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Because humanity is now maturing out of its adolescence stage of development, the politics of events on earth cannot be separated from the politics of the intergalactic. This is because the decisions and actions that the power brokers that run the earth now make will show directly how they are likely to act when dealing with any intergalactic & interdimensional neighbours.

In the mine field of information and disinformation ‘The Multiverse’ endeavours to synthesise the many fields that make up our conscious perception of the universe., while at the same time, filtering out that which is fantasy as well as that which is deliberately put out to muddy of the waters of reality. The views and opinions offered by outside contributors & links are purely their own and are not necessarily those of ‘The Multiverse’.

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Electric Universe 2014 Conference
20th - 24th March
Marriott Pyramid North
Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA


Even though Solid Liquid and Gaseous types of matter make up just 0.01% of all matter in the universe, it is where life is as we know it is at and so is very important. As such it must be investigated to a high degree of detail in order to put some sort of handle on our understanding of reality.

But in this search, have we actually found that the ‘fine tuning’ is so precise in the Constants that govern the lives of sub atomic particles, that for life to able to have time to flourish on any given world, it is now well beyond the realms of chance.



After all the talk of last December 2012, is the world any different to how we once knew it. A lot of people naturally hoped that it would change over night and the old world would simply disappear and that we would now be in a completely new golden one but as we know things doesn’t often work quite like that.

In times to come I do actually think that our future selves and those that come after us will see this time period as a major turning point in humanities evolution even though it might be hard to see at the moment.

One of the promises of the new golden age is that conflicts would cease and a new bright future would be upon us but this has been hard to see this year. But taking a step back, if we look at how humanity dealt with differing ideologies of different nations in the past and what has transpired this year we might see that we have reached a way around the impasse that has locked us into a seemingly never ending time of toil and trouble.

After seemingly like we were about to head into another Middle Eastern conflict with the west ready to go all guns blazing into Syria we didn’t. In stead for the first time, UN negotiations and a lack of support from the western allies meant that we  have reached a point where the chemical weapons stockpile will be disposed of without blowing the country to bits.

Plus with the ‘Tipping Point’ conference that was held in January showing us that enough evidence had been compiled to overthrow the conventional ideas of science we can now move forward at a greatly increased speed towards a new tomorrow. Even though at this time the new revolution in our understanding of reality is still in its initial stages, this will accelerate now.

For my own part I have put together a talk with Thunderbolt Project clips which is being taken into academia in the UK with my first outing being within the month at Birkbeck, University of London and upto Oxford in the New Year.

After I have completed the first talk I will put up the transcript for the talk plus links for the talk in the following month’s edition of this blog.


Scientists are 95% certain that Climate Change it is all our fault (humanity as a collective) and so the collective must be held accountable and pay for it-
After years of activity on our Sol reflecting through the solar system, it is now going through a very sombre period when it should be at its solar-max in this cycle but with our decreasing magnetic shield a lot of energy is still getting through. With all the evidence that electrical changes are taking place throughout the Solar System with all the planets being affected, it seems that our Sun is going through some sort of change itself, either as part of it own cycle or because of what is going on at our galactic centre. This will be an interesting one to watch.


This is a good site to keep an eye on the sun-grazing comet as it makes it progress through the inner solar system, especially as after it passes around the sun as it will come very close to the earth.

This could be an interesting New Years Eve as it passes us, we just need a solar electrical eruption in the days before to make it a sight to remember. Astrologically speaking, there will be a Sun, Mercury, Pluto conjunction in Capricorn in Grand Square with Jupiter and the Earth conjunct ISON in Cancer, Mars in Libra and Uranus in Aries, so it really could be an interesting close encounter.



This blog is important to me but is only indirectly about my health, so fair warning about that. Prior to my diagnosis, I planned to work with John Jensen to publish a heavily illustrated eBook about his Ancient Canal Builders (ACB) research. Two of those illustrations are seen below, and I will explain each one within the text.

I’ve championed John’s work for nearly four years because I consider it some of the most important in the world today. His extensive and, to me, thoroughly compelling analysis of data suggests the ACB’s demise occurred around 7,000 years ago.

Because I could not help him create his eBook, he has now made a freeware web book available at www.ancientcanalbuilders.com. It covers the mind-boggling amount of research he’s done, graphically displayed in Google Earth images, so a Google Earth plugin is needed to review the site to best advantage.

If you have any interest in Ancient Civilizations, and would like to examine some of the most convincing and cutting-edge research I’m aware of anywhere in the world, then please review John's web book and let others know of its availability.

John convincingly argues that 7,000 years ago a monumental flood wiped out most traces of a highly advanced civilization spread all over the Earth, a civilization very likely as clever and sophisticated as our own. He bases his 7,000 year date using “Ocean Rise” during the last Meltwater Pulse, and he keeps his focus on an advanced culture existing along the Atlantic coast of the U.S. from Long Island Sound, around the Florida Keys, across the Mississippi Delta, and as far as 400 miles into Mexico.

The first illustration below is a Holocene Sea Level chart plotting sea level over the past 9,000 years. Note the Jamaica or “Caribbean Plain” sea level plot in light turquoise. Those plot readings are the closest to the U.S. Atlantic and Gulf coasts. The Jamaica plots show an average sea level increase of about 5’ 5” between 7,000 and 5,000 years before present (ybp). From that point forward, sea levels have been relatively stable, with less than 1’ increase in the past 5,000 years. (References on the site)

Sea levels are a valid dating mechanism when a non-natural harbor, canal, channel, feature, contour, or artifact can be found situated on a tidal shelf that establishes its date of construction to be when the area was above sea level. John has found dozens of each category, with the harbor seen above in the second photo (one of 33 located so far!) in Florida territorial waters about 2.2 miles out in open ocean. This submerged harbor, designated “H-1”, is perhaps the most important discovery of the entire Ancient Canal Builder site.

This harbor rests on a high tidal shoulder beside an egress channel. Ocean depth is estimated to be between 6’ to 15’ deep. Length of the harbor’s main body is about 10,000 feet. Based on harbors of similar size today, we can estimate the depth of the original cut harbor to be 35’ to 45’ deep.

John argues that the civilization responsible for this harbor, and most everything else you will see in his web book, was destroyed by a super-mega-tsunami cataclysm that would have left residue artifacts in stone, pottery, and possibly other unknown materials, preserved in the mud and silt at the bottom of all the harbors he chronicles. These can be recovered by a diving expedition going there to dig them up.

The super-mega-tsunami was caused by a little known but well-established event that did in fact occur 7,000 years ago: the Storegga underwater landslide that stretched for 600 miles along the coast of western Norway. This catastrophe sank or inundated the Dogger Banks, breached the Bosphorus Strait, birthed both Minnesota and Niagara Falls, created the Windover Bog mummies, and took out the Michigan Copper Miners and the builders of the Bimini Harbor Wall, among many others. Tsunami debris as high as 26’ is found on both the Atlantic and Pacific Rims dating to 7,000 ybp. This monumental catastrophe should be much better known than it is, and if you peruse John’s incredible work you will find out why.

The reason I’m explaining all this is that John is in poorer health than me, and he would very much like to find someone to take up the banner of his work to move it forward for the next three to five years. His effort to this point clearly proves there was a high civilization spread around the world a very long time ago, and John would like to place all of his research and data into the hands of someone who’d like to see it recognized as the history-altering discovery we know it will become.

An ideal person to bring this material forward would be someone with a keen ambition to be closely involved in field work aimed at identifying ancient civilizations. A diving certificate would be a plus, but that is easily attainable. Also, a working knowledge of how to make Youtube videos, Facebook posts, Twitter and other Social Media marketing would also be of genuine value. But most important would be having a passion for uncovering and establishing hidden truths of the Ancient Past.

If John’s work is sufficiently compelling to you, please contact him at john.m.jensen.jr@gmail.com. As for me, I want to offer my appreciation to anyone who has read through this message on behalf of a friend that I think is more than warranted. Like my own long years of work with the Starchild Skull, John’s work is also “history in the making.”

Lloyd Pye


Blog #25—England—More Ancient Aliens and Starchild News

In yesterday’s blog I didn’t include enough details about the filming of the “Ancient Aliens” episode I’ll appear in during their upcoming new season. The episode is about Starchildren (or Star Children), and it should play in the U.S. within several weeks. In it I talk exclusively about the Starchild Skull, and what makes it so special, highlighting the latest research that has been done with it.

That research is the ongoing DNA analysis our genetics team provides as money becomes available, which in three years has grown to be several hundred million base pairs out of the approximately 3 billion we expect the Starchild to have (Humans, Neanderthals, Denisovans, chimps, and gorillas, all hover around 3 billion). Those several hundred million base pairs indicate what the first 30,000 indicated, which is that a large percentage of the Starchild’s DNA will prove to be nonhuman, and also non-Earthly.

One problem will be figuring out how much of that “aberrant” DNA will belong to the Starchild itself, and how much belongs to the “bacteria of death” that will have consumed it when it died. We make the assumption that if the Starchild was indeed an alien, which is our working hypothesis until proven otherwise, then it must also have carried “alien” bacteria that would consume it upon its death. Thus far, as our genetics team has collected and analyzed those hundreds of millions of base pairs, that is what the results are telling us.

We can’t distinguish between the two types of base pairs yet (Starchild vs. bacteria), but that definitely can be done when enough money and expertise can be applied to solving the problem. It was done with Neanderthals and with Denisovans, so it can definitely be done with the Starchild. All we need is a person or persons who want to know the answer as badly as we do, and soon we’ll all be knee deep in high cotton. It’s just a matter of time before someone musters the cajones to help us.

Also, getting back to the show, you will be seeing me in the trough of dealing with my chemo doses, so if you know how I normally look, if you’ve met me or seen any of my videos, be aware that now I look like hell in a handbasket. My beard has mostly fallen out, as has my fringe of hair. Even close friends who’ve seen me say I look pretty bad, so be prepared for that. No point in trying to hide it. This is where I am right now at this point in my journey through the nightmare, and if I’m going to be honest about it from start to finish, which is my goal, this is simply a part of that process.

I leave tomorrow for the Klinik, and Monday is ultrasound day. I’m apprehensive, as anyone would be, but confident that no matter the result, I WILL beat it in the end. I’m not yet three months into this fight, and I’m learning everything I can about alternative ways of coping with it. Don’t worry. I’m not yet entirely sure of what it will require of me in terms of commitment and effort and time and money, but I’ve put in 14 years with the Starchild and I’m still fighting for it. I can fight that long for my life, and then some……I will fight it until they plant me.

Lloyd Pye
Braintree, England
September 21, 2013


The New Starchild Project
The Starchild Project has turned a corner, and is now an official company forging strongly ahead. The newest addition to our team of unpaid volunteers is Tampa-based Matthew Brownstein, the new COO of the Project, who was instrumental in the business formation. Welcome to the Team, Matthew, and to all of our supporters, stay tuned! We are regularly adding new and updated website content, and are working on new videos and interviews in to be posted soon to- http://www.starchildproject.com/


Mr. Crothers eloquently explains to a bunch of professors that it doesn’t matter what is said, you still can’t get past the fact that the Big Bang theory can’t exist with a Black Hole Universe.

Fwd: explosion from super-massive black hole at centre of galaxy

Professor Joss Bland-Hawthorn
Dr Ralph Sutherland

Dr Phil Maloney

Professor Martin Rees

Dear Sirs,

I write in response to the following University of Sydney online news
article in which you all get a mention:

*USYD – News: The dragon awakes - colossal explosion from supermassive
black hole at centre of galaxy revealed, **24 September 2013*


You talk of a supermassive black hole at Sgt A* that erupted some 2 million
years ago with a huge emission of radiation. Professor Bland-Hawthorn is
quoted in the article thus:

*“The realisation that these black holes can switch on and off within a
million years, which given the universe is 14 billion years old means very
rapidly, is a significant discovery.*

“*There are lots of stars and gas clouds that could fall onto the hot disk
around the black hole”.*

* *

Professor Rees is quoted in the article thus:

“*It's been long suspected that our Galactic Centre might have sporadically
flared up in the past. These observations are a highly suggestive smoking


“*Black holes, the most remarkable consequences of Einstein’s theory, are
not just theoretical constructs. There are huge numbers of them in our
Galaxy and in every other galaxy, each being the remnant of a star and
weighing several times as much as the Sun. There are much larger ones, too,
in the centers of galaxies. Near our own galactic center, stars are
orbiting ten times faster than their normal speeds within a galaxy.*”
*[Martin Rees,** *Our Cosmic Habitat* **(2001)]*

Upon what set of Einstein field equations and upon what solution thereto do
you all rely for the “*lots of stars and gas clouds that could fall onto
the hot disk around the black hole*” at “*our Galactic Centre*” in an
expanding big bang universe that is “*14 billion years old*”?

What type of black hole do you allege at Sgt A*? Is it rotating or not, is
it charged or not? The singularity of the alleged non-rotating black hole
is a mathematical point –it has no extension and hence no volume, but it
allegedly has mass (and infinite density). The singularity of the alleged
rotating black hole is the circumference of a circle; not a circle mind
you, only the circumference of a circle. It too has no volume, but
allegedly has mass (and infinite density).

“… *there must be a singularity of infinite density, within the black hole*.”

[Hawking, S. W., The Theory of Everything, The Origin and Fate of the
Universe, New Millennium Press, Beverly Hills, CA, (2002)]

I also draw your attention to the following.

*All alleged black hole universes:*

(1) are spatially infinite

(2) are eternal

(3) contain only one mass

(4) are not expanding

(5) are either asymptotically flat or asymptotically curved.

*The alleged big bang universes:*

(1) are spatially finite (one case) or spatially infinite (two cases)

(2) are of finite age

(3) contain radiation and many masses, including multiple black holes (some
of which are primordial)

(4) are expanding

(5) are not asymptotically anything.

The defining features of the black hole universe clearly contradict the
defining features of the big bang universes. Consequently the black hole
universe and the big bang universe are mutually exclusive – they cannot
coexist. No mathematics is required to see this because it is a matter of
elementary logic.

Hawking would have us believe that a black hole not only exists but
disappears by quantum-mechanical evaporation. If so then a black hole
universe transmutes into a non-black hole universe. What universe is that?
Hawking has no set of Einstein field equations for a universe containing
only Hawking radiation and hence no solution thereto. Moreover, Hawking
maintains that his Hawking radiation universe exists in black hole
universes because he alleges black holes all over the place, just as you
do, all in some expanding big bang universe (which big bang universe do you

The big bang has a very peculiar nature:

*“One crucial assumption underlies the standard hot big-bang model: that
the universe ‘began’ in a state of rapid expansion from a very nearly
homogeneous, isotropic condition of infinite (or near infinite) density and

[Misner, C. W., Thorne, K. S., Wheeler, J. A., Gravitation, W. H. Freeman
and Company, New York, (1970)]

Now I ask you* *gentlemen, how close to infinite must one get to be “*near

Now Einstein’s field equations are *nonlinear*. Consequently the Principle
of Superposition is invalid in General Relativity. One cannot therefore
superpose any alleged black hole universe upon any alleged big bang
universe or upon any other alleged black hole universe. Similarly one
cannot superpose any alleged big bang universe upon any alleged black hole
universe or upon any other alleged big bang universe. One cannot superpose
any matter and radiation upon any black hole universe or big bang universe
in order to get stars and galaxies and accretion discs and jets and planets
and multiple black holes, etc. To do so violates the mathematical structure
of General Relativity. Let *X* and *Y* be solutions to Einstein’s field
equations. It does not matter if *X *and *Y* are the same or different. Let
*a* and *b* be scalars. Then the linear combination *aX* + *bY* is not a
solution to Einstein’s field equations, because General Relativity is
nonlinear. To amplify further, let *X* be an alleged black hole solution to
Einstein’s field equations and let *Y* be an alleged big bang solution to
Einstein’s field equations. Then the linear combination (i.e.
superposition) *X* + *Y* is not a solution to Einstein’s field equations,
it is not a universe, because General Relativity is nonlinear. Indeed, in
this particular case *X* and *Y* relate to completely different sets of
Einstein’s field equations and so they bear no relation to one another

However, superposition is precisely how you have generated a big bang
universe with multiple black holes and stars and galaxies and radiation and
accretion discs, and “*stars and gas clouds that could fall onto the hot
disk around the black hole*”.

Professor Joss Bland-Hawthorn speaks in this Youtube presented interview:


Herein he talks of black hole escape velocity. On the one hand it is
claimed that the black hole has an escape velocity:

“*black hole** A region of spacetime from which the escape velocity exceeds
the velocity of light*”

[Dictionary of Geophysics, Astrophysics and Astronomy, 2001]

“*black hole** A massive object so dense that no light or any other
radiation can escape from it; its escape velocity exceeds the speed of light

[Collins Encyclopædia of the Universe, Harper Collins Publishers, London,

Yet on the other hand it is also claimed that nothing can even leave a
black hole.

*“I had already discussed with Roger Penrose the idea of defining a black
hole as a set of events from which it is not possible to escape to a large
distance. It means that the boundary of the black hole, the event horizon,
is formed by rays of light that just fail to get away from the black hole.
Instead, they stay forever hovering on the edge of the black hole.”*

[Hawking, S. W., The Theory of Everything, The Origin and Fate of the
Universe, New Millennium Press, Beverly Hills, CA, (2002)]

“*The problem we now consider is that of the gravitational collapse of a
body to a volume so small that a trapped surface forms around it; as we
have stated, from such a surface no light can emerge*.”

[Chandrasekhar, S., “The increasing role of general relativity in
astronomy”, *The Observatory*, 92, 168, (1972)]

Thus, the black hole is alleged to have an escape velocity and not to have
an escape velocity simultaneously, which is impossible.

Upon what set of Einstein field equations and upon what solution thereto do
you all rely for black hole escape velocity, bearing in mind that all
alleged black hole universes contain only one mass and escape velocity is a
two-body relation: one body escapes from another body, where there is no
restriction placed upon the finite magnitude of the mass of either body.

In his interview Professor Bland-Hawthorn presented cartoons for visual
impact and impression upon his audience and said that the alleged
supermassive black hole Sgt A* has been growing since the big bang universe
spawned the Universe. This black hole must therefore be a primordial black
hole, not formed by the ‘collapse’ of a star, and it has not only grown all
this time (14 billion years), it has not ‘evaporated’ into Hawking
radiation to transmute a black hole universe superposed upon many other
black hole universes and stellar universes all in turn superposed upon some
big bang universe, into some non-black hole, non-big bang universe for
which no Einstein field equations have been furnished, let alone a solution

Yours faithfully,

Stephen J. Crothers



With all the evidence that the space rock and dust that is floating around our solar system is coming from electrically machined nearby planets and moons, it must mean that the bacteria that came along with it, also then comes from the planetary bodies in our own solar system, even our own.


The space agency needs a reason to be and so any new project means spending a lot of money funding it, is finding out that its just circuits in an Electric Universe.