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August/September 2016


The reason this blog is called 'The Multiverse' is not because the author believes in various versions of himself, like some in scientism. But instead, because it tries to highlight the Multitude of Verse that makes up our single book of reality. But now you are here, please have a look and click around as you explore a universe based on an electricity and which is taken from the very real worlds of Plasma Physics, Electrical Engineering & plenty of Common Sense and so is, Real Science.

(because the mainstream is very suspect)

SAFIRE Project 
an electric sun fusion model >
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To those who were taught and so also believe in most all things that the 'standard model' tells us, the Electric Universe community which uses the real sciences of Plasma Physics and Electrical Engineering rather than guesswork backed up with contorted mathematical fantasy, is a paradigm shift that is nothing more than a second Copernican Revolution. Most are not prepared for this and especially for those who are convinced by their own intelligence in the pseudo religion of scientism.

But it is happening now and at a rate of knots that will blow most people away and especially those devotees in the pseudo religion.


It might be a surprise that most scientists who have got themselves into positions of power within the Main Steam Media like Sagan, would be party to such underhand tactics as was handed out to Velikovsky and just because he showed that the main stream was wrong in their guesswork. But this is what religious fundamentalists are famous for when their belief systems are challenged.

Even today there are those in the pseudo religion who would like people who disagree with them to 'statistically disappear under a bus' and so be rubbed out of society. These are really not very nice people and this shows all to clearly, when the public cameras are not on them.

To his credit Sagan was sorry after the event when Velikovsky was as good as destroyed, but he also didn't do anything to actually rectify the situation at a later date either.

The person in the following clip doesn't even know what he is talking about regarding the facts of what he talking about but because of his position of power and the size of his ego, he still thinks he has the right to say who should remain on the earth and who should not.

There was never an end and beginning as such, just the start of a new cycle and 2012 was always just the end of the world as we have known it and not the end of the world. So is what we are now facing really the end of the world as we have known it with a new one now starting? 

The next edition of this blog will look at the turning of cycles in more detail and show that the Mayer were in fact just about spot on. So it would seem that the alignment of electromagnetic fields across the galaxy and so vast distances does have massive effects on all of us and can be foretold, once you know the geometry and of course the Real Science.




The Westjet flight out of Gatwick started with us not going anywhere fast as we sat on the tarmac by the boarding gate for an hour or so. Apologies were offered by the flight crew with the explanation that a mess up in the luggage itinerary meant that a minor security issue needed to resolved and so it was said that much talking between the plane's ground-crew and flight carrier's base in Canada took place.

This I knew would make getting what started out as a well planned un-rushed laid back adventure turn into something a bit more hectic, or at least getting there would be. Although the allotted time period to get the Westjet transfer plane from Toronto to Phoenix was due to be three hours and so more than enough time, this time period was now going to be greatly diminished and as suspected, greatly impinged on a otherwise stress free start to the trip.

After a time the problem was resolved and we then taxied to the end of the runway, lifted off and waved London's second airport goodbye.

Under normal circumstances loosing an hour and so only leaving two would have left more than enough time to get on the second plane, but because of the world wide paranoia that has engulfed us all, using Canada as a hop on point for other destinations in the U.S has become a bit more complicated, frustrating and time consuming.

So what happens now is that instead of just entering the one country before flying onto the next, the procedure now is, first you enter Canada and go through their security checks, which includes picking up your checked in baggage and then taking them to another part of the same terminal, before handing them back to the airline that you just picked them up from for the second flight and then leave Canada, while still being in the terminal. Then you have to go through the U.S security check to enter the States in their little corner of the Canadian terminal.

As I waited in line behind some other passengers to enter the U.S, I alone was told to join another line which was completely empty and where I came to a security officer who grilled me lightly as to how many hundreds of thousands of dollars I was in bringing in, what my purpose was for visiting the U.S was and did I intend to stay longer than I originally intended.

After I told her I had $142 and about £30 in Sterling in my wallet and was going to a science conference in Arizona and for just the arranged amount of time, she then told me to (with out a smile) to put my fingers and thumbs on her scanning device so I could be filed (and one assumes for all eternity), she then quickly whipped up a camera from below the counter and sticks it right in front of my face.

I quickly went into in front of camera possey mode, being quite used to being looked at by cameras, and gave the biggest and most pleasant face I could muster.

So due to having to do all this, it left a whole bunch of people including myself rushing to the gate that was was printed on our boarding passes. But because the next plane was also delayed after the first was delayed, it was now at a different boarding gate, but with no one bothering to tell us this. So when we got there, we were then told that the last call had already gone out for our flight and we had to run back across the terminal to stand any chance of getting the plane.

I told the person working at the gate that they better not let the flight leave without us all as it was their fault for both the delay at Gatwick and not telling us that the second flight had changed gates when we arrived. We then started to run with our hand luggage across the terminal to try and make the connection. Thankfully they did hold the plane and we did eventually get on it. It was then somewhat of a relief to taxi to the end of the runway, hear the flight crew open up the throttles of the engines and for us to lift off on the second leg of our inward journey.

The flight and cabin crews were absolutely brilliant on both flights though and I would certainly recommend people using them, but not necessarily if you have to get a connecting flight to go on to the States, but of course this could be the same for any connecting flights going onto the states.

The seat if not massive gave ample leg room and so I manged to get a few hours shut eye on the first plane. They also served free soft drinks, tea, coffee, pretzels and biscuits during the flights. But other stuff like alcohol and ear buds to hear the movies unsurprisingly because its a budget international carrier, had to be purchased.

The trip across the states once we on the plane was then pretty much non eventful. But for some reason when I got to Phoenix my bag was the last to appear after a bit of a delay. After everything else had been collected mine did appear on its own from I don't  really know where, as it didn't seem to come down the chute I was standing close to, But from my point of view emerged on the carousel from behind a pillar at the far end, where it was looking quite lonesome as all the other baggage had already been collected and it was on its own.

I called the hotel and they arranged for the shuttle to pick me up and I found myself with just one other person who just landed as well and going to the event. This was the conferences master of ceremonies David Novak. We introduced ourselves and we chatted pleasantries during the ride to the hotel.

After dropping my bags off in my room which was spacious and nice I headed to the bar where I caught last orders and downed a quick pint at the bar while striking up a conversation with retired army military officer. I think he said he was a general but I was feeling quite tiered from the long journey so it could have been another rank.

Then once the beer had been consumed and I bid farewell to the army man and the barmaid who served me the much needed pint, it was straight off to bed. Even though I was feeling pretty wacked, I managed only about four hours sleep. It was of course the wrong end of the day for me to sleep, having travelled back through time from the UK's perspective. But in the end I wasn't feeling too bad, considering my body clock was now back to front.


Having woken up early about 03:30 (Phoenix time) and after having failed to get any more shut eye, I after a few hours of lying there, got showered and dressed before getting some coffee and toast. Others were also up early and I had Breakfast in the company of David Novak who I had met on the previous night's hotel shuttle and who was lovely enough to invite me to sit at his table. 

During Breakfast others arrived who I have known for may years but only virtually and among these were Susan and Dave T. I already had a great virtual relationship with them, having spoken to both of them over skype, through Facebook and various mails. Although I had known them for years virtually, what was really lovely was meeting face to face and that nothing was any different. It was just like old friends getting back together.

One thing I love outside of the Real Science, is that the Electric Universe community doesn't attract those with out of control egos like in the main stream with everyone who is involved,  being just a lovely rational bunch of people who just want to explore scientific truth and at the same time, having a bit of a laugh, even at themselves.

After Breakfast Christopher Fontenot arrived and we too finally got to meet each other face to face. We found out years ago we had much in common and so it was just like old mates getting back together.

During the rest of the day the conference was having its final finishing touches put to it and so getting it ready for the evenings welcoming addresses.

With the afternoon seeing me finding a spot on the end of the merchandising table run by David Harrison of, so I could comfortably make my photographic record of the conference. 

This was next to the team that was doing the live streaming as well as recording the event. The first video from the conference can be found below and is of Monty talking about the SAFIRE Project.

The evenings welcoming addresses on Friday saw us in a completely full room with other chairs having to be brought in to accommodate.

As the Friday is free to the public, there will hopefully always be the curious from among the local Phoenix community who want to get some sort of insight to the workings of the Electric Universe. So a packed room came to to hear the opening speakers, which included Wal Thornhill who told us of some of the latest discoveries and thinking within the community.

Once again I woke up really early (but about 04:00 this time) and again went for a very early breakfast after not getting back to sleep. But rather than having to sit on my own as no one I knew was about, I ventured into the early morning heat of the day outside the coffee shop. This particular day ended up with the monster heat of 50 degrees or about 121 degrees in the old money and so was already getting near to being 40 degrees at 06:00 in the morning.

I found some others who were also up and enjoying the early morning sunshine. Among these was Monty Childs of the SAFIRE Project and who was talking with a couple of others. 

One of these others turned out to be  Edwin who was due to give a talk in the breakout room, he was outlining his idea for looking at what makes up an atom and how it functions from a completely different perspective. 

Although I didn't recognise him by his face, we also had already communicated via mail thanks to an introduction by Christopher and I was due to meet him in London a month or so before the conference, when he was in England visiting with his brother.

But in the end he ran out of time and so he had to go back to the Nederlands  without us getting together. But at least we had already conversed by mail, so we weren't complete strangers. Once I found out who he was, I then joined him at the what became the early morning chat club with Monty and other early birds. This woke the brain up as it found us discussing all sorts of scientific ideas together and got us all ready for what the rest of day would bring.

What inspiring starts to the days these turned out to be as we chewed over the electric fat and exchanged our thinking. 

Although over the weekend we had a variety of excellent speakers like PJ Ransom, Eugene Bagashov and Kongpop U-Yen, plus a Q&A sessions at the end of each group of speakers, it is the update from the SAFIRE Project that I was looking forward to.

Michael Clarage also from the project spoke that night, with Monty doing his bit a day later. The full working version of SAFIRE had only been turned on a week and a half earlier and already we could see that it would turn out be be a massive success, just like the smaller bell jar version from last year had promised it would be.

This is the biggest piece of Real Applied Science that has come out of the Electric Universe Theory so far and tests the electric model of the sun, to see if it agreed with the interpretations of the observation made of real stars by those in the community and unsurprisingly to any of us, it does.

During lunch on the two days other speakers held sessions in the Break-out rooms and one of these was Edwin. Through his research and expanding on some other's pointers, he has come up from a new model of the Atom where he discards the Neutron and with it only has Protons and Electrons. This has been of great interest and even had Wal sitting in the room with the others who managed to squeeze in. This now explained to me how it fitted with my own idea of how layers of what is described as the electron worked and how it held in place a proton only nucleus. More about that at a later time.

He hasn't produced a full working model and his ideas are very much in their infancy with what he was offering being to gauge what the community thought and from the feedback he got, expand on and/or adjust his model. Again he is brilliant example of an ego-less and clever individual who is just looking for truth without an ego agenda getting in the way.

We have still to set up a skype chat to explore further our ideas along with Chris but I am confident that someone in the community will produce a full model of a neutron free atom at some time in the near future.


As was now normal with the first two mornings, the early morning chat club met outside the coffee shop and we started the day off with the temperature not reaching the dizzy heights of Saturday, but only about 45 degrees. So yes even the local Phoenix news forecasters were now calling it a heatwave. The sun was it seems giving out loads of electricity to welcome us to the fair desert city.

The day carried on with with yet more brilliant speakers like Prof Donald Scott.

Then with much anticipation, to the update from Monty as he give us the latest info from the SAFIRE Project. Edwin, the others and myself already had a good idea what to expect as Monty was part of the early morning chat club.  But seeing his presentation with the videos and stills of a small electric sun was a brilliant way to finish a brilliant conference.

But the event wasn't quite over yet as we got together for the group photo session, with most then attending the post conference meal where we could listen to some others who gave their thoughts and which rounded off the event. We then all mingled and got to chat to each other.

Monday and back home on the Wednesday

Post conference was the geology tour and which lasted the best part of the following week. I had to get back on the Wednesday though and so only joined it for the first day, as did Christopher (who was driving for us), Thom and  Laurent. Edwin was also with us in Chris' car for the first day, but then joined the others for the rest of the tour.


While the rest stayed at a hotel in Flagstaff after the first day our little group decided to go and become one with nature and literally sleep under the stars. So we found a nice wood outside of the city limits and made camp, chatted over a few beers before crashing out for a open nights sleep. This was going back to nature and we could have encountered snakes and even black beers waking us up, but as far as any wildlife went, we only saw a solitary elk at a distance.

We met up with the others on the following morning in town to drop off Edwin to re join the tour. Chris and Tom then went their way home while Laurent and myself got the Big Dog back to Phoenix. 

But not before first walking along a little bit of the famous Route 66 that run through Flagstaff, Arizona.

If I thought the flight out was hard work then the one back made it look something like a breeze. The first flight on the return leg was once again delayed due to the arriving plain being already late getting in. This once again meant that getting the connecting flight in Canada would be touch and go.

But we might have made it, if it wasn't for an aborted landing by our pilot and so left us sitting in the Canadian airport for four more hours than was planned, with us then needing a replacement flight.

After returning from the EU2016 conference, yet another rain storm crossed London and a deluge engulfed the city and by coincidence (?) my sat-nav app I use in the car went crazy and became unusable for a time. This wasn't first time it happened and so I was not surprised when it happened again. This of course made me wonder if it was the charge that was being released from the H2O molecule as it changed from the gas state to the liquid being responsible.

Then I thought back to the old days when satellite television used to be affected by electrical storms and disrupt the signal. Then I thought back to just last week when my first flight from Phoenix to Calgary had to abort its landing after entering a big rain cloud that hung over and was soaking the airport as we flew into it.

As the plane started to get feel the affects of the internal wind in the cloud and started to shake a bit (not that badly) the captain suddenly opened up the plane's engines again to fly up and out of the rain and then, fly around until the cloud had past. So I am now wondering if the planes landing telemetry was being affected due to the release of charge. Hopefully they are better protected unlike my sat-nav.

This meant that our returning flight left without us, but we were told that we were now being transferred to a British Airways flight. This meant free food and earbuds for the in flight entertainment, plus being BA it would mean landing at Heathrow and so I could get a underground train straight to my local station, so I though great that'll do nicely enough.

When we eventually did get on the plane, we were put at the back of the aircraft where the spare seats were and where I found the leg room almost no existent (unlike the seats and bed-seats at the front and middle of the plane) and so found this experience not good. I didn't get any sleep and was constantly uncomfortable and certainly wasn't in the mood to eat a flight dinner, although I did have the breakfast before we landed. I did have a couple of their beers though and got the free earbuds, so I could try and take my mind off of me being in what felt like a can of Sardines.

But what a fantastic experience the whole thing was (even the flights), to be with some real scientists and researchers that are changing the face of science and truly bringing us into the Age of Aquarius.  

To see my document on Weather & Climate Mechanics to see in detail my re drawing of how weather works from an electrical perspective, apply to join the facebook group Electric Cosmology by clicking on the link towards the bottom of the right hand side bar of this blog.

Once accepted click on the link in the 'Files' tab at the top of the page. You never know, you and your family and friends might just thank you as you can then explain things when the mini ice-age really hits.

We in the Electric Universe have been warning of this for quite a few years now but many in the community thought we would start to see the effects in about five years time, I on the other hand said last year that we would begin to see the first signs of it at the end of the El Nino year which ended around the end of May. When the climate would suddenly shift and we would see H2O molecules being drawn up from the oceans and then being dumped on us at a vastly increased rate and this would be unprecedented in our modern times.



As we progress through the coming year, I will now like the others wait patiently for next year's get together, but not getting there the way I did this year. So what I really need is the funding to make my Interstellar space craft and which is designed of course on Electric Universe principles But that might take more than 12 months to build and test.

Dave Talbott-
"Future Science”—that will be the theme of next year’s EU2017 conference,  August 17 - 20.  For this event we will be returning to the Sheraton Mesa Wrigleyville West in the Phoenix area. It was the site of our EU2016 conference where the venue received consistent thumbs up from attendees for it's beautiful grounds, well-appointed rooms, and accommodating staff."


Next year we will see the return on Stephen Crothers and I am looking forward to meeting him in the person and adding him to my group of electric friends like Wal  (yes name dropping lol)


As the videos are released by The Thunderbolts Project who organises the conference, I will ad them to this edition of the blog. Science will never be the same and this is because it is real science and not guesswork and anyone who prefers reality to bad fantasy should seriously think about going or getting the live stream as this is the future and bad guesswork is dead. You can also reach out to find out about our electric universe at various other places, including the facebook group that I set up. See in right side bar for the group link.


I really wanted for Prof Gerald Pollock to at EU2016 this year, but unfortunately he wasn't. I wanted to ask him if he thought that clouds were the forth state of water. This would mean that they were negatively charged water molecules, which would make sense as charge is being released primarily through wind, as well as in the rain and hail. If they are the negatively charged fourth state, then that would also explain why clouds can't get near the relatively positively charged earth and when they do get too close, they flatten out.

The cloud exclusion zone just above the earth is negatively charged with the layer above it being positively charged. But that second layer being negatively charged compared to the one above that and so on, till you reach outer space.

When you go up through the layers of the atmosphere from Surface (Sfc) to 850hPa, you can see where greatest movement of charge towards ground is. The positive charge is drawn down one layer of atmosphere at a time to the subsequent ones below. Which are all negatively charged in comparison to the one above and so continually attracts the charge towards the ground. This is an going observation of what seems to be, spots in the atmosphere being attracted to negatively charge lines of charge in the earth, or the salty rich oceans.

At the southern end of the line there is a bigger vortex, plus a couple of small ones to the north of the line. So we see the line on the ground where the negative charge is running through the crust and how the charge feeds down through the layers.

Due to us now having a more conductive atmosphere, any increases in charge that goes through the system will act like an induction coil, with charge running round the circuit and so creating extremes of hot and cold. After receiving from the sun the electricity, the ionosphere then discharges that excess charge to ground through the dielectric atmosphere so the system can find electrical equilibrium.

Mother Nature doesn't do things the hard way and because magnetic fields spiral around the flowing current, it naturally creates a drilling vortex, (Atmospheric Lows, Lightning, Dust Devils etc). The returning circuit to the ionosphere (the Highs) mainly comes out at the equator  and it lifts and dissolves ocean water, which will then fall as it condenses back out from its gas state. As the earth/ionosphere system adjusts to the sudden increase in charge, some of the electrical energy will be lost to the earth. With the planet then needing to electrically discharge too, with it being seen in volcanoes.


Our brains and central nervous system work by way of electrochemical impulses. These then produce electromagnetic waves and these then reach beyond our skulls and interact with the surrounding wave environment, which then reaches out across the universe.


If you were an ET who would you speak to on earth, someone who is an expert in contorted mathematical gibberish, or those in the Electric Universe Theory community who are finding out how the universe really works? It's a no brainer really.

(also see Starchild Child in left sidebar)


earth.nullschool (brilliant resource) have added a new feature to their globe. They know show the content and positioning of aluminium sulphate  Al2(SO4)3, in the atmosphere (as they say, to shield us from the sun). It is interesting to note that it is soluble in water and is metal or as is preferred to be called, a family of inorganic compounds.

Interesting choice of name for the measurement of the effectiveness of the process it's called 'Extinction', no, it really is seriously called that.


CO2 is plant food as well as also being a smoke screen for what is really damaging us and the planet and this needs to stop. Geoengineering might well stop other countries satellites from seeing what is going on by producing a blanket of cloud over sensitive areas, but it is a very dangerous thing to do to the earth system as a whole.



Cern is nothing more than the most expensive white elephant ever to be built so far and the only thing they have discovered, is the ability to come up with new ways of keeping the funding coming in by making different types of atom debris. Yes it is engineering but is not science, as the design is conceived from contorted mathematical fantasy. This isn't even science fiction, it's just really bad make believe.

Now the UK is coming out of the economic community in Europe hopefully the funding the uk puts aside for science will now be spent on worthwhile projects. Or in other words give it to those in the Electric Universe community so we put it to good use, rather than continually lining a few people's pockets with the tax payer getting nothing in return.




One of the great successes of the Virgin Galactic space endeavour but little if at all talked about, is that it proves that the guess that weightlessness in space is not a gravity thing. It always seemed strange to me that when going into orbit, an astronaut would suddenly become weightless rather than it happening gradually. 

The accepted guess that to achieve weightless when a space ship went into orbit, was because that it was travelling so fast, that the forward motion which was wanting to push it further out into space came to a state of equilibrium with the pull of the earth wanting to make it want to come back down and so this kept it at a constant distance from the earth.

But then as the Virgin Galactic started to take shape and then started testing, it soon became apparent that the craft would blow this pieces of scientism guesswork out of the water. This is because the Virgin craft goes straight up, achieves weightlessness but then comes straight back down again, without going into orbit.

But as we know, the craft unexpectedly suffered a tragic and catastrophic failure during the last flight and so suddenly put the brakes on the missions and so, stopped most people form realising that the original guess of why weightlessness happens, was wrong.

So now as the old dogma and tenet of pseudo religion of scientism falls apart on so many levels, mainly thanks to many real scientists and researchers who are part of the Electric Universe community, the Virgin Atlantic craft is set once again to put another massive nail in the coffin of the old paradigm that should have been buried long ago. Unless of course there is another strange accident which once again stops it from doing so.

So yes weightlessness is an electromagnetic thing with distinct layers of influence and so when an astronaut crosses the boundary of the electromagnetic contact just above the earth, they will become weightless.

Mass equates to the amount charge something has, so the way I see it is that the attractive qualities of an object which is bigger, will carry more charge due to it size, so a smaller body will have less charge and so be attracted to the bigger one.

Once the contact layer is passed a smaller object will float whereas a bigger object will have to reach as state of equilibrium between the attractive force and the central fugal force throwing it out and so keeping it in orbit.

The stratified layers of attraction will then radiate out from the object, so the space ship will float when passes the layer boundary relative to its mass of charge. The moon being a big mass will be many layers out.



It would seem that as far the universe is concerned and all within it, there are crunch points that make the change, with it then happening at lightning pace.

We have to live with the deeds of those, who were influenced and even brain washed into doing the very destructive deeds that they did. But who ever the puppet masters are and from what ever side/s they come from. We are all now having to live with the reality of it. With us all being forced to now try and protect ourselves the best ways we can, both as individuals as well as a species.


The Electric Universe Theory is definitely making an impact on scientism now and more importantly, with the general populous. As the pseudo religion is now having to defend itself on so many fronts. From normal members of the public and people they know, asking them awkward scientific questions. To yours truly chatting to people in the cab, and I have chatted to some very, very interesting people who were put in the Electric Universe Theory picture. On another front and sticking it to the main stream is Ben from Suspicious 0bservers, with his sun/earthquake correlations.

The educated people I spoke to (non scientists) and who were quite senior in their positions were amazed that (a) they knew nothing of an Electric Universe and that science as they knew it was just bad fiction, plus (b) how come so many normal people did know about this.

The overall world wide reach that the EUT community has really shocked them. When I told them that just the Electric Cosmology group (and that there is quite a few of us groups out there) had just under two and half thousand members and that one of the Thunderbolt's documentaries had over a million hits on Youtube, they were a bit concerned but also intrigued that, as people of certain influence, how could they not know of something which is really quite massive with Joe Public.

Outside of what Wal, David and the others have achieved individually and together at the Thunderbolts Project, to bring proper scientific awareness to others. It has also provided a community umbrella for other individuals and specialist groups like those of Christopher Fontenot, to make truth and the Electric Universe Theory a electromagnetic force to be to be reckoned with.


On an alien planet

Steve Zodiac and the crew of the children's 1960's tv show Fireball XL5 took Oxygen Tablets and so didn't need to breath in space. But what was once fiction has again turned out to be coming true, but in this case slightly different as the oxygen is injected, rather than being taken orally.


A lot of people now know that the magnetic north and south poles move around but not all realise they moving towards each other. Due to what we are taught as to why the earth has a magnetic field say that if they do move then they should move the same way in relation to each other and so stay roughly the same distance apart on either side of the globe. But in stead they are actually moving towards each other and so once again reality doesn't fit with the guesswork of the 'standard model'.

At the moment they are very much looking like they will meet somewhere around Malaysia on the equator, most will be perplexed as to how this could happen. But when we get away from the idea that the core is solid iron turning inside liquid iron and instead see it as a different state of matter as in being a plasma and being powered externally from the sun's electrical output, then it begins to become clearer.

The problem with those who are experts on the 'standard model' is that they are really quite silly as they don't start with a proper scientific method and understanding much of real science like electromagnetism but instead, prefer to guess with contorted mathematical nonsense. This approach not unexpectedly always trips them up though and so they have to continually adjust their guesses when the actual evidence shows them to be wrong. So it is not surprising that they have to always fudge so much data so they can keep the funding and their reputations alive.

By ignoring electricity (which is the only thing that produces magnetism and so is the source) and continually saying that magnetism is the cause of everything, they continually get their guesswork completely wrong, which is also not at all surprising when you think rationally about it.

By knowing how charge behaves and which creates magnetic fields that controls it, we can see that electricity likes to travel in circuits with positive charge running to negative charge. This is because nature likes to balance all things and in the case of charge the positive giving some of its charge to the negative, so a charged balance can be reached.

Although those in traditional scientism know that the earth's poles flip periodically they, because they believe in 'standard model guesswork', assumed that these flips happen very slowly due to a solid core. But when we look a the sun which is plasma, we see that the magnetism flips quickly and so we can expect this to happen quickly here on earth.