. Plus with early Turkish and now Russian snowfalls, it means that the weather now is certainly one to watch world wide for the trend.

This though is maybe the push we need now to really push our industries to create independent household power centres that are connected to the grid so they can top up the grid and so make some cash in the good times, but also be stand alone power units that still give us the energy we demand if the grid should fail due to the extreme weather, hot and very cold.

For those new here and to the Electric Universe Theory in general, I am re-sharing my document Weather & Climate Mechanics first published from from last year. It explains my ever expanding knowledge from an electrical perspective. It is a combination of what I have learnt from others in combination with my own observations as a horticulturist in the field, as well as always having an all round interest in the subject. Apart from the original text, I am also adding to it as we go along, with the latest bit just a couple of days ago-


PHILIP FRANCIS·MONDAY, 23 NOVEMBER 2015+ later additions-
The reason we feel like we are being invigorated when we go out on a windy day is exactly the same as when we get invigorated when we go out in the sunshine and this is because we are literally being charged up by electricity.

It is said that when we have the right amount of a Sun tan, we are in glowing health. This is due to getting just the right amount of charge from the Sun directly. Too much charge though and the electricity will start to burn and deteriorate the skin.

This is due to the Ultra Violet part of the Electromagnetic Spectrum going into the ionising part of the spectrum, so with prolonged exposure it will damage our skin. With the reason we see the wave lengths of the EM Spectrum that we do, being on the cusp of ionising and non-ionising part of the spectrum. So it is exciting the atoms of the surfaces that the light is reflecting off, but without damaging them.

And so this is why some sun blocks do not work as well as they designed to, because they designed to block the EM Spectrum and not the electricity which forms the spectrum. 

With the Sun it is quite obvious that it makes most of us feel better when we are out in it, but why are we invigorated by the wind? It’s because all wind is ionic in nature and so electrically driven and so it is not the actual moving air that makes us feel good, but the charge moving through the atmosphere. 

Yes the air is moving to a degree but not as traditionally thought of and in the amounts that we would naturally think. Instead it is the electrical charge that is moving through it.

If we stand in a lake and we get pushed about by a wave on a windy day or passing boat, yes the water is moving but it is the waves travelling through the water that is doing the pushing not the water itself?

The water is just the medium that is carrying the waves, just like the air molecules are carrying the electrical charge. So yes the water will move to a small degree but most of the pressure will be from the energy that makes the wave.

With an ion wind, the charge comes from water molecules changing their matter state from air to water and so releasing the charged energy that was making it vibrate and move at a higher frequency and so holding it in that higher matter state.

If we start with solid water ice and then add energy it, it becomes a liquid. If we then add more energy to the liquid, it will become a gas, If we then add even more energy to the gas it then becomes a Plasma.

So rain is made by electrical energy on the water molecule being lost, with that released energy then blowing as the wind through the atmosphere as the water molecule turns to liquid, expands and falls due to it now being too heavy for gravity to  ignore.

When there is very low cloud (mist/fog) there are times where the rain is not so much falling but is felt as it seems to hang in the air and this is what is exactly happening, because what is felt is the rain literally forming out of the gas state around you.

So H2O is always there in a dissolved state of gas in the atmosphere but we only see it when it starts to condense out of the gas state and into liquid, when it then shows itself as clouds. In areas where there is enough liquid in the atmosphere, it will then go on from the cloud state and fully condense all the way out into liquid and fall as rain. The mechanism for this is the electrical charge in the down currents (Lows) and up currents (Highs) rubbing up against each other (lines of convergence) with the up currents having originally dissolved the ocean's water into the gas state of matter in the first place. 

As a weakening magnetic field from the earth shows, there is less electrical power in the suns output, so there will be less of a return current (even though more is getting through due to a weakening magnetic field), this means that the repulsive charge that keeps the condensing cloud at a distance above the earth will be less too. 

So when near the coast, the down charge is attracted by the conductive salt water near the grounding coast because the ground is just below the surface and so Shelf Clouds can form. Another form of the down charge trying to get through the repulsive up current near the coast is the off shore waterspout twisters as the down charge drills through the resisting dielectric atmosphere concentrated just above the planets surface.


When there is an excess of charge that has come down from the ionosphere after CMEs and/or Coronal Hole streams, smaller systems which would normally just dump rain, will hold their energy and intensify into large thunder cells which will then have to discharge through lightning and even tornadoes.

When an excess of charge is accumulated by a cell which has already turned much of its gas content to rain, any more charge coming down from the ionosphere through 'spirtes' etc will discharge through the cloud and turn the whole or large parts of the cloud briefly into glowing plasma. 

The moving charge's propensity to form into a larger vortex over the oceans is because it can't ground and can be seen as the big build up of air masses over the water and which suddenly then cease as the charge reaches the land and grounds and this is why the mass of air mass seemingly disappears into nothing.

It has always been traditional thought of and taught in weather forecasting, that heat causes areas of High air pressure at the equator and because of thermal dynamics which says that heat always goes to cold, then rushes towards the poles where it is a lot colder and because of the cold air creates areas of Lows pressure.

But this can plainly be seen not to be the case because areas of Low pressure start near the equator and which is in general a band of lower pressure than at the tropics just north and south of it. With some extreme lows from this region then forming into Typhoons and Hurricanes. Plus there are areas of High air pressure always to found at and near the poles and which is not possible with the conventional idea of a heat driven atmosphere.

So from an electrical point of view, water is drawn up in the gas state of matter at the mid point between the North and South Poles of the Earth. The water gas then starts to loose energy and condenses into cloud with the energy that was holding it in the gas state then being released as ionic wind.

As the now condensing water vapour (in-between gas and liquid) moves due to the release of the wind, charge coming down from the Sun via our ionosphere and which mainly grounds around the poles, is then attracted to the water vapour due to its salt content and vortexes are formed.

These individual current filaments then drill their way through the dielectric atmosphere further releasing the salt as the vapour turns to liquid as well as more wind.

So instead of heat and cold, the atmosphere's Lows are the down currents and the Highs the returning circuit with the atmosphere being the dielectric between the two poles of the ionosphere and the ground, and so our atmosphere is acting just like a capacitor that you find in a circuit board and so the heat and cold is the result of these currents and which are being carried on Alfven Waves and so not the driving force.

So with a weakening magnetic shield plus having metal particulates pumped into our dielectric atmosphere, electricity is being conducted down quickly and with it the cold, with the returning energised circuit from the earth being warmer, so this naturally equates to stronger climate extremes.

So it is the electrical output from the sun that controls the weather and climate, by how it affects the H2O molecule in the atmosphere which surrounds the earth.




18.07.16  I really wanted for Prof Gerald Pollock to be at EU2016 this year, but unfortunately he wasn't. I wanted to ask him if he thought that clouds were the forth state of water. This would mean that they were negatively charged water molecules, which would make sense as charge is being released primarily through the wind, as well as in the rain and hail. If they are in the negatively charged fourth state, then that would also explain why clouds can't get near to the relatively positively charged earth and when they do, they have to flatten out. 

23.07.16   Due to us now having a more conductive atmosphere, any increases in charge that goes through the system will act like an induction coil, with charge running round the circuit and so creating extremes of hot and cold. After receiving from the sun the electricity, the ionosphere then discharges that excess charge to ground through the dielectric atmosphere so the system can find electrical equilibrium.

Mother Nature doesn't do things the hard way and because magnetic fields spiral around the flowing current, it naturally creates a drilling vortex, (Atmospheric Lows, Lightning, Dust Devils, Galaxies etc). The returning circuit to the ionosphere (the Highs) mainly comes out at the equator and it lifts and dissolves ocean water, which will then fall, as it condenses back out from its gas state. As the earth/ionosphere system adjusts to the sudden increase in charge, some of the electrical energy will be lost to the earth. With the planet then needing to electrically discharge too, with it being seen in volcanoes. 

29/09/16 Stepping down grounding charge from the ionosphere and the Birkeland (discharge) Currents it forms. In dry conditions there isn't much H2O in the atmosphere, so no increase in its dielectric nature which would have normally forced the charge as a grounding Birkeland Current into a tighter and tighter vortex, until the very tight vortex was concentrating so much charge.  that it had to discharge in arc mode (lightning).

In this plasma discharge mode there is now so much concentrated charge grounding through the atmospheric  medium, rather than just running through it. it spins apart (drills) a tunnel which breaks apart the air molecules and creates the crack of thunder.

But in the dryer and hotter environments, the discharges from higher levels of the atmosphere can be generated from ground heat as the rise in temperature start to excite the atoms in the atmosphere above the heat source so much, that they start to loose some electrons and it becomes a week plasma and so electrically conductive.


There is plenty of footage showing lighting seemingly going from ground to cloud, but is it the bolt or is it a change in the plasma discharge modes that makes it just appear like that?

In plasma physics there are three types of electrical discharge and differ from each other due to the amount of charge the plasma is releasing. When the amount of charge in the release increases massively, the magnetic field produced by the electricity increases also massively and so pulls the discharge into a tighter and tighter spiral. This increases the charge density of the release and giving it more concentrated power, due to having less space to travel through. 

Plasma Discharge Mode 1 (Dark Mode) is low in charge and doesn't have the power for it to though in atmospheric phenomena known as the Dust Devil.

Plasma Discharge Mode 2 (Glow Mode) is when there is an increase in power and the discharge starts to produce frequencies of the EM Spectrum that are visible to us. We use this mode in our Fluorescence Tube lighting.

Plasma Discharge Mode 3 (Arc Mode) this is when there is so much concentrated power that it really shines in all all wave lengths of the EM Spectrum and can be heard on the radio even when the release in a lighting bolt is hundreds of miles away.

It has been measured that the atmosphere during a storm has the charge already sitting there and is just waiting for a release to happen through some sort of catalyst. A plasma release though can change modes depending on the current flow and doesn't have to stick to one mode continuously. 

 So what I think is happening is that a wider vortex is formed in the electrical field which draws in the surrounding charge and grounds it. This we don't see as it is in Dark Mode and so we assume  that the contact with the ground hasn't been made. But then as increases of charge is brought in due to the discharge making the ground the extra charge constricts the bolts which increase the current density in the discharge, making it changing discharge mode from the point of contact with the ground and back up the strike. 



(Electrical) Current thinking says that we should speculate from outside the box, but from a solid base of real scientific knowledge, so the Electric Universe Theory which is a combination of plasma physics and electrical engineering is ideal, where as simply guessing and using as a base, other unproven and far fetched guesswork expressed with bad math isn't.

Was the increase in human consciousness, intelligence and advancement in the past driven by the massive increase in earth's magnetic field, rather than by the consumption of different foods? And is it this that made us more efficient at killing both, what ever wild life we fancied slaughtering, as well as each other?



The modern pop tv scientist is typical of Newton's third law of motion, but where the dumbing down of scientific understanding is in direct proportion to a growing belief in oneself. And in a world that has it to be an advantage to be in the right circles of influence, because those in the circle can scratch each others back to advance, a diluting of quality will naturally result from time to time.

This has lead to the opinion of one UK professor saying that people who disagrees with him and his colleagues, should 'statistically disappear under a bus', which is course one way of stopping a dissenting voice, or even just a difference of opinion.

This self obsessed belief that some of the devotees in the pseudo religion of scientism hold and that they are unmistakably right and everyone else should be silenced is expressed across many fields in the sciences but usually out of the public gaze and the Maya's 'end of the world as we know it' is a fine example. 

As in any cycle, when one finishes, a new one begins and so like the rest, the December 2012 event highlighted the time of change when one major cycle ended, with the next one then starting.

Even though some think otherwise, because the Maya were astronomers, mathematicians and major structure builders, there must have been a bit more to them than just people who could count to ten on their hands and feet as some think but some people can't see past their own beliefs and think there isn't too much more to them than that. I will be returning to this change in the December/January edition.

 Is it time (existence moving through three dimensions) that some arse was kicked in order to shake things up a bit, or do we refrain and let to the broken status quo remain?

I know Ben of S0 and others advocates a more diplomatic front from the EUT community to the pseudo religion but from what I have seen In the past, the softly, softly approach is exactly what scientism wants to keep going and so keep control of the situation and so, be able to destroy more people's careers and spirit when ever they deem it necessary. So I certainly for the time being intend to fight plasma with plasma and yes, the ionised gas is the fire element as described by the ancients.

Observing history though, I see that changes in Earth affairs suddenly happening at lightning speed and as we know, Mother Nature's lighting can be very cutting and quick. So in the end it doesn't matter what scientism thinks, says or does, reality through Real Science will carry on telling us that we are electric beings existing in an Electric Universe.

But in the end and as far as this scientific revolution goes, it will be what the general populous think and then show that we have reached the tipping point of change with scientism then disappearing into a black-hole of their own making, and the human race moving forward into the rest of the 21st century without them or them following on behind with their tails between their legs.


How can anyone make an informed democratic decision when we are not told all the facts and just spoon-fed what those who are in control want us to know, mixed in with a load of old detritus for padding.

This state of affairs and the www led to the rise of the Free Press and the questioning of the Main Stream Media. Of course being free means people with other agendas will use it as a platform to give their opinion and bias. But this is a good thing as it teaches us who view it, to exercise rational discrimination. 



Many people do not believing in doing simple research and so just spout that geoengineering is one of the latest conspiracy theories. But the actual evidence says that in fact the idea of manipulating the weather goes back to 1891 and so is hardy new, unlike the term conspiracy theory which was invented to pour doubt on any dubious deeds being done by those in power.





Newton gave equations for the observed phenomena and not any explanation as to why it happens. So all that is known about it is that upto now, it is just other's people' speculation built by those in the EUT community from an electromagnetic perspective, or just plain guesswork built on not a lot, the preferred method used by those in scientism.

Where as any Real Science carried out by the EUT community has to mainly rely on self funding (the SAFIRE Project though got the funding from a private source), the pseudo religion gets to spend trillions.

Like the LHC at CERN which cost 16 billion to build and then countless billions since then and just to prove the Higgs Boson partial and field existed while secretly trying to produce anti-matter for power, but failing in both endeavours.


 Of course failure couldn't be admitted to and various methods have been used to convince the world that failure was actually a success and one of the methods used was to give away a Nobel Prize and so instantly making the gong worthless. The other was to secure even more billions for an upgraded refit and keeping the Gravity Train rolling.


So there are different ideas as to exactly what the but of the electromagnetic effect we call gravity is in our EUT community. Of course it might be a few factors that are acting together to create the effect and not just be one thing or the other.

Wal Thornhill sees it as the atoms deforming to become Dipoles (this is why he is interested in Edwin's model of a neutronless atom) with the nucleus going to one end of of the electron cloud that surrounds it. I have always seen it though as purely charge going from an anode to a cathode and as the mass of charge grounds on the cathode, it drags along all other matter that is around.
So gravity might be the combination of the electrical drag of grounding charge as well as Wal's cathode dipole atoms in the cathode. 

When going into space conventional wisdom says, once the velocity of your craft reaches a state of equilibrium between the drag to earth (gravity) and the centrifugal force to fly away from the planet orbit is achieved. At this point gravity stops having any effect and a space craft will then stay in orbit.
It is also said that this is the same as being in a plane that is making a speedy shallow dive, so the speed of the falling plane is equal to the fall of a human and so an artificial gravitational effect can be experienced. But falling towards earth in a metal tube that is also descending at the same speed is completely different to defeating gravity outside the atmosphere.

In electromagnetism there are layers of influence and this can be seen within our atmosphere. Under normal conditions clouds don't condense out of the atmosphere near the earth and are stopped from doing so buy the EM layer in contact with the earth. And even as we we go up through the atmosphere we can see the clouds can move in different directions right above us and this also shows these different layers.

At the atmospheric boundary with open space, the ionosphere is the layer that takes and holds onto the charge which emanates from the sun, before it forces its way drown though the atmosphere to earth and with the returning circuit back upto the ionosphere, causing us to have weather.

So to overcome the force the overall contact layer of the earth's electromagnetic field (atmosphere) space craft must pass through the ionosphere so its occupants can become weightless. So the escpape velocity has nothing to do with escaping the gravitational effect, it just keeps it in orbit between the centrifugal force and gravitational effect once it has got there. 

This was proved by The Virgin Galactic tourist space craft that doesn't achieve orbit, but even though its occupants become weightless, it just goes up for a while before coming back down again.

Where as one might think that rather than the loss of the gravitational effect being instant, it should be gradual and in relation to the distance, it clearly is instant once open space has been achieved and the EM contact layer is passed.

Although The deformed dipole atom as describe by Wal might well be the case, I still see 'charge drag' working in there as well.

Within the contact layer (atmosphere) there are sub layers, with the layers in the atmosphere stepping down the charge. So at sea level the air has a charge density of 100V per cubic metre which increases in layers up to the the ionosphere where the power goes upto 300,000V per cubic meter.

So the earth is negatively charged to what ever layer is above it. As the charge is coming down from above 300,000v down to 100v, it charges anything above the ground first and so makes the charge attractive to the more negative earth.