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There has been much suppression of the UFO phenomena over the years but the universe moves on and disclosure is now being forced upon the Earth.

Although the British mainstream media is now being morally bound to report the UFO phenomenon, it hasn’t always been the case. This was due to governmental pressure and the US's ‘Special Relationship’ with Britain. This same ‘Special Relationship’ that led to the invasion of Iraq and Its ‘Smoking Gun’

There were of course certain members of the media that suggested that Blair was a Poodle sitting in the lap of the US administration but it didn’t change anything and seemed a bit of a joke. Unfortunately it wasn’t that funny, in fact it was deadly serious. Especially for the people who perished on both sides of the conflict. Well at least we got the oil.

I can understand that those who do desire power and get into positions of running Countries don’t have the time to check out what is really going on in the world and have to rely on advisers for their decision making processes but they still have to live with the consequences of their actions as ex Prime Minister Blair is now doing every day.
-A bit of alternative history?-

From the Press Club of the USA-
This video is about 2 hours long and was recorded in 2001.
You don’t have to watch the whole thing at once but it’ll be good to hear all the testimony over a period of time. It’s full of interesting knowledge. Watch the first four speakers or so first, you’ll get a good grounding as to what is going on. This was obviously suppressed at the time.

These people risked at the very least being indefinitely quarantined under alien bacterial contamination laws, commonly known as The ET Law-
It was and still is a very real threat, we are talking about inter galactic politics here and it’s a very serious business.

At this time in 2001 Al Gore won the US election, democracy was suspended due to US and World security concerns and Bush entered the White House as the 42nd President. The powers that be, knew this news conference was going to take place and so made sure that the 2000/1 prophecies didn’t happen and that their man got into power.
What they didn’t realise however was that they were in fact securing the end date of Linear Time, inline with the Mayan calendar.

After two terms of a republican presidential office, we arrive at a period when we are now into the five year count down and a mixed race man in power. A black man in the White House. There is very interesting symboligies working here as black&white is ruled by Scorpio and the eagle (in some interpretations) is the third and top level of the Scorpion.
The human race has always been hostile and extremely violent towards its self as well almost everything else. The flip side of this is humanities culture and its art, it is outstanding. Our ability to create and destroy is almost godly. This is epitomised by the sign of Scorpio.
The question now is, can we co exist with the rest of the universe and will the galactic community let us carry on with space exploration, or will they bar us? Keeping us stuck within the Earth plain, admiring our art and culture from afar.

Well, Obama has taken the first step towards openness with the rest of the universe (or even multiverse); hopefully this will lead to the giant leap for mankind.

Is Obama gearing up for disclosure?
At the begging of the year, just before Obama was sworn into office, he opened an opinion book on the internet. This was to gauge what US citizens thought about all sorts of subjects, such as housing and highways. Tucked away on one of the pages was the question-
Shall we disclose the UFO phenomena, not is there one but shall we disclose it. Now that the opinion book has closed, the UFO disclosure page has disappeared so you can’t view it any more. It takes you to a thank you for voting page. This was the old link -
You can still review the results though at-

UFO footage from USSR Mig fighter plane-
DAVID Cameron has vowed to lift the lid on what the Government knows about UFOs if he becomes PM.
He said he “was convinced” the Earth had been visited by aliens – and joked that Business Secretary Lord Mandelson was one of them.
The Queen has a keen interest in crop circles, thought by many to be the handiwork of extra-terrestrials, according to a letter from her private secretary.
Larry King on CNN
This is an excellent NASA footage compilation film by Rizze @
UFO contact- Former Canadian Defence Minister
Profit Yahweh uses prayer to summon UFO’s.
U.S. fire fighters training for UFO and alien contact?

A great site
I have to conclude that the scientists who work at SETI know that their jobs are (as it is descibed to us), a bit of a waist of time and space. I then have to ask, then what signals from space are they are decoding.

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