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One of things that I first thought would be interesting to find when I first started to seriously look at astrology was whether you could track down the day that starts the New Age. Of course there has been much debate as for when this might be. So to put my two pennies worth in, I think it is about four and a half weeks after the Winter Solstice 2012 on Friday the 4th of Jan 2013.

The moon is in the seventh house (Libra) and is aligning with Jupiter and Mars, just as the song says.

Physics teaches us that time isn’t static, it speeds up and slows down depending on how fast mass is travelling through it. So could it be possible to think speeded up in time by moving the electrons around our neurons quicker and see a possible future based on current Karma. By gauging current trends, future karma could be seen when there is a subconscious release, either by accident, on purpose or a mixture of the two with one releasing the other.

By exercising the conscious mind to turn off ones own bias of thought, by some form of meditation, be it through chanting a mantra, painting a picture or even writing a song, you could let the subconscious mind flow. By occupying the conscious mind, it will not be held back by a linear time conscious frame of thought. Did the writers of the musical Hair release the sidereal date subconsciously? With this in mind, over the years I have kept an eye on my ephemeris as an ongoing search to see when this might be. Eventually I found a suitable candidate.

The Chart has an expansive quality with an energetic flow of energy to the Moon (Mother) with a dynamic relationship the Sun (Father) and so make it an ideal contender especially when the chart is balanced to the equal house system and the Moon and Uranus become angular and allowing the MC to become a free floating point. Plus of course, it’s just after the Winter Solstice 2012.

For an event chart the MC = an ultimate expression for that moment in space/time.

In astrology you can get each degree of the zodiac described in symboligy.

When reading them you always look to the influence coming in and so look to the degree that rounds off the preceding degree.

Different images have been ascribed to the various degrees over the years by different hands. I will give you two interpretations for the MC at 23-50 Pisces which when rounded up to the influence coming in, will be 24 degrees Pisces. If it is to be bliss and understanding like the Age of Aquarius should be, then the symbols should convey this.

Here are two interpretations from a book first published in 1898 for image 24 Pisces.

‘Charubel- One not capable of being described in words, but the signification is a person who will possess great magnetic powers; also, one who will in his day, do much by way of destroying popularised evils – a reformer, a healer, and a philanthropist’.


‘From “La Volasfera” Translated by “Sepharial”- A woman reclining upon a couch scantily attired. It is a degree of SENSUALITY.’

The grand trine that is described by the song is fired by Jupiter from the Yod. The energy released to Jupiter comes from Saturn (structure, restriction and learning lessons) and the gaggle of planets on the descendant including the Sun; this is also heading up the angular T-squares as well as the very nice V-trine with its easy flow of energy.

Both pleasant and less pleasant aspects between the planets are present but are directly applied to each other so when lessons are leaned and obstacles over come, the whole chart become extremely dynamic as the squares fire positively along with the trines. This is focused towards the seventh house cusp, the house (area of life) that governs relationships.

With Pluto sitting there, we can expect something that is stirring underneath and will suddenly show itself with great force. Pluto rules volcanoes and they present a fine image of the energy showing a calm exterior until it erupts and shows with great force what’s going on below.

Uranus who is the governor of Aquarius sits right at the top of this chart (when the areas of life experiences is balanced) and the symboligy shows it at the top of a lovely diamond pattern within the chart.

The Moon sits in opposition at the bottom of the diamond which is rooted in the sign of balance which rules the seventh house.

Venus is unaspected as far as major angles goes but does form two minor ones. When a planet is without aspects its energy is pure where as when it is in aspect its mixed and so diluted. Because it is only slightly diluted the love energy is pretty raw.



As an astrological exercise, I wanted to try to determine if a key moment in the Starchild skull's chart would reveal any information about its genetic heritage. (If you don’t know what the Starchild skull is, please see ‘Ongoing Unexplained Anomalies’ on page 2.) This is the chart for the beginning point of the new DNA test, with my analysis and conclusion. Thanks to Astrodienst for their free online chart service.

Conclusion: In this chart Aquarius totally overwhelms, so the Father figure is definitely new, revolutionary, and different rather than traditional. This leads me to conclude that the Starchild’s male parent will be found to be alien and not of this Earth. Through the Skull, ET telegraphed home.

Analysis: The first things I noticed in the chart: (1) Leo ascendant, ruled by the Sun, wants to be noticed; (2) the two Yods (also known as "the finger of God/Fate"); (3) the stellium (a conjunction of four or more planets) in the 7th house.

The Sun (Father) is on the Descendant in the seventh house (relationships) and heads up the stellium. It is conjunct Venus (love and beauty), Chiron (the wounded healer) and Neptune (mysticism) with Jupiter (expansion) also presiding in that house but in a different sign. One of the Yods’ point of focus is Jupiter, with the feet of the Yod being Mars (forward movement) and Saturn (bones).

The other Yod’s focal point is Mars, with the two feet being Jupiter and Pluto (the hidden being revealed with much force). Uranus (swift unexpected change) picks up aspects (angles) to Mars, Saturn and Jupiter.

We look to the Sun when seeking the Father and look to the Moon for the Mother. She is picking up aspects from Mars, Uranus and making a T-squares from Mercury (which rules communication) and Saturn, with two more major aspects from Uranus and Mars highlighting her importance. The chart definitely speaks of the quest to reveal the Father with a prominent Mother.

The angular Descendent, the start (cusp) of the 7th house, is in Aquarius and is loaded with four planets including the Sun. The energy of Aquarius is about what is new and in the future, whereas Capricorn, which has Mercury, Pluto and the North Node, is focused on the past and tradition.



When I first seriously looked at astrology in the early nineties, it became apparent that life reflected different house systems and not just one. On a simple level, when I was stressed (which was most of the time), I reflected the placidean house system (above) and when I was happy (which was not a lot the time), reflected the equal house system.
Then looking back over my life I could see I was rotating between these as well as some sort of half way house system, Koch or the like. These half way house systems along with the placidian weren’t really enjoyable. They maybe fun for some people but they certainly wasn’t working for me.
This left me with one choice, trying to find balance and living the equal house system.

When you go on holiday, balance mainly happens naturally. The tenth house cusp separates from the top of the chart because the ultimate expression in this incarnation (M.C.) is no longer needed too be focused through the house of self ambition and the professional life. The roots of ones existence (usually providing income towards the family unit), is given a rest bite with the distancing from the home environment. The I.C. separates from the fourth house cusp. Unfortunately for some people with families, this can’t happen due to the parent/s having to spend all the holiday time creating fun for their offspring, causing an unrelaxed holiday.

As I see it when the M.C. separates from the Tenth House cusp it becomes a pointer to where our ultimate expression should be. The House in which the M.C. falls should be the focus. If the M.C. goes to the eleventh, ninth or eight, then the individual’s ultimate expression should tend to those house influences.
If how ever the M.C. goes to the tenth the individual should be aiming towards the professional life and personal desires, which of course can be a trip up in itself. You might find it a tendency for these individuals to like to work on their holidays or prefer not to have the holiday at all.

If the M.C. isn’t exactly conjunct, it shouldn't dominate the tenth house but the closer to conjunction it is, the stronger the desire to reach the top and this can of course lead to selfish behaviour patterns. Of course an orbed M.C. in the ninth also applies.
A look towards the Zodiac degree symbol could help. A good book on houses is ‘Houses of the Horoscope (revised edition) by Bill Herbst’.

As people go through karma they experience times of joy and stress. Buy reading both the equal and the placidian charts together you can see how someone will react in life as planets or other points change houses and so activates different areas of life.

If you have an early Libran ascendant you’ll automatically tend towards an equal house chart. The sign of balance gives you balanced chart.
The attractive outer personality of a balanced Libran chart of course doesn’t exclude you from karma. There may be no movements of planets or other points between houses but there is still stress and it will act it self out in the same areas of life as if every thing was ok in life. In this case look for house cusp movements and there rulers. Also look for movement around mid points.
When the M.C. floats free, the I.C. must follow. The roots of ones being are shifted. You’ll see yourself from the foundations of that house.

Look for planets and other points taking on and loosing power as the angular tenth and fourth house cusps move to and from them.
A Simplistic Introduction To Astrology
These are the four basic things you need to know. It's all down hill from there, only joking

The Planets are the power points
i.e. Sun=our ego and our connection to the universe, Mercury=our conscious mind, the way we think and learn.

The Signs flavours the Planets
i.e. The Sun in Pisces=The ego tastes of fish.

The Aspects or angles blend the flavoured planets
i.e. Moon in Scorpio-squares-Mars in Leo=Emotions-that are thwarted-Makes them angry and shout.

The Houses are the areas of life where the action talks place i.e.
Moon-squares-Mars in the forth (home) and seventh houses (relationships)= The area of relationship stress is emotional and probably coming from a member of the family.
If reincarnation is a reality, wouldn’t any alien who died on Earth reincarnate as human?

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