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Because humanity is now maturing out of its adolescence stage of development, the politics of events on earth cannot be separated from the politics of the intergalactic. This is because the decisions and actions that the power brokers that run the earth now make will show directly how they are likely to act when dealing with any intergalactic & interdimensional neighbours.

In the mine field of information and disinformation ‘The Multiverse’ endeavours to synthesise the many fields that make up our conscious perception of the universe., while at the same time, filtering out that which is fantasy as well as that which is deliberately put out to muddy of the waters of reality. The views and opinions offered by outside contributors & links are purely their own and are not necessarily those of ‘The Multiverse’.

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I have just lately just finished writing a ten minute introduction video script that explains the massive changes that are now acceleration in our understanding in how our reality works in regards to an Electric Universe.

Also in conjunction with the video which is to be hopefully only the first, I have also expanded this into a 2 hour talk which includes video clips from the Thunderbolts Project, this was done after a request by a university senior lecturer.

In conjunction with him, I was preparing to give this at an open discussion group at the university of London in October but because thing are progressing at pace, the first outing of this knowledge to the academic community has been suggested to be brought forward to the end of September and will be in Oxford.

As well as doing this I still have my normal day jobs to attend to and so once again my contribution to ‘The Multiverse’ is I’m afraid a tad sparse. So to beef it out a bit I am re publishing a science related piece from the archives. It is from January 2010 and you will find it below.

Although it isn’t on first reading directly related to an Electric Universe, it is now my belief that we cannot commune fully with our alien brethren until we are on the same page as to how our universe really works.


This month is once again the anniversary of one of the most horrific episodes in what is a cover up of one of the most appalling episodes of the 21st century. This day which heralded the start of our new millennium has forged our present now and will not be resigned to the airbrushing of our history by those who orchestrated it.

In the past those who have been in control of world events and conflicts and won the battles between nations and ideologies have had control over what is taught as fact but thanks to the www, this is no longer the case. We can all now see for ourselves with a simple click of our mouse the evidence and not what we are spoon fed to believe through the Main Stream Media.

You don’t necessarily have to think that God exists to know that evil is out there and is carried out by less than human entities; you just have to look and listen to the experts who have examined the evidence in minute detail and then use your own judgement as to how the events unfolded.

In the MSM those who broadcast the news, the presenters, are just speaking someone else’s words as they read the auto-cue and so, we can’t always detect when what they are saying isn’t correct or even being a deliberate lie. This makes it easier for us to believe what they are saying is gospel as we don’t subconsciously detect any falsehood from them.

When someone on the other hand who is directly involved is trying to pull the wool over our eyes, they will squirm and go into pointless detail to use up interview time when having to answering a difficult question but in doing so will add suspicion to their story.






Day #21 at Marinus—3 Weeks Finished, Final Report.

I know this blog is later than usual, but I had to wait for my last ultrasound of this initial three-week treatment period, which you see attached. As you will notice, my tumor is not dramatically smaller than it was a week ago, only .2 centimeters, from 5.5 to 5.3 and from 3.2 to 3.0. I had strongly hoped for better, but the reality is that we are now down to the original “golf ball” from which the “softball” sprung in the course of six months or so.

In other words, the “fluff” has been peeled away, and now we are down to the hard core of the tumor that was with me for two to three years before it generated enough momentum to start growing at the rate it was when we found it. As far as we can tell it still has not spread anywhere else, which remains the best news about it, but now we’re moving into the “dogfight” period with it, the time when we will determine if I get the upper hand on it, or it gets the upper hand on me.

The next step is to wait three weeks, until I come back here at the end of September for my week of follow-up treatment. I have been assured that the chemo will continue to work on it during this time, and if what it’s doing to me now is any indication, that is true. My hands still remain numb-ish, my injection bruises still heal at a glacial place, my beard and hair are starting to fall out (despite mine being “low-dose,” that’s how powerful the stuff is). I might not go slick-smooth, but I expect to look a bit mangy for a while, so if any of you see me looking like that, don’t be alarmed. It’s expected.

Speaking of chemo, I met a new guy here this morning, from Pennsylvania. He has several serious tumors and has been through 7 rounds of chemo in the States, which shrunk his tumors about 50%. He is here to improve that record, and to do it with a lot less discomfort. I wish him the very best.

Now Vivienne and I will leave here in a few hours, and I won’t be writing this blog with the regularity of before. I will report again at the end of this week, or so, after we settle back in at Belinda’s house and have something to report. The daily blogging will resume when I return here on Sept. 22nd and will go for the 7 days I’ll be here at the end of September.

They tell me to expect the tumor to shrink more in the next three weeks. I believe it will. However, I have to say that I had become used to the steady rapid reduction of it, so to “hit the wall” with that has taken a bit of wind out of my sails. How could it not? But I’ll rally soon enough, I always do, and I’ll be back with you in London for an update in early September, and then again when I return here.

Until then, it’s been one heck of a three weeks here, and the four before those were no cakewalk, either. Seven weeks of rollercoastering through fear and anguish, hope and trepidation…..and more fear…..always the fear being balanced by hope, and daily struggle against it, and determination.

It’s a very new lifestyle for me, as it is for anyone who stumbles onto this jagged path, and it takes quite a bit of getting used to. Thank you all for following me this far on my journey, and let’s try hard to arrive soon at the final point of it, wherever or whenever that might be, safe and sound together.

Lloyd Pye
Klinik Marinus
Brannenburg, Germany
August 26, 2013



There is much evidence that before the cataclysms of olden time civilization thrived and flourished around the world.








As we approached the end of the old decade, the galactic brethren made it known in no uncertain terms that change was at hand and the leaders of the scientific community was told reluctantly by their paymasters to start discussing the taboo subject that is ufology.

After their initial shock and delight at the massive increase in activity, the enthusiasts also answered the call and the shift in consciousness started flowing to reach the ocean of humanity.

In a desperate effort to slow the out pour, our beloved leader’s hands were forced into desperate measures. Certain individuals were now asked to enter a world that was totally alien to them and speak out in public against urology and so expose themselves. Whether they were high ranking officials in a UFO movement or simple debunkers on web sites, they had to try and halt the onslaught of this conscious thought.

Even though the powers that be had been warned, they chose to try and still keep the tide from overwhelming them (King Kanoot springs to mind) and so in the end not give the hierarchy of the scientific community much time to drip feed the public.

They thought that they would be able to string it along for some considerable time yet. How wrong they were.


For anyone who already has an open mind to alien influence, they might find this talk behind the times and be covering familiar ground and although the speaker tries to think outside of the box, he traps himself by automatically dismissing some possibilities in his desire to be original, think differently and presumably sell his book.

During the question and answer sessions at the end, one member of the audience asked the type of question that I and many people who read this blog would like to ask, but the speaker quickly pushed it to one side. This in my opinion is the best bit of the whole talk. Oh well at least it’s a start.