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Because humanity is now maturing out of its adolescence stage of development, the politics of events on earth cannot be separated from the politics of the intergalactic. This is because the decisions and actions that the power brokers that run the earth now make will show directly how they are likely to act when dealing with any intergalactic & interdimensional neighbours.

In the mine field of information and disinformation ‘The Multiverse’ endeavours to synthesise the many fields that make up our conscious perception of the universe., while at the same time, filtering out that which is fantasy as well as that which is deliberately put out to muddy of the waters of reality. The views and opinions offered by outside contributors & links are purely their own and are not necessarily those of ‘The Multiverse’.

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Mr. Dawkins guesses are purely built on the ideas that we live in an unconnected and separated universe built on a traditional three only particle driven existence with gravity being the only factor that made and is keeping our reality together but as we have seen this is totally wrong and in fact, 99.99% wrong.

Even though main stream science best guess is that we live in a purely particle driven nuclear universe, all the physical evidence is saying that we live in an Electromagnetic one and so with the growing investigations into the earth’s magnetic field I think it is about time to start talking to those connected to the ‘Thunderbolts Project’.

The earth's magnetic field is weakening with the North Pole migrating on the planets surface at a gallop towards Russia. It has always moved about but now it has speeded up and is heading in a single direction and that direction is south.

Although not exactly proven at this time, this is more than likely because of the earth’s poles flipping at some time in the near future, with North becoming South and South becoming North.

When I say ‘near’ though, this could be within years or it could be within hundreds or thousands of years. The reversal of earth’s magnetic field happens on average every 450,000 years or so and the last one being 780,000 years ago which means that we are now over due one by quite some time.

Most main stream geological scientists say that when it does happen it will be a slow process and the actual flip won’t happen for thousands of years. They like the rest of us of course haven’t got a clue as we have no record of measuring it in the past and so, be able say in advance when or how it might happen.

I assume they say thousands of years because they are trying to relay fears in the general public by distancing the event and so in the mean time are blaming strange weather purely on the activities of man so someone somewhere can make a massive profit.
So I think it would be a good idea to have in place people who knows what is going. This must be a better way to go. From what I have seen with a weakening magnetic field I would hope that it happens very quickly so a more stable environment can once again be re-established rather than being chaotic over a long period of time.
With a weakening magnetic shield more electricity is getting through to us and the evidence is growing that the ferocity of the recent super typhoon over the Philippines was an electrically driven event. The eye of the storm at one point developed the typical geometric shape of a hexagon, which is an electrical hallmark.
As well as being found at the north pole of Saturn hexagons are formed generally in around electrical events.
It can be seen in plasma discharges on earth and on other planets like Mars, as well as from Plasmoid making experiments in the lab.
From 11:25 stop @12:10
This increase in the amount of electricity getting through our magnetic shield is what is also making tornados now upto two and a half miles wide in the U.S.
This could be an interesting New Years Day coming up as far as ISON lighting up goes, if it passes over the earth and turns it into an electrically charged start to the year.

All we need is an earth facing and towards the top of the sun Filament Ejection or Coronal Mass Ejection (maybe even caused by another sun driving comet) a few days earlier and the magnetic forces across the solar system could give us quite an expected show.

Of course due to its very close encounter with our Sol, it might not make it and disintegrate and so not show up, or it might survive but show up in pieces. The comet is well into its capacitor stage now and is soaking up masses amounts of electrical charge. If the chemical make up of ISON is not right to hold that amount of charge, then the molecules will blow apart with much electrical vigor.
On the 1st of the New Year there will be a Sun/Moon, Mercury, Pluto conjunction in Capricorn in Grand Square with Jupiter and the Earth conjunct ISON (if any of it is still around) in Cancer with Mars in Libra and Uranus in Aries.

Personally even if it doesn’t flair in the sky so spectacularly and gives us a nice visual bit of awe, astrologically speaking the planets will still form a Cardinal Grand Square and so it will have an affect in your chart, if you have any sensitive points around 10 degrees of any sign and especially if they are in the Cardinal signs.

Having lots of close contacts with this Cross as it sits on your chart should make it a day to watch out for.

Cardinality is all about a shift in emphasis, where the need to get dynamic change happens. As the Grand Cross covers all Cardinal Points and it being a New Moon to boot, and being up the Mountain of Capricorn, it might well be braided with some interesting new beginnings even if ISON fails to herald it.
We are a lot more that just what we generally know of our selves to be as far as having our Sun in any particular Sign goes, be it a Gemini, Capricorn, Leo, Scorpio etc. The fact is we all have all the other signs within us; they are part of us too.

But it’s not just about what is highlighted in your chart by the sun, moon, mars etc, the empty houses and signs show what in our life isn’t so important, so when they fire they can be actually disturbing because we are not used to dealing with these issues.

The Sun in a sign is a major highlighted part of the chart and so a big influence, it is our inner selves, the ego, but still only a part of what makes us an individual. If you have had a chart constructed for you and so know a bit about astrology, then you will be aware of influences such as Rising Signs which is our outer personality or filter of how we present ourselves to the world and the Moon which governs our emotions and memories.

A Grand Cross has lots of points of contact connected to each other and so it should because of the diversity, touches a lot of people’s chart. Even if it only highlights, the not normally high on the list of priorities parts of our lives, you might well still notice it having an impact.

Some people have a complex mix of energies while others more focused in certain areas but everyone has exactly the same elements as everyone else on earth in their charts, we just have them in different configurations and if your configurations does have major contacts, then it should be quite a significant start anew time for you and for some people, quite a few anew times ahead of them.

It is our individual mix of electromagnetic energies that makes us individually what we are. It is then down to us to decide what road we drive those energies down.

 “The esoteric ruling planet of Pisces is Pluto and relates to the final death—the death of the illusion of separation. Once the individual dies to the incessant magnetic pull to the sensations of the astral place, one is then reborn not as a “prisoner of the planet Earth” but a server to her children—Humankind. It is then that the chain binding the personality to the soul is dissolved by the Spirit of the Will-to-Good and Pisces and you and me are no longer in exile from the Truth that Love IS.”
A lot of traditional scientists believe that because they thought that all there was nothing but empty space and gravity between stars and planets then astrology couldn’t possibly work and so a ridiculous idea. But because we now know that we live in an Electric Universe which is teeming with interaction electromagnetic fields running through Plasma, then we can now see how astrology works and that we are intimately connected to the rest of the universe.


As the economic crash took hold and then went on for quite a few years, people started to be ground awake to the reality of needing much tighter belts. It wouldn’t be so bad if we could trust whole heartedly what we are told as fact by and some scientists and which is then relayed by the main stream media, but as the evidence grows to show that this is not the case, this just adds fuel to the increasing frustration.

Once it started getting uncomfortable for more and more people, whether financial, professional or even as a question of truth and justice, people felt a shared frustration even if their grievances differed. Then the cracks in life began to be seen by more and more people and they too joined the throng of discontent and also got vocal.
With the rise of knowledge and the suppression of knowledge that the Electric Universe has brought vividly into focus, we can now deprogram ourselves and so overcome the skeptical nature of anything outside of official Tenet that we have been brainwashed into believing.
We have been constantly told that anything outside of what is regarded as truth by the Main Stream Media and as dictated by the hierarchy of society, should automatically be regarded as tomfoolery and that we should automatically only trust the system.
But thanks to the www, the human race has been given us the means to wake up, drink the coffee and see that we have in fact been surrounded with a Main Stream Media that is full of silliness and miss direction (polite version due to it being the Festive Season).

Along with the indoctrination of believing only in a dictated truth, one should also by nature scoff at anything that is regarded as paranormal, even when there is plenty of hard scientific evidence to say that it should, at the very least be looked at in great detail.
Of course there are those who under the guise of the paranormal trick us into believing falsehoods. This is done to entertain us through illusion and magic, to make money dishonestly, or muddy the waters of truth for more sinister reasons. So how do we see through what is real and what is not?
Because we have access to the Net these days we can look elsewhere and not automatically accept what the Main Stream Media gives out. Now alternative sources allow us to be better informed and so make better independent judgements.

We can now (if we do have access to the Net of course) independently see the evidence and because sometimes it is so damming, we might well be taken to a place where we have to decide whether we are going to keep the old a system as it is or let it evolve into something entirely new.

It is said that we are now exiting the Age of Pisces, a time where belief had to take rein due to a lack of hard evidence in an unprovable world, where things could only be felt to be true. This attitude has carried on through the cusp time as the Age of Aquarius approached so it naturally gave early science a very religious demeanor which we still have to live with today.

Science which had heralded the need for scientific truth and broke down the traditional powerhouses and influence in the time of Pisces was in its infancy stage and so it too quickly needed a belief system to build itself on. This is because it had too little time to gather hard facts and evidence but thought it already knew it all.

You would think they would have learnt something when Lord William Thomson Kelvin famously said at the turn of the 19th into the twentieth Century, “There is nothing new to be discovered in physics now”.

In the New Age it is going to be voyage of discovery which will start from a point of knowing that we haven’t got the total picture yet but can say what we think is most likely to be true due to looking at the evidence first, but of course still leaving room for adjustment if more and better detailed information comes our way.
We will not be bonded by the past, but use it has a foundation to move upward. The Human Race now no longer needs to be told what to critically think by those who it seems have only their own best wishes at heart, but do it for ourselves and so break the chains of subservient thought. Long live the Revolution to know in our own hearts what is nearer to the truth and further away from deceit.
 But when this so called free right to question is exercised it does upset some people, even when the evidence is there to justify the originally action. They prefer to think that the evidence gathered is mischievous trouble making and not hard scientific evidence.
It might even be hoped by some who couldn’t possibly believe that this is the real facts and would even prefer some sort of paranormal explanation but in this case this simply isn’t the case. The paranormal is just a term that means that science hasn’t yet worked out the mechanics and so in this case it doesn’t apply due to the science being there.

In stead of blaming events on paranormal experiences which are under scientific researched has been proved to be actually normal and a reality, those people in the human race who are still in denial are now being forced by some to see what is real and what is not.
Of all of what is described as paranormal experiences that people have, Philip K. Dick the writer of such books as Blade Runner and Total Recall (which were later turned into films) are among those that experienced weird stuff and used these experiences to inspire his writings.
Once more and more people begin to wake up to what is really going on in the world, most of these people will also call for change as well and I see that the Electric Universe being the biggest single factor in doing this. By it proving just how wrong science can be about a lot of things, after we have been told for always that it is a hundred percent right and knows everything already, the spell will be broken with regards to all that we have been told.
Because of the overwhelming evidence that we do live in a reality built on electromagnetism and that the purely nuclear and gravity one that is taught as absolute fact is wrong, science which is our modern day religion that most people believe in these days will be the Tipping Point that shocks people into questioning everything and call for a honest and fair change that benefits the whole community.

When many Pensioners as well as ordinary families in the UK are once again forced with the choice this winter of paying to heat their homes or buying food, or as it is commonly referred to, the decision to ‘Eat or Heat’, did you know that 340 Members of the UK Parliament have their second homes fuel bills paid for by the Tax Payer on Expenses. MP Nadaim Zahawi claimed over £5,800 in just a couple of years for his constituency home. But do they give dam? Time will tell.
In traditional science it is the norm that when a branch of scientific thinking and theory is being shown to be wrong, rather than take on the new ideas that are being proven to be correct straight away, we have to wait until the teachers of what is taught to be absolute fact but is proved to be absolutely wrong die, and so spare them the embarrassment of having themselves as well as the general public know this.

Plus of course, us knowing that they are being paid loads of money in the past is bad enough but also continuing into the future, this must be plainly wrong. I don’t see why this should be allowed to carry on just to save face of a few. Surely they should be stripped of their funding straight away and put on the Jobs Seekers Allowance. Why carry on unnecessarily wasting precious resources, it doesn’t make economic sense especially when there are so many people suffering from a lack of money?

Being scientists or Joe Public, it’s always a shame when people are faced with the dole after their positions have become redundant due to them not having correct knowledge.

I am sure though that for the scientists this shouldn’t be a problem because there must be some fast food chains out there that will looking for people with letters after their names to help prove that their menus are wholesome and healthy eating.

Seriously, why do we have to wait for the old guard to die before the next generation is able to take over the reins of our new reality that is now already here? I find it is so morally wrong to hold the human race back from moving upward, just to save a few reputations when there are so many of the world’s general population that are having a continually shite time during their survival period before their final and eventual demise.


As promised this is the script from my layperson’s introduction talk to our Electric Universe. Included in this blog version are some extra back up reference points. There is also a version of this talk which has been adapted purely for educational institutions and which got its first outing on Friday 29th Nov at the Birkbeck Open Discussion Society, Birkbeck, University of London-

philip c francis

This presentation is designed for the ordinary individual in the street who knows of, or has an interest in the basics of cosmology and generally how our universe works. It does not go into massive and complicated detail but in stead just lays out the basic scientific findings and due to the simplicity of these, should be more than enough for most people who does have an interest to comprehend.

Some of the clips included in this presentation are only excerpts from the full videos. Please stick to the timings as shown when indicated so they can fall into context with the text. The whole piece can then be planned for viewing in about two hours.
There are absolutely massive rumblings going on behind the scenes in the world of science today and we are not just talking about a minor squabble, but what amounts to being a second Copernican Revolution, which was one of the major contributions to the original scientific revolution in the first place.

Basically what we are talking about is a total disregard for the conventional view of a purely particle driven nuclear universe, with gravity being the major force that made it what it is today.

In contrast to the traditional view, which relies on mathematical conjecture to start with, and is the model that modern cosmology as well as some other sciences uses today; the Electric Universe explanation of reality is taken from an observational data point first and then followed up with lab experimentation and prediction that proves correct.

You will probably not know it but this modern day heresy of Electric Universe thinking is in the United States, already being allowed to be taught along side the conventional theory as an alternative and so, they are already preparing their next generation for this change.

Mr. Even Camp who is an eighth grade science teacher in the U.S teaches it as an alternative theory to his pupils and it is interesting to note that when his students over there were asked what they thought of the two theories, the response when talking about the conventionally accepted ideas was along the lines of, ‘do intelligent grown ups actually think like this?’

One of the findings that has come back from deep space and which conventional cosmologists deem to be proof of the existence of Black Holes, is that they are picking up massive amounts of X-Ray emissions coming from the centre of galaxies.

But what they also fail to mention though, is that X-Rays in reality, rather than by math conjecture are made in a vacuum by electricity, and so their so called proof when measured against the actual material world that actually exists, it is nothing more than wishful thinking that the evidence can in the end, be somehow fitted into their theory.
The Electrical Universe revolution in scientific thinking that is now taking place is being headed by the scientists and researches connected to the ‘Thunderbolts Project’ with Wal Thornhill and Brian Talbott leading the charge.

Plus with some other independents like David LaPoint with his Primer fields who are also pushing forward with their own research, science has already changed and with all of their work which has been built on the likes of Kristian Birkeland, Immanuel Velikovsky and Hans Alfven before them, they are changing our whole understanding of the importance of electromagnetism in physics as well as the formation and the shaping of our solar system and a lot of humanity’s history.

In the first scientific revolution, Mr. Copernicus announced to the world just before his death, that the Earth was not at the centre of our universe but was in fact revolving around the Sun. This seemingly down grading of the importance of God’s Earth to a mere orbiting planet didn’t go down at all well with the religious hierarchy of the day.

He of course knew it wouldn’t and so this is why he left announcing it until he was near to his death and so spared himself from being burnt at the stake.
Since that time a new hierarchy has taken over the mantle of dictating what is gospel but ironically this type of religious dogmatic attitude is now coming from the scientific community itself. So this has once again led to a crises point in how we understand and describe reality and so causing this new revolution in rational thinking.

But it is a lot better these days for those who decide to stand up against doctrinal rhetoric, because the new traditionalists are now only allowed to try and roast any unbelieving heretics with words, rather than by actual incineration.
Because today’s science has its roots based in the era of the Horse & Cart and Gas-Light, when only three types of matter, Solid, Liquid and Gaseous were really known about in any great detail, the evidence that is now being gathered is contrary to the traditional mathematically envisaged three types of matter only model and so is being proven that most of the conventional theory that we now have, is looking like nothing more than science fiction.

Except of course that it doesn’t come anywhere near the quality of say Star Trek, with it's mobile Flip-phones, Electronic Tablets and Prime Directive, or Arthur C. Clark who envisage a satellite communication system as early as 1945.

Science fact as opposed to the fiction tells us that of all the measurable matter that is in the universe, Solid, Liquid and Gaseous make up just 0.01% or in other words not a lot and because they didn’t include the other 99.99% which is Plasma the fourth state of matter, the scientific minds of the time had to invent explanations to make their ideas work and this is where we get the notion that the universe is also made up from Dark Matter and Dark Energy.

The other mistake written into all equations but believed to be undeniably true is that the only force that built and is continually holding the universe together is gravity. These misconceptions govern all of conventional scientific thinking, from the Cosmos right down to the atom.

This was fine in Einstein’s day but now even though that we are in the era of space travel and knowing in detail about plasma, most modern scientists these days, still insist on ignoring observational evidence from our space probes, images from deep space and from lab experimentation and have carried on using mathematical speculation to fill in the massive gaps in their understanding.

Plus because they have carried on with the belief that gravity is god and that mathematical dark matter and energy that has never been seen or in anyway detected are the only considerations, they have continually ignored Plasma and the electromagnetic force as major contributing factors.

Even though the force of electromagnetism is 1,000 billion, billion, billion, billion times more powerful than gravity and plasma makes up nearly all of the measurable matter in the universe, main stream science still largely ignores their importance and only mentions them in passing.
Now we are going to look at our Sun, the life giver to our tiny speck of a planet in what is proving to be a very electrically active universe.

Traditional thinking but traditionally taught as fact, is built on the purely particle driven universe of nuclear physics, with our Sun shining because of an internal nuclear reaction which is churning away inside and causing heat to rise to the surface and then out into space.

The trouble with this idea though and which is still not explained to any satisfaction by conventional solar theory, is that the atmosphere above the surface which is called the Corona has been measured at millions of degrees Kelvin, whilst the surface of the Sun is measured at only 6000 degrees.

This means that the accepted theory says that the Sun because of the atmospheric temperature, has to produce heat inside the nuclear reaction to millions of degrees, before then cooling down to just 6000 degrees at the surface, before once again heating up to millions of degrees in the Corona and so, because the mechanics can’t be easily rationalised, it too like all the other anomalies in conventional theory, are consequently not discussed too much in polite scientific society.

Also when we look inside a Sun-spot which is a hole in the surface of our Sol we can observe that it is dark with no evidence of any nuclear reaction taking place. To overcome this, traditional science says that it is the intense magnetic fields that form around Sun-spots that are distorting our visual senses so badly, that it is stopping us from seeing the very bright light that must be there for their theory to stand up.

Plus no experimentation has ever shown that a magnetic field how ever strong and distorted can impede light from being viewed.

The real reason that they are dark is because there is no reaction going on inside, all the activity is happening on the surface. So why does the outside of the Sun shine if it not because of internal reaction?

It’s because of the massive electrical currents that emanate from the galactic centre and which fills the open space within the galaxy and in doing so ionises any gaseous matter around, and turning it into Plasma.

In all things nature likes to balance, whether its air masses that needs to equalise, with a high pressure mass rushing air into a low pressure area, or electricity giving an equalisation of charge between an anode and a cathode.

Electricity runs through circuits with a ‘there and back’ connectivity, and as the electricity moves up and down its circuit, it creates a magnetic field.

But because the two lines of current are moving forward in different directions to create the circuit they are magnetically attracted to each other, while at the same time being kept slightly apart, this makes the lines of current naturally run through each other as they go their separate ways.

 This double layering can be visualised as a coaxial cable.
We will see this magnetic repulsive attraction with some steel balls in the laboratory a little later.

When the electrical currents from the galactic centre meet any large amounts of ionised gas that runs through the arms of the galaxy, the magnetic field is intensified and the circuit is squeeze together causing a short circuit and it is this process that actually forms the Sun or as it is known in the laboratory , a Plasmoid. This squeezing together is called in Plasma Physics a Z-Pinch.
The highly focused pinching effect can be seen happening locally to a sun’s surface in the magnetic loops on the sun surface, as well as in the sun itself and the bigger inter stellar medium.
The independent researcher David LePoint demonstrates this focusing Z-Pinch to good effect in the laboratory by introducing into a vacuum chamber high voltage electricity in a gas cloud and within a shaped magnetic field and so, produces a high intensity glowing ball.

He also gives explanations as to why light shows properties of both particles and waves, as well as bending, slowing down and separating, when travelling through a prism.

His experiments show to good effect the well known idiom ‘As Above So Below’ from an electromagnetic perspective, as the same forces work at the atomic level as well as the galactic and beyond and as he says, “this will change the world”.
From 01:48 to 06:10
From 16:00 to 18:40
We live in an Electric Universe and the evidence is everywhere, which includes the other orbiting bodies going around our Sun.
In traditional nuclear theory, because they totally ignore any electrical involvement, most cosmologists would have us believe that a comet’s tail is produced because the comet is a ‘dirty snowball’ and it is melting internally as it nears the sun, causing internal pressure to build up which then forces water vapour and dust to burst through a tar like surface in jets.

If these were jets though then they would act as predictable propulsion on the comet and shift its attitude in flight but even under extremely close scrutiny, it is seen that this just doesn't happen.

To prove the traditional model was correct though, a space mission was launched by NASA to rendezvous with Comet Temple One in 2005, but contrary to proving that the traditional idea was correct, it left the scientists stumped and it in fact proved that comet tails were too electrical in nature and that the comets were subject to a change in voltage as they circum navigated the solar system and that it was the Sun’s electrical field that was now arcing on the comets surface and electrically machining them.

The resulting dust kicked up from the electrically machined surfaces of the comets and which form the tails, can then be magnified many, many times by the charge emanating from an electrical eruption on the Sun, causing the electrical field to become intensified and this is why we sometimes see a massive comet tail and sometimes somewhat smaller. It all depends on whether our Sol electrically erupts in the direction of the comet when it is travelling the inner solar system.

Another glaringly obvious feature of the tail is that it holds together over many thousands of miles in what is a relatively unchanging static state. The reason it does hold its shape is because the tail is held in place by the electromagnetic lines of charge that run through the solar system from the Sun.

But if this was just ice and dust being shot from the comet as traditional educated guess work suggests, the very fact that it is in the vacuum of space means that this couldn’t possibly happen because the tail would instantly loose its static structure as there is nothing there to make it hold its form for any length of time.

After first holding together as the jets leave the comet, they would quickly loose cohesion and start to bellow like the smoke shot from a volcano but this again is totally ignored by traditional thinking.
The NASA space craft that reached Comet Temple One in 2005 came in two parts with the main part at a distance to photograph the second part which was jettisoned to collide with the Comet.

Wal Thornhill predicted that because the comet was an eclectically charged body and the craft was made of metallic materials including copper which is a superb conductor of electricity, there would be an initial flash as there would be a discharge between the two just before the collision and this duly happened and was caught by the camera on the main part of the space craft.

It was also thought by NASA scientists, that because it was such a little probe and the comet was just a soft dirty snowball; they might not actually see much of an explosive impact but still get quite a deep whole as the tar like surface gave way under impact.

But because it is instead a lump of solid rock just like an asteroid, the resulting electrically explosive contact which hardly left any crater, completely swamped the on board camera with light and left a cloud of very fine debris making it impossible for the space probe's camera to see the aftermath of the collision, which was one of the main objects of the mission in the first place. 
From 35:51-39:35
Now we are going to turn our attention to some bigger objects that circle our sun including the biggest, Jupiter with its family of moons and in particular, Io.
Carrying on from there, we are going to look at some of the other bodies much nearer to home as well as further out in the solar system and once again in the first of these two videos I am picking out just a section but as with all of these excerpts, plus all the other videos that I haven’t touched on today, I strongly suggest a complete viewing in your own time.

Because of the seemingly clockwork nature of our solar system that we see today, most people will find it rather strange to consider that the planets within the solar system haven’t always been as they are now and have moved in their orbits about our Sun and have even passed close to the earth and in doing so, have exchanged absolutely massive electrical discharges between themselves and the earth but the evidence is actually saying this.

As we have seen from the planet hunting satellites that have been launched over recent years and which are designed to look for planetary bodies revolving around other distant stars, our solar system isn’t normal as the distant stars have their gas giants in close orbits, where as ours are in the outer reaches of our solar system.
From 01:40-03:46
And now to tie up and go over what we have learnt so far, we are going to watch the whole Thunderbolts Project Documentary- Thunderbolts of the Gods, which will put it all into perspective. This is where myth along with ancient rock carvings from all over the world meets modern day scientific observation, measurement and reason. 
Because of the implications of all of this and the proof that is now being continually collated on a daily basis, we are now looking very much like we are arriving at a unified field theory that works and without the unnecessary contorted mathematical gymnastics of the past.

As opposed to the traditional modal of our solar system which stays pretty much the same for billions of years, this new paradigm which includes planetary scaring caused by some planets changing their orbits, it can be difficult to visualise how this could possibly happen, especially when one is conditioned to accept conventional gravity based theory as being totally correct.

But with the electromagnetic force included the Solar System as well as how Atoms arrange themselves can be explained in the Laboratory. Even though this video clip does not show an exact representation of planetary migration, it does show the mechanics involved between difference spheres within a magnetic field.
From 19:30 to 23:22
And so now as we have reached the point where Dark Matter plus a whole host of other ideas that were based on early to mid twentieth century thinking can be seen in perspective, and so laid to rest.
And looking to the future, and as an example of how it might well pan out, I can imagine a time when developing chemical compounds for instance; in the future they will be designed by the electromagnetic interactions of the atoms in the molecules, rather than being formulated by traditional methods.

Even on a simple level, when developing an adhesive material, it might well be done by manipulating the electrical charge of the molecules in the different surfaces.

Or when treating a Cancer we might well be able to break the magnetic attraction that holds the molecules together that makes up the tumour, rather than by poisoning it with chemotherapy which of course affects and to a large extent the rest of the body.

Plus but going off at a bit of a tangent. As we are now reading from the same page as the rest of the universe as to how it works, we might well see the rest of the universe responding by in the years to come by wanting to look at the book of humanity with a bit more of an exoteric presence and finally and openly saying hello.






The Z-Pinch that formed the sun would have drawn in all available elements contained with in the ionized gas cloud that the electricity was passing through, be they Iron, gold or Oxygen etc and crushed them all together in the Plasma Z-Pinch.

The resulting Plasmoid (Sun) would then spit out smaller spheres which cooled to become the planets as the Sun needs to be in a purer form to conduct the electricity efficiently. The smaller heavier rocky elements would be going first to be blown out, with the gas giants being got rid of after as the sun further reduced itself to as a purer form. Then at some point planetary migration happened which was probably caused by a rouge planet passing through the solar system, which of course really shook up life on Earth.



‘NASA’ SHOULD STAND FOR ‘Nothing Acts as it Should Act’
Once again (as is nearly always the case) the scientists at NASA as well as generally in main stream cosmology are baffled by what is seen in deep space as well as closer to home.

We continually hear and read that they are baffled, surprised and make quotes like ‘we didn’t expect that one’ from them. This is because of their fixed mind set of ignoring all the masses of evidence that say that we live in an Electric Universe and not a purely particle driven nuclear/gravity one.
Their religious devotion to old worn out ideas is a bit of a joke among those who know that the universe is governed by the electromagnetic forces around us.

Their devotional love for their own funding and reputation is as to be expected but due to the enormity of error in the conventional model that is being vigorously taught as fact, surely means that because they don’t know Jackshite apart from what is mostly science fiction, surely they are not fit to be in a position to do more science at the moment. Surely they have proved that their reasoning ability (due to them being easily duped) is just too lacking.

The money should be instantly withdrawn and go elsewhere and be given to experimentation that has proved it case and so who’s ideas are worth pursuing and due to the way science is run at the moment especially those from outside of the box.
Part 12
Part 12
You must be true to the ideals of science and discover things through proper research rather than just trying to prove one own intelligence and imagination is undeniably superior. 

The problem is that governments are continually pumping billions into the defunked model when it is totally unnecessary and so are wasting Tax Payers Money. I find it really objectionable that people are being paid massive amounts of money on our behalf to look into worthless empty pits like Black Holes.
Part 12







A perpendicular Birkeland Current spins around itself and takes the surrounding galaxy that sits within its mid point of the Torus magnetic field along with it.
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