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The Mayan date
Or, to us
11:13 in the morning, 21st Dec 2012

On this day, there is a rather significant conjunction and cosmic shaping tacking place. It will culminate with the Winter Solstice Sun and the Planetary Ecliptic, crossing the Galactic Equator. At the same time, the Earth’s axis is squaring up in its wobble. This configuration will form what is known as the Holy Cross, it is also known as the Eight Spoke Wheel. It’s interesting to note that this term is also of interest to Buddhist. The Mayans called this alignment the ‘Sacred Tree’. It is also of interest to note how many cultures use the image of a tree in there spiritual teachings.

Due to the size of the Milky Way Galaxy, our Solar System dose not cross the Galactic Equator that often. Also due to slowness of the earths wobble, the Holy Cross that is now forming adds up to a once in a 25,800 year event. The Mayans said this shaping is the gateway to the underworld and represents a thinning of the dimensions allowing other dimensional beings to come the fore.
Sticking a Fairy on top of the Tree of Life at Yule Time to protect us in the shortened days of winter now makes a bit more sense.

The effect of this dimension thinning has been felt for thousands of years, intensifying all the while. We are now in the final throws of this alignment.

The Mayans were master mathematicians, astronomers and astrologers. Their civilisation was solely built around time and the movements of the heavens. They calculated eclipses thousands of years into the future and their calendars are far superior to anything we use today. They used many calendars, from the ‘Tzolkin’ based on the human gestation period to the ‘Long Count’ called the ‘Baktun’.
13 Baktuns equal one Great Year or 25,800 of our years.
All their calendars fitted together perfectly and after 1500 years, their calculations are out by about 35 seconds.

But why should we take this 2012 prophecy seriously?
Because they were pretty good at astrology.
In the eighth century they foretold that white skin bearded gods would arrive from across the sea on March 5th 1590. On that exact date Cortez and his Conquistadores landed in the new world. They were certainly not gods but must have seemed liked it, having far superior technologies to their own. The world as they knew it changed for ever.

After much debate most Mayan scholars finalized the start date of their calendars and consequently the end date13. Although some scholars still disagree with this time.
This author goes with the 21st date. The Sun enters Capricorn.

It wasn’t only the Mayans who point to this being an important time. Many other ancient civilizations saw the Winter Solstice as very important. So much so that they also built its date into their stone temples and monuments so they would last until the present day.

Modern thinking now says that Stonehenge was built to mark the Winter Solstice, to welcome back the lengthening days.

Newgrange is an Irish megalithic site and is about 5000 years old.
It was built before both the Egyptian Pyramids and Stonehenge. It seems to have been built just so a beam of sunlight can enter the chamber at dawn on the Winter Solstice.

Maeshowe is one of the best Prehistoric structures in Europe. Constructed on Scotland’s Orkney Isles, It is also about 5000 years old and is also built to receive a beam of Sun light on the Winter Solstice.

Even in hot countries where the lengthening days has little relevance to surviving life in the depths of winter, there are still monuments.

The Sun Dagger in Chaco Canyon, New Mexico, the African Stonehenge.
Prehistoric sites from all over the world seem to say the same thing.

The Vadic Sanskrit is the oldest text in the world. It doesn’t give an accurate date like the Mayans but does point to this time period.

The Hopi Indian Prophecy also points to this time.

So what might happen at this time?

Along with their calendars the Mayans produced prophesies of cataclysms and disasters at the end of this turn of the Great Year. And of course, it wasn’t only the Mayans who forewarned of great changes at the end of this present age. There have been many warnings. The Greeks called the end of the age ‘Suntelia Aio’. Plato also said there would be change. And of course we can’t forget Nostradamus; he had a few thoughts on the matter.

If we are going to hit by some sort of disaster, what is likely to happen?
In our modern days we can look to pointers such as seismic activity.

Over the decades there has been a steady rise in both volcanic emissions and Earthquakes around the world, plus the lake bed of the Yellowstone National Park in America is bulging. Although the bulge has slowed it’s still going on.

Of course when Yellowstone does blow it might only be a little release of pressure and it might not be for 10 thousand years or so. If on the other hand it’s a big one. The estimated fall out will leave a four foot volcanic ash blanket over a massive area.
A third to a half of the US, as well as a huge chunk of Canada will become very grey under 1.5mtrs of ash.
The rest of the world will go into a mini ice age as the dust cloud envelopes the earth.

I can’t see this happening though because the park is formed by the volcano having an enormous blast in the past and the magma chamber below, collapsing. The whole park is a basin that now sits in the hole. This hopefully should mean that any future eruption will be limited.

Is this seismic activity around the globe due to our proximity to the Galactic plain?

If you look out at the night sky and can see the Milky Way. You’ll see that it runs from the horizon in front of you up and above your head and down behind you.

This is because the Solar System circles the galactic centre on its side. As I understand it, originally our solar system was part of another much smaller Galaxy. It was swallowed up by the Milky Way and left us oscillating as we circle on the middle to outer reaches of one of the arms of the Milky Way. As our Solar System travels around the galaxy, it rises and falls, cris-crossing the Galactic Plain.
The galactic centre from our vantage point in the galaxy is known as the Dark Rift. It’s a strip of gas cloud that runs down the middle of the Milky Way.
At its centre though is the bright patch emerging from the darkness.

The Milky Way’s equator is a band of maximum gravitational influence. It is powered by a Black Hole and is very thin. Compared to the apparent size of the galaxy, it’s a wafer.
Think how thin Saturn’s rings are compared to the other dimensions of width and length. Estimates put them at between only 200 and 5000mtrs. That’s no more than three miles thick.
Any spinning object creates this thin field of increased gravitational effect at its equator and our Solar System is about to cross the Galaxies.
When we talk of gravitational influence, we are taking about the effect and not really a force.
What is actually happening is that the space/time continuum is being warped by the presents of an object. This causes a dimensional dent in space/time.
It’s another less dense object falling into the space/time dent which we call gravity. Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity changed our understanding of Newton’s laws.

As I see it- Black Holes are formed flat because they have an incredibly massive mass, this causes them to spin very fast. This pushes out at the equator due to centrifugal force and consequently pulls in on the poles. The forces are so great that it collapses its North Pole into the South Pole. The positive and negative of the mass are squashed together, collapsing to a single point. Matter no longer has normal dimensions; they are squashed out of normal existence. All mass has this squashing behaviour pattern when it spins. The Earth has flattened poles. Our planet is more of a Satsuma shape rather than an Orange.

As a Black Hole’s gravity causes matter or even light to spin past the event horizon (the point of no return) on a decaying spiral orbit, it will exceed the speed of light meaning it can no longer survive in our observable universe. This is because nothing in our universe can exceed the speed of light and so it has to disappear from view as it moves in time.
The high speed spinning of the flat Black Hole causes the surrounding space/time and matter to get dragged along forming a spinning disc.

It has been speculated that faster than light drive is possible by creating a mini universe around a space craft and so not be in our universe but the amount of energy needed to accomplish this would be enormous and far beyond human technology at this time. But by creating a Black Hole and then capturing it in a magnetic field you can in theory, create a spinning funnel and if you can then orientate it in front of you you can then travel down that funnel and travel through time and space. Has the Hadron Collider been made to manufacture Black Holes?

It is also speculated by some scientist, that entry into other dimensions is possible through a Black Hole. The flattening and collapsing of space makes matter disappear, maybe into a parallel Universe. Are new Stars born in Nebula’s in other dimensions?
Or is matter going back to the beginning of time creating the conditions for the Big Bang?

The forces involved in trying to transverse a Black Hole would be massive and surviving them would be rather difficult if you were to try. But you might be able to ride the wafer thin wave emanating from the centre. This distortion in time and the space makes for an interesting period as we approach 2012. It is expected to be a period to experience time from different perspectives.

Linear time is a shackle which we live through at the moment as we ascend our consciousness to higher levels. But as we head for this cosmic alignment, we may well be looking to get a taste of holistic time and God consciousness.

On the quantum mechanical level of the very small, it became apparent that any scientific experiment is determined by the viewer and how it is viewed. It was also discovered that matter seemed to change between particles and waves, which also seemed to just pop in and out of reality at will. In order for mater and a wave to be the same thing, various string theories evolved. The string became a sort of solid wave. This pointed to a closer explanation of the very small, but none of the theories were exactly right.

Now there is the unifying ‘M’ theory. It is said that matter has been mathematically proven to be made up from vibrating strings of different pitches that moves between 11 dimensions. If this is so, life could say to be made up from music.
Vibrating strings forms matter and it seems that we can influence the composition of the music, because the strange thing about the Quantum level of life is that the consciousness of the experimenter can alter the result of the experiment.

Conscious thought evolving DNA.
Will the next change in Man be E=MC2?
Human matter beings, becoming human energy beings. A shift to the light?

In western astrology we use the sidereal zodiac which is governed by the precession of the equinox. This is caused by a wobble in the Earths axis. This wobble causes the advancement of the start point of the year, 0 degrees Aries, (the axis of balance to 0 degrees Libra). This constantly differing angle to the sun advances the 0 Aries point in relationship to the background stars.
This advancement puts the actual constellations out of sync with the progressed Signs of the Zodiac, by roughly 30 degrees.

The West, with its dominant partner, the US reflects the Tropical Zodiac, as it shows this progressed forward stage of development on the material plain of Earthly matters.
India of the recent past reflected a more spiritual attitude to life and reflected the actual Sidereal universe. But as they have become more and more westernised and affected by materialism they too have reflected more and more, the Western Zodiac.
In a Tropical Earthbound frame of mind, we are entering the Age of Aquarius.
This at the moment with our present mind frame, represents humanity coming together under the banner of possessions and consumerism.

From the universes point of reference, the Earths axis is balancing.
From this heavenly perspective, the sidereal will reflect on the evolving world and its life forms. So we should modify our thinking with what the universe shows us in relationship to the now balancing Earth plains (all 49 of them). We should have a Pisces attitude with an advanced Aquarian way of relating to others in the universe.

It was written in esoteric astrology in the 1930’s that there are 49 earths consisting of seven chains with seven globes within each chain and it is at this time, due to be the seventh planet in our solar system to become sacred.

The Mayans thought and wrote in symbolism. They portrayed a serpent descending down the side of Izapa Temple. At the equinox, a long thin shadow falls down the length of the staircase and lines up with a carved serpents head at the bottom.

The Serpent Rope has had the modern representation of being a Worm Hole. This Serpent Rope is said by the Mayans to emerge from the dark rift.

As time warps, space opens up.

If an advanced civilisation is able to use and control space/time, they would be able to use this natural Black Hole power source and ride it across the dimensions.

So what’ll come down the Serpent Rope?
A devil or a healer?

John Major Jenkins seminal work ‘Maya Cosmosgenesis 2012’, described the meaning of the December 21, 2012 prophecy. He wrote that all of the Mayan priests knew the timing of all the eclipses and other astrological events, including this Great Years end date. It was crucial to their existence and being. They saw this time as the renewal and rebirth of a new world age.

Ancient civilisations and their monuments from across the globe point to the winter solstice of 2012, indicating that this is the time for the ascent to a new world age.

In terms of maximum effect, I think we should look at a two week orb. Starting with the New Moon on the 13th. Followed by the sacred Tree on the 21st. Through to the Full Moon on the 7th.

Then on Jan 4th 2013 we have the Moon in Libra (7th house), Mars in Aquarius and Jupiter in Gemini forming within minutes, an exact Grand Trine.
To see an hour long talk about 2012 from the Astrological Lodge of London go to-

US Presidents have not been allowed to know too much about the UFO phenomena, this is due to a thing called ‘Plausible Deniability’. This was invented to safeguard the Presidential Office from having to lie or publicly admit to knowing about the UFO phenomenon, or indeed any dubious acts that the internal security agencies might be engaged in. It was conceived by the CIA in the 1950’s
With this and the UFO suppression, who is responsible and how does exopolitics affect us normal souls?
The Multiverse doses not say or in any way claim that any of the outside links are accurate in fact.
It does say though that there is enough credible evidence for George Bush as the President of the US at the time plus others stand trial for
Crimes Against Humanity
and I call on President Obama and the United Nations to put this into action now.
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