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Because humanity is now maturing out of its adolescence stage of development, the politics of events on earth cannot be separated from the politics of the intergalactic. This is because the decisions and actions that the power brokers that run the earth now make will show directly how they are likely to act when dealing with any intergalactic & interdimensional neighbours.
In the mine field of information and disinformation ‘The Multiverse’ endeavours to filter out that which is fantasy as well as that which is deliberately put out to muddy of the waters of reality. The views and opinions offered by outside contributors & links are purely their own and are not necessarily those of ‘The Multiverse’.

Just because ancient fossilised plant life might have been dropped to earth as part of a meteorite, this doesn't automatically mean that Cometary Panspermia is proven. It could equally mean that it proves that life just spontaneously erupts where ever the conditions allow in the 'Goldie Locks Zones' around any given sun.


Although I don’t think that the video maker has got it all right in all his speculations about us all burning up, I think that his assertion is certainly correct as to the sun being the cause as far as an electric universe goes. Plus I certainly go along with us a species being on hold for the odd 13,000 years so we can try again and move forward and upward.


After the Starchild Skull and all the extensive research that has already been carried out on it, we now have what looks like another type of entity that is not of this earth. But unlike having only the Skull of the Starchild, this specimen is complete but a lot smaller.


When Alfred Wegener first proposed continental drift the scientific community at the time decreed that he was an idiot (that’s the polite view of what some really thought of him). But just a few generations of scientific hierarchy later and they had to come to the same conclusion as Mr. Wegener and that was that it was their scientific forbears that were completely wrong.

Personally I am not totally convinced that Mr. Wegener was right in the first place but with the evidence to hand that he had, it was quite logical to think along the lines that he did rather than automatically follow scientific doctrine and so is held in very high esteem by myself.

I was told as a kid that the mid Atlantic Ridge was caused by the ocean beds of the earth pushing apart from the ridge causing subduction under the land masses of Africa and the Americas. To me it also looked like a massive crack, especially when there isn't one running down the middle of the Pacific Ocean with its highly volatile ‘Ring of Fire’.

I would have thought that a ‘Ring of Fire’ would be more likely to be running around the Atlantic Ocean where the earth is pushing apart from a Mid Atlantic Ridge.

 A cracked pavement.

As far as the earth is concerned I can’t see much more than a cracked ball with lava leaking through where the broken pieces meet and if this is so, then the oceans are actually getting bigger and expanding the planet?
Venus hasn't got Tectonic Plates and I think neither has Mars, although it has been confirmed as fact that it has got them. The Professor who said this though didn't know of our electric universe and plasma physics and so arrived at his decision purely based on photographs and fitting them into the accepted scientific tenet.

A cracked wall.

Around the middle of the Atlantic ridge and due west of the Gates of Gibraltar is a raised piece of ocean floor with just a few islands (the Azores) breaking the surface of the water.

A cracked Earth?

If you look on Google Maps satellite view you'll see that the raised formation even has a circular pattern, with the island of Sao Miguel on what looks like a crater rim. Are these islands all of what remains from that fabled and sunk Atlantis?

In the last edition (see below) we looked at the very compelling evidence that the Valles Marineris as well as other craters and land formations on the Planet Mars was caused by electrical discharges on a planetary scale. Massive bolts of electricity travelling through the type of matter known as Plasma. Plus that at the time of the Pyramid building, we once had a globe wide planetary power grid and that we used to tap this free energy source.

When talking in plasma terms we are taking about 99% of the matter in the universe and not in just the 1% of gaseous, liquid and solid. This means that heat, light and gravity etc are just by products of what is really going on with the 99%.

The movement of magnetic fields through the plasma makes the plasma move by pushing it along with it. This interaction shows itself as electricity and it is the different electro/magnetic fields interacting with each other that gives us space/time (the other types of matter).

This begs the question, was CERN really built just to find a by product or two? They may have to think of other things to do with it now.

So it’s not an Electric Universe really? Shouldn't it be more rightly known as a Magnetic Universe, a universe of polarities, Yin & Yang etc? As it’s the pull that runs between different magnetic poles that is making the electricity as it interacts with the free flowing particles in the Plasma.

Plasma is made up from normal atoms plus free floating electrons and protons which seemingly have no parent atom. And so as Mr.Stephen Smith correctly points out, Plasma should in fact be regarded as the first state of matter and not the fourth.

Just because water, solid and gaseous states were the first to be observed rationally and so understood and so fixing them in space/time, they only make up 1% of the universe and so I think it is quite correct to now see them in regards to a much bigger whole and so them a lot smaller.

With further evidence visible in real time that electric discharges travel across moons and planets scouring the surface, NASA scientists are now having trouble convincing anyone other than strict dogmatic disciples of the science religion that the disturbances they photographed are of liquid geezers. This is because the disturbances are not static but can be seen moving across the surface, the geezer theory is impossible.
Electricity it seems has been buzzing around our heads for all of our existence but at the moment we are going through a period of planetary stability and so it is a quiet time. The plasma flow is not that noticeable other than through thunder storms but this could change at any time as it seems to have done in the past.

With all the pyramid and obelisk type structures built out of quartz crystal rich blocks of rock that were suddenly constructed all around the world and at the same time, this strongly suggests that it wasn't a coincidence and that they were built by the few Atlantian descendants that survived the destruction of Atlantis because they were sailing the world at the time of the catastrophe.

For thousands of years following the fall of Atlantis it seems that the skies were quiet like they are today. But then it looks like the atmospheric conditions changed once again as more electrical discharges started to shoot through the heavens and so, allowing the Atlantian descendants to use their old knowledge to build new structures to capture it.

If the original Atlantis civilisation was attracting bolts to their land as a power source, did they attract and ground a bolt (or rather series of bolts) so big that it not only tore apart Atlantis but also, split open the ocean floor and further cracking the earth’s crust?

And could a series of bolts hitting all around the Arctic Circle have melted large sections of the ice sheet, bringing the Ice Age to an end rather abruptly?

If this was the case then there was already massive amounts of melt water being released into the world’s oceans, making them rise quickly and that’s even before the string of unimaginably big tsunamis that would came rushing out from a disappearing Atlantis.

Maybe this was their project in the first place, to make their world a bit warmer for themselves and then maybe, it all went terribly wrong?

It was also at this time that Gobekli Tepe was constructed and buried but rather than being buried by the builders, I think that it was covered by a series of tsunamis (the Great Flood). If this was the case then it gives us some idea of how large the Mediterranean Sea tidal waves must have been.
After the Atlantians descendants second attempted use of Thunderbolt Technology by way of pyramids and obelisks, why were they all suddenly abandoned? Was the later system built around the world as a connected whole, by way of an earth grid to try and spread the charge in the case of other big bolts?

But in spite of their calculations did another series of massive bolts fuse the new system? Which in turn blow off all the facings of the great pyramid and ripped through other structures around the world and so, causing humanity to once again return to a more primitive state?

The original fall of Atlantis was said to be about around the time of half way around the Mayan Calendar, some twelve to thirteen thousand years ago. This was the last time the earth’s axis was upright, although pointing to Vega rather than now and at this point in the cycle, towards Polaris.

If the Atlantians were trying to melt the Ice Age to make it warmer in the Atlantic Ocean and so make it more comfortable for themselves, maybe they didn't give too much consideration to those who were flooded along the coastal margins because of course it would weakening them in the process.

If this is so it would seem that they were far too aggressively selfish, meaning that there was going to be no help from ET. This Atlantian philosophy doesn't seem to have changed much even to this present day and I think that this is why we are where we are now, with the powers that be who run the world being kept at arms length from ET while ET chats with normal humans.

In the world of ET and alien abductions there are two distinct sides, those who like Steven Greer and Gerard Aartsen think that all ET’s are good while others are not so convinced and think there is a more sinister agenda going on.
When it comes to the very differing opinions Mr. Aartsen very much falls inline with the Greer camp. What seems to be noticeable is that both Aartsen and Greer are spiritually aware where as those in the other camp seem to be not.
As for myself being a naturally spiritual Pisces I have since a child always regarded the ET’s as friends but due to my research over the years, I then came to realise that some people relay stories that seem really frightening.
This has led me to think that either we will attract entities that are on a similar path to ourselves or that a lot of hypnoses is being used to give all ET’s a bad name. Of course it might well be mixture of the two which means that there are still entities that (like members of the human race) do not have our best interests at heart.
But as Gerard Aartsen says, in the early days of contact in the second half of the twentieth century it was all very friendly and only got nasty at a later time. Could this mean that those that run our world didn't like the nice ET’s message of peace and galactic understanding and so courted some bad ET’s or even through satanic ritual, extra dimensional entities that forwarded a more selfish and elitist mind set? A lot of people think so.
Both Aartsen and Greer look to India for their spiritual guidance. But even in the ancient texts from that part of the world, they told of Vimanas doing battle above the plain of Earth and so hints that they may not be all good and so at some point we might be forced to confront an impasse and then overcome it.

With what we know now about an electric universe, where does that leave Einstein and E=Mc2. He himself knew and said that his work needed to be expanded upon. This was because although his equations worked on a lot of levels, they got nowhere near fitting in with Quantum Mechanics which also undoubtedly works.

It seems though that the answer has been with us all the time and it’s a shame that Mr. Einstein didn't get a chance to sit down and chat with Nicola Tesla as he probably would have quickly realised that it was- Electricity = Mc2. I can only imagine though that they were actually being kept apart due to Tesla wanting to give away all the free power and those who had all the money wanting to carry on metering it and fleecing normal humans.

An Electric Universe is definitely one to watch for as our ancient ancestors it seems have known about for about 13 thousand years if not a lot longer, that's if we are to believe Plato and the evidence of our own eyes.

When a powerful electric discharge is made from one body to another it makes distinctive pits and lines of craters with some larger craters having terracing. Was the flooded main city of Atlantis built in one of these? It certainly goes with the design of the city as described by Plato.

Plus, was it because of this land mass attracting the bolts in the first place and that there was a willing alien watching near by who decided to help teach the local inhabitants how to tap and use this source of energy?


I have always found it rather blinkered, being bounded by an excepted set of norms that excludes anything that doesn't confirm to the agreed and accepted way of thinking. This doctrine is reinforced by decreeing that any heretic who dares to voice revolutionary ideas against tenet will be at the very least, highly ridiculed and then regarded beyond the pail in the work place.

This imprisoned state of mind tends to dissuade most people who have been through scientific indoctrination from following any line of research that is outside of accepted doctrine.

In order to become a member and acceptable within the group, a scientist must get others to look at their work in accepted journals (which means writing what is acceptable from the start). If you dare to theorise or even prove something outside of doctrine, then it simply will not be looked at and the individual set upon verbally. I don’t think Charles Darwin would be too impressed if he knew that his ideas were turned into a 21st century religion.

As we await the arrival of Comet ISON towards the end of the year it is interesting to look at how the celestial bodies that circle about the skies above our heads (and below our feet) are given a name. This particular comet was named by the Russian astronomers that located it and is very scientific, being named after the telescope that was used to discover the object, the International Scientific Optical Network.

In the past during the Age of Pisces with its Jupiter energy & Neptunian imagery working subconsciously, celestial objects were named after mythical gods and goddesses but now it is quite appropriate to call them something with the new energy of the scientific Age of Aquarius. In trying to get away from astrology and myth by calling it something scientific the scientists did in fact reaffirmed astrology, thanx for that.

It will be of interest to see if Comet ISON will live upto, not only its expected brilliant appearance but with a revealing Electric blue. It will get even more interesting if it is then followed by a red one.