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Because humanity is now maturing out of its adolescence stage of development, the politics of events on earth cannot be separated from the politics of the intergalactic. This is because the decisions and actions that the power brokers that run the earth now make will show directly how they are likely to act when dealing with any intergalactic & interdimensional neighbours.

In the mine field of information and disinformation ‘The Multiverse’ endeavours to filter out that which is fantasy as well as that which is deliberately put out to muddy of the waters of reality. The views and opinions offered by outside contributors & links are purely their own and are not necessarily those of ‘The Multiverse’.


Although I don’t think that the video maker has got it all right in all his speculations about us all burning up, I think that his assertion is certainly correct as to the sun being the cause as far as an electric universe goes. Plus I certainly go along with us a species being on hold for the odd 13,000 years so we can try again and move forward and upward.

Just because ancient fossilised plant life might have been dropped to earth as parts of a meteorite, this doesn't automatically mean that Cometary Panspermia is proven. It could equally mean that it proves that life just spontaneously erupts where ever the conditions allow in the 'Goldie Lock Zones'. Electricity is in every molecule of the universe, it just needs to spark the right environment.

"Many thanks to DISCLOSE TV for this Minor Snippet!!! The site is a brilliant early source for information on many levels of our reality."

We report the discovery for the first time of diatom frustules in a carbonaceous meteorite that fell in the North Central Province of Sri Lanka on 29 December 2012.  Contamination is excluded by the circumstance that the elemental abundances within the structures match closely with those of the surrounding matrix.   There is also evidence of structures morphologically similar to red rain cells that may have contributed to the episode of red rain that followed within days of the meteorite fall.  The new data  on  “fossil” diatoms provide strong evidence to support the theory of cometary panspermia."


Due to the way my life has shifted since March last year, you may now know that I haven’t been able to produce this publication on a weekly basis since September. At this time this will continue to be the case but I will however still endeavour to up date you as to latest developments that are going on around us when I can squeeze it in to my new life style schedule. It will not be as comprehensive as it was over the last few years but I hope still of use. 
Even though I haven’t been able to produce this publication regularly since Sept 2012, I have been amazed that the weekly viewing figures have only dropped by just over 15% over this time and I would like to thank everyone who still does like to view ‘The Multiverse’ ¦:¬)
This was the piece that I tagged onto the last autumn edition and was uploaded on the 20th Dec. and naturally leads us into the next little 26,000 year period.”-
21-12-2012 UPDATE

After the main stream media in the UK hi-jacked the ‘end of the world as we know it’ and turned it into the ‘end of the world’, they then of course scoffed that the world didn't end after all. This smoke screen was deliberately put up to turn everyone’s mind away from the real events that will adjust how we as a species view ourselves in relationship to ourselves as well as being in a bigger collective whole and so try and stop us as a species moving forward and upwards. Even this morning 14th Jan there was a scientist on BBC Radio 4 talking about the Maya saying that the world would end which of course the Maya didn't.

Unfortunately but not totally not surprisingly was the fact that most people fell for this well used and simple ruse that the main stream media has developed over the decades. By the subtle and not so subtle use of soft hypnosis through the main stream media, they turned it into a joke so it could be easily ridiculed. They deflected attention from the issues that are of real importance, like the total change of the Geo/Economic/Political System that we are heading towards and has now started.

Making most people think that it was all about one day in a 26,000 year period and that day was all about the total destruction of the world succeeded in making most people unknowledgeable regarding the battle for change that has been going on for some years and was now reaching its peak around this time. The future is here and now and those in charge are now somewhat apprehensive and fearful as how it is shaping up.

This is the type of story that the main stream media should have run if it wasn't totally ruled by the elite who want to keep the human race locked down-
Well we got there, ‘The End Of The World AS WE KNOW IT’ and now it’s time to look forward to the next 26,000 year period. So what do we know now we have reached the ending of the last period?

The Keshe Foundation tops the list in regards to world changes with it’s understanding of Plasma Physics. This is because the human race has been allowed to save itself without any direct interaction by outside forces other than through telepathic communication.

With the Keshe Foundation delivering their first Plasma Generators as well as all the other benefits right on cue, they have lead the rest in succeeding in their goals to give something of consciousness changing magnitude openly to the human race.

Not only does their research into interaction of magnetic fields give us exceptionally cheap energy, it also has medical benefits like the curing of ALS, Cancer, Multiple Sclerosis and many other diseases without the use of drugs with their many side affects.
It also can be used in the decontamination of Chemical and Nuclear leakages as well as CO2, NOX and SO2.

This is just the start of what will be a revolution in how our world will work in the future with deep space exploration in the development stage.
Then come our Galactic neighbours.

With the DNA testing of the Starchild Skull so far revealing that there is little doubt that it is alien the powers that be have pulled out all the stops to keep the general populace in the dark. They seem to have even commandeered Wikipedia in their attempts to keep the 'secret'.

Also we have to look forward to the release of ‘SIRIUS’ the documentary film headed by Dr. Steven Greer.

The setting up of the 'Citizen Hearing' by the Paradigm Research Group who has been for year’s continually putting pressure on the U.S administration to disclose that an alien presence has engaging the human race for thousands of years.



Don’t you find it strange that although everyone knows of the force of magnetism, it has never featured in scientists equations for how the world of the very big works (E=Mc2 etc). Even though Einstein himself was never satisfied with it not fitting at all with Quantum Mechanics, it is known by science to be the only truth and as such has been taught by our educational establishments to be so.

Keeping the fallacy of purely particle physics alive has meant that everyone has been convinced that a speed of light barrier can’t be crossed and so, making most people think that even if there are aliens out there, we couldn't possibly meet them.

Due to just 3% of the world owning 87% of the world’s resources- cash, oil, pharmaceuticals, weapon production and all the rest, they have had it in their own self and greedy interest to keep the status quo. As far as they are concerned, those pesky peace loving aliens seemed too much like socialists with their ideals of equality and so were always going to be treated as the enemy.

Now that the Keshe Foundation has started to produce and deliver their Plasma Generators and other Plasma technologies, the world is about to learn that it is not as we once were convinced to believe. Believe? Yes science has a hierarchy with its loyal devotees and is full of doctrine and as such, just another religion.

Even in this modern age when we are supposed to be somewhat enlightened, there are still some rather silly disciples of the science religion who wishes for all the heretics to removed from the human race so they can move on. Mmm nice.

But as a group they are directly responsible for more mass slaughter than all the other religions put together due to them inventing all the bombs and bullets that has killed everyone. Yes science undoubtedly have done good and especially people like the Keshe Foundation but as a group the vast majority of them work in the arms industry designing more ingenious ways of culling the human race.

Unlike in the past when humans unexpectedly died after inventing devices that proved that there was another way to power the planet without fleecing the populace through metering their consumption of energy, it hasn't stopped more enlightened individuals continuing in their endeavours to bring in a New Age.

So here we are at the beginning of our new understanding of how our Universe works and it is electric, literally and once the electric equations are built into our understanding a whole new vista of science opens up to us.

As we explore further into the realms of Plasma Physics we can see with our own eyes that the old modal is as dead as the Dodo.


The most uncomfortable aspect of this realisation as far as main stream science goes is that their understanding of the planetary motion of the past is wrong. Trying to get into their heads that electric magnetism should be included in our understanding of our reality is bad enough but the evidence that our planetary neighbours where not always in the same orbit as they are now is just too mind blowing for most of them to believe. This is of course rather strange in itself as a lot of what is regarded as truth is built on a religious like belief system anyway.

Plus it will take away their income and that will mean that a lot of their past and present research is useless.  So I must ask at this time, is CERN nothing more than a massive and very expensive White Elephant?

Maggie Thatcher when she was Prime Minister decided that industries like coal and manufacture were surplus to requirements and so put them on the dole without much consideration, should we now do the same with the warmongering scientists (of course not the good ones), politicians and industrialists who can’t see past their own pay packets and self interest?

As the evidence is shown to us by good and decent scientists that earth’s history is not as it is taught as fact, some very senior people will have to answer some very for them difficult questions. Like why was evidence falsified to keep us from knowing the truth?

This part 1 of 'Symbols of An Alien Sky'  which like Part 2 goes into more detail of Stephen Smith’s discussion just above.

It has been speculated in the past that all of the thousands of pyramids and obelisks that have been built on all continents around the world were linked together via an earth grid and through the atmosphere (as proved possible by Nikola Tesla) and it gave us a power system because of the high quartz content out of which they were made. Then at some point this power source failed causing humanity to slump into a dark age.

But in stead, was this energy not being derived from the ground but from the other planets when they were in closer proximity to the earth and that the structures were actually grounding the energy from them and then when our planetary neighbours moved into different orbits, this caused the power to shut off?

As we have seen all the equations work with an Electric Universe which connects everything in our known universe. It's as if we are all individual brain cells connected together by electricity in a massive brain like figure...