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August/September 2017

The reason this blog is called 'The Multiverse' is not because the author believes in various versions of himself in different universes, unlike some in scientism whose egos seem to be so big that one universe is enough.

But instead, it tries to highlight the Multitude of Verse that makes up our single book of reality. But now you are here, please have a look and click around as you explore a universe based on an electricity and which is taken from the very real worlds of Plasma Physics, Electrical Engineering & of course, mixed in with plenty of Common Sense. This is Real Science.

(because the mainstream is very suspect)


If you are new to this ginormous paradigm shift that is now happening in our scientific understanding of how the universe works, then the 'Thunderbolts of the Gods' video just below is the best place to start. It was released onto the YouTube platform in December 2012 and so the great unveiling was not what most people expected.

Since then we have advanced by absolutely massive leaps and bounds to where are already getting what looks like fusion. With only 1,800 Watts DC, we have already after just a short time of the power going in, getting output spikes of upto and over 10 million Watts, with this being achieved over two years ago by the SAFIRE Project. It is a privately funded piece of experimental science that is designed to test  the Electric Sun Model and so, the Electric Universe in general.

But to start with, watching the documentaries The Thunderbolts of the Gods and Wal Thornhill's John Chappell Memorial Lecture (just below) as these are the best places to start to understand this completely different and correct way of understanding the universe and our place in it.

Join the hundreds of thousands of ordinary people, students and academics alike and see the future (even if at first you didn't like the idea of it), because thanks to true understanding of electricity in our lives and the universe in general, the future is happening now. 

It's really not worth clinging to a mistake, even if you did invest shed loads of time, money and effort learning it. Sorry but you are just gonna have got to get over it, if it's wrong, it's wrong.

In Hindi the word apocalypse means revelation- 'radio (wave lengths of the Electromagnetic Spectrum), sense and lightning'. How very appropriate.




Click HERE  for details of this year's conference EU2017 it is in August this year. You can be there either in person, or see it just after the event via the www.

"With the growth of the EU community, we’ve looked for ways to bring down the cost of our conference broadcasts and reach a much larger audience. So this year and for the first time, we’re particularly pleased to offer a rebroadcast of the entire conference at a markedly reduced price of $29USD. All beginning September 7th."



While the SAFIRE Project and the Electric Universe in general is certainly a game changer, some caution is needed as to what is said in the public domain and when. In private though we don't need to be so guarded. 

A few of us early birds at last year conference used to have our coffee and croissants outside the coffee shop in the early morning sunshine well before most people's alarms had even gone off and we had some very interesting chats. Unfortunately though I will not be able to make it this year and carry on with such discussions but I will certainly be there in spirit.

Monty's update, now SAFIRE's experimental phase of the full blown experiment is underway, this is much anticipated by all those going as well as those who can't make it in person and I am really disappointed that I will miss it and so must wait until the re-broadcast in early September as well as being told by my other friends who will get there in person. But we can't have everything we desire, unless of course you are one of those naturally lucky people.

Monty, the leader of the SAFIRE team was included in the number of early birds and I would love to have gone over what we talked about in more detail during the last year (SAFIRE and other science stuff from an EU perspective), but knowing the sensitive nature of it all and that there is always people from outside agencies that there looking in on what we do and say, I have always erred on the side of caution and so until I hear one of the team chat about it openly on a video etc first I stay rather prudent.

One big question that is asked of me when telling of the project, is whether this means free energy will be with us any time soon.

Even though the numbers are unbelievably impressive and with only 1,800 Watts DC going in, we straight away got ejection spikes of upto and over 10,000,000 Watts coming out, it still needs to proven and fully understood as to what is exactly going on and this is one of things the full on SAFIRE Project will now tell us.

This has been a few years in the making after having been designed and built from scratch with over 40,000 individual components. But now and since January this year when it was ready to get under way and so turned on to its full potential, we now eagerly await the early results of what has been found out so far. 

One of these thing is that we are now looking to see is whether the atomic mass of three that has already been produced by our little electric sun was something like deuterium (a heavy hydrogen) or as we hope and strongly suspect, actually Helium 3.

If this is the case, then fusion will have been proved and in doing so, proved that (a), this is the correct model of the sun and so making the universe in general an electric one and (b), showing that we have found the way to create fusion very easily and by simply flicking a switch and turning SAFIRE on.

Another speaker at this years conference is Peter Mungo Jupp, who has a special interest in electrochemical fossilisation. When we think about the accepted guesswork that fossils form over millions of years, it is rather ludicrous really, as I have pointed out in my live talks over the years-

"...In the past it was always thought strange by some that fossils such as fish should be found at all, due to them normally being quickly eaten by other creatures very soon after death [and certainly not before it].

Plus of course that because they should float to the surface after the creatures demise due to internal gases forming, scientism's guesswork have them instead, sinking to the bottom of the sea where they lay for millions of years, without any of their body parts decaying or being disturbed by the moving tides or even being devoured by sea floor dwelling scavengers.

Equally why after sectioning  Ammonite fossils from the south coast of England, did they still have all their internal organs perfectly preserved as stone and in such minute detail. Soft tissue just couldn't survive intact in such a drawn out process even over months, let alone hundreds of millions of years.

Something was clearly wrong with this bit of guesswork too, but because the physical evidence didn't fit with the tenet and doctrine of the 'standard model', it was simply swept under the carpet and not talked about.

But then an incident happened in Alberta, Canada that clinched the deal and proved that electricity could accomplish instant fossilisation of carbon as suspected by some. 

A high tension power line had come down and landed on some tree stumps and turned them to stone very quickly.

Eric Milton after the event described his examination of the petrified trees and reported that after the trees was cut down to accommodate the right of way for a new power transmission line, an accidental break allowed the live high-voltage wire to contact several tree stumps still in the ground. The power was cut off within hours of the break but all of the tree roots which had contacted the broken wire were fossilised.

They were pure clear silica inside and was coated with a rougher opaque crust of partially fused sand. The trees, whose stumps was now petrified were alive just five years before.

So what had happened was that the electromagnetism from the high voltage electrical power line had drawn the surrounding and now liquefied sand, into the carbon of the trees at the atomic level and when the power was cut off, the trees cooled down to leave them instantly fossilised.

So this backed up Dr. Gentry's finding that there was a process that produced rock very quickly, rather than over millions of years as guessed by scientism..."

Parts 1, 2



Obviously most early readers of this blog and the members of the facebook group that I set up were upto recently mainly from the Weston World, but now as the Electric Universe becomes more widely known about and accepted, we are getting an influx of interested people from all over the planet.

Real Science as represented by the Electric Universe community is about a universal search for truth in how our universe functions, from the atom and all the way upto galaxies and beyond and so is not exclusive as described by physical country boarders, colour or beliefs.

So I would like on behalf of the community to welcome you all aboard on this voyage of discovery into a second Copernican Revolution which is returning science to the original scientific endeavour which got us going in the first place and before being side tracked by some really silly and often plain stupid guesswork that was forwarded for mainly financial and political reason during the twentieth century.




Due to its combination of first coming across as just a tail for children, and then finding a much more adult content, ‘The ‘Steampunk-electric Puppy’ is a bit of an unexpected book. Straight away though it intrigued me as the juxtaposition it offers actually sits very easily on the page and invites you to explore further into the world of an automated puppy and the effect it can have on people and indeed the world it inhabits.

As you quickly progress through the pages you are frequently reminded that this is a mix between being written with a youth growing up in mind and a government that fuels a life full of frustrations, as they also get thrown into the mix. By delving into this uncomplicated tale it will give you loads to think about as you will get taken on the most weird of journeys in the normal life of a girl growing up at some points in the future and where the strange elements come together, but in the world for an adult audience.  As we advance further into the book we start to see where this is leading as the spirits of ancient Egyptian cat gods and their followers, engage in the story.

In the book following ‘The Steampunk-Electric Puppy’, 'Songs and Stories from Electric Mars', the main character from the first book is then taken further as she ventures off world after being invited to do so by an android. It is a much much larger volume and is a collection of separate but intertwined short stories and re-worded lyrics to known songs and is certainly a shift from the norm as far as an everyday sci-fi novel is concerned.

Although it's science is based on our new electrical understanding of how our universe works and which is proving to be a sound model, as opposed to the 'standard model' which is a collection of guesses that has failed miserably over the decades, the author also includes some aspects that are not as yet openly recognised by the Electric Universe community.

This doesn't though detract from the stories and shows that the imagination of the author goes out into realms that allows for a divergence of thinking and is at least a great introduction to the Electric Universe understanding of how our reality works.

So if you are looking for something new and away from the ordinary then these two offerings from the author might well be for you. They not at all hard to read but are different as they combine the very real scientific explanations of our universe operates with varying aspects of spiritual thought and possibilities and how they might come together in the future.



I was listening to different members of the Main Stream Media the other week on the radio trying to explain why they continually get it wrong with their predictions. They even had the ghoul (intentional spelling) to say that even though bloggers were alright and had their place and had an effect on public thinking, it was still 'real journalism' that was really important. With this being even though they continually get it wrong. 

We can only ponder what sort of massively enormous egos drive this way of thinking, when it continually proved by reality that they haven't got a clue what is going on?

Even though it has been with us now for quite a while, they didn't even seem to know about social media or what it was as a communication tool as used by normal people and the effect that is having in exposing their bad guesswork and that it simply showed they haven't got a clue what is going on out side their own self serving little bubbles.

First we had Brexit, then Trump and then the latest General Election in the UK, where the totally un-electable Jememy Corbin (in the Main Stream Media's eyes) very nearly got to head a coalition government as the country gave the elitist and totally arrogant Tory party a right good thrashing.

Then just after the election a totally unbelievable and chilling fire took place in a high rise block of flats. I drove past what remained of the many dwellings of normal everyday folk just a couple of days later and even though I had seen the footage and photos of the devastating fire, seeing it in reality left totally stunned and shocked at the now blackened tombstone and especially knowing that about hundred burnt up dead people were still inside waiting to be recovered.

There was nowhere for the the poor souls to go who were inside as the stairwell was totally full of suffocating smoke and the fire spread around the outside of the building due to having combustible cladding fitted to outside of recently refurbished block.

There was even a report that someone tried in desperation to make a parachute out of black bin liners, before jumping to their inevitable death. Such was the utter desperate situation they found themselves in.

In an attempt to get a reaction to local residents to this unbelievable tragedy in West London just after the election, a member of the public gave his reaction.

The problem with the MSM is that they are always very selective with what and how they say things. They like to come across as having the best intentions and telling the general public what is of interest and is fact.

But who are they to say what we should and shouldn't know, especially when there is compelling evidence that there is compelling alternative explanations to what is simply believed to be true but portrayed as fact. Like Cobyn having absolutely no chance in the General Election and that their their mates in the Tory party would undoubtedly get a landslide victory.

Now after continually slagging off Corbyn for favouring a peace deal in Northern Ireland and so talking with those affiliated with republican terrorists, Sinn Fein, the MSM are being not surprisingly rather quiet to the fact that the Tories because they didn't get an overall majority are now although mentioning them in passing failing to say that they had to join forces with those accused of being affiliated to terrorists from the other side of the religious  divide in Northern Ireland, the Democratic Unionists.


If you have looked at the left side bar of this blog and clicked through to the Starchild Skull website and watched the video presentation by Lloyd Pye RIP, plus also reviewed the rest of the information supplied, like the importance of finding a fragment of the FOXP2 gene, you might well be questioning whether aliens have indeed visited the earth and have been looking at the human race with some interest and for some considerable amount of time.

As we as a world go through some extraordinary times in the history of the human race and as a world as a whole, we are once again having to get accustomed to shocks (and quite often electrical). But the biggest and some would say ultimate shock to date would be, ET openly saying hello and of course the Main Stream Media saying nothing of such findings.

If our history is anything to go by, we and the rest of the planet have had to indure some real end of the world senarios in the past, so hopefully the ability to withstand shock should be there somewhere in our DNA.

 Other shocks include, accepting that we are going into a Grand Solar Minimum with the start of this increasing in intensity over the last year. Especially since last summer, we have had some really Extreme Weather around the globe with floods, massive hail and snow events, as well as big droughts. There has been record hots as well as record colds and so as predicted by yours truly as well as others Weather Extremes is leading us into a very changing climate.


A recap of year 1. I decided that my watch year would start at Solstice June 2016. This I thought would be the ideal point in the year, as the last El Nino year was coming to an end and so I knew things would be really noticeable with the weather after that point.

So when the Northern Hemisphere's winter started two months early in October, it was of no surprise to me and was expected. In the Electric Universe community we had all been keeping at least one eye on it for a number of years, so we were well aware of the fact that we were entering another Grand Solar Minimum and it was going to get, somewhat chilly with weather extremes being the norm.

It was just the questions then of how bad and for how long? Looking at the roughly two hundred year cycles of the Maunder Minimum and the Dalton Minimum , we are obviously hoping it is going the latter, but as yet we will have to wait and see.

So at the end of the first watch year, it was as predicted now been confirmed. So we can now expect more of in the short term, weather extremes with hot and cold, floods drought and massive amounts of H2O dissolving into the atmosphere before it condensing out of the atmosphere and dropping on us in its different matter states. In the long term, things will get uncomfortable and especially as our lovely governments do little to address the situation.

In 2016 we really started to see an increase in extremes with monster hail storms dropping head cracking lumps of the solid matter state.

This year it not only carried on the same, it intensified. In the Southern Hemisphere the solstice is during their winter, so would we at the end of the first watch year, now see the signs of the colder conditions there too?

As anyone who has read my Document 'Weather & Climate Mechanics' (also mirrored here in past editions) in the 'Files' section of the Facebook group I set up (see right side bar for link) I see the change of the H2O molecule through it's different matter state as a major factor in driving our weather.

Wether in plain political reporting, the weather or inded tragic events, the world and our understanding of it has changed massively and in just five short years since December 2012.

Due to the MSM being upto recently always at the top of the communication tree, their massive opinions of themselves just haven't allowed them to grasp where a large percentage of the population got their information now, from each other as well as outside of the MSM sources.

They really don't get what social media is (although they are getting to know now) and even if they don't like to openly admit it, their highly selective information output is by their own hand putting themselves to the sword.



It is no wonder these days that people have learnt to take what the MSM say, whether in normal news casting or in specialised fields like science, with a very large pinch of salt (an excellent conductor of electricity). People have learnt that these type of official organisations are just mouth pieces for their pay master's self serving agendas.

For instance, even though 'Scientism @ Nasa' is now reporting the eleven year sun cycle with the sun going through a quiet phase in this cycle, they are still failing to report in their commentary that it is a Grand Solar Minimum with an ever decreasing number of sunspots over successive cycles and which is the important bit and so leading to a general cooling now.

They of course also fail to mention that there is only one thing that makes magnetism and that is electricity and that it is the variability in electrical flow that produces these pulses in the sun's electrical output and so, also it's magnetic output.

Where as once people could only rely on the Main Stream Media for their information, the www has opened up the news broadcasting medium to independent researchers whose agenda is just looking for the truth and so giving the normal public a wider field of thought and investigation.

So as far as the MSM is now concerned the word dinosaur quickly comes to mind, as it was electrical plasma events that killed the original ones of as well and not bad guesswork and secret agendas. 

But if ET is out there looking in and watching all this go on, then why haven't they said hello openly before now. But would you after being repeatedly attacked over the years? Plus there is a code of ethics that says that a planets species must to large degree chart their own course and destiny as they navigate the intergalactic electrical currents of change, with only limited help and guidance being able to be offered. 



Parts 123

<<< Dave, Susan & Wal at last year's conference




As we know for a real scientific fact, electricity has pulses and so cycles and there is a measured cycle of the sunspots and we are once again entering a down turn in this particular cycle, it's called the Grand Solar Minimum.

Surely you need to have discovered the higgs field as well as the particle, before claiming what is at the moment and can only be classed as atom debris, as being proof of its existence. Especially because the data only gives an about figure, " the mass region around 126 GeV...". So I plus a whole heap of of others would have to disagree that this is any type of proof that the higgs particle exists, but does however prove that massive and undeserved funding can be made from continually spinning out more old rope.

I find it strange that the claimed proof by cern came just after the proof that the first proof they claimed some years earlier was in a fact, just wishful thinking and a misdirection of facts (also known as lying). So the words fudging and fraud quickly comes to mind when ever anything is claimed by those with billions to play with to do their experimenting with and using the failed 'standard model' as a basis to do it with.


When we in the Electric Universe community say that most all of science guesswork is wrong, this also includes Darwin. Like so much in science, Natural Selection was decided to be correct by simply a show of hands, rather than actual scientific facts.





In order to hold onto a crumbling 'standard model', the devotees of scientism are now  having to try all sorts of slight of hand methods to keep their dream alive. Due to gravity (like all the other so called constants) not being constant and to take the heat off the big G word, the also much quoted and now their main word of misdirection, magnetism. 

This tactic though is of course straight away under electrical stress as there is only one thing that makes magnetism and that is electricity. So rather giving them a bit of stabilising balustrade to hold onto, they are grasping at live wires as more and more normal people wake up and get to to know this.

When talking about their unfounded speculations and decades old discoveries that they rediscovered, magnetism rather than from gravity will be the word of choice.

This will make things uncomfortable for them as by constantly banging on about gravity they could keep away from the word electricity.

As the electromagnetic effect became more and more apparent since our modern astronomically active space race started to show us the wonders of the universe, the pseudo religion had to try and avoid electricity at all costs because it proved their 'standard model' guesswork to be completely wrong and so made just the magnetism side important. can't be avoided, the pseudo religion has since the space age.

It's really pitiful, but because of their ignorance of plasma physics, they only partially know what they looking at. An Aurora yes, Borealis no, that is around the north pole and not the equator.




Black-Holes are contrived from exceptionally bad imaginations. Creativity comes from the person and not the medium they use. AS it has always been said in photography, the camera doesn't make a good picture, it's the person behind it that does.

Maths is just a language and like any language it can be used to describe fact as well as fiction and in the case of black-holes, dark-matter etc and which is speculated from theoretical physics, the maths is so incredibly poor that it beggars belief.

Unless of course it is being used to just secure massive amounts of funding to lines one's own pockets. So should people who propagate the continued belief in what is obviously rubbish, be held up on charges of fraud, or just be sacked?



But what is the production method of the energy that makes them run?
It is often argued that, what is the good of EVs or other modes of transport if the electricity they use is produced by dirty methods like burning coal and oil. Well in the UK at least there is now a power supplier company who only supplies green energy, so things here at least are changing.

We will eventually completely get away from dirty energy production all round, but until then this company in the UK is at least doing their bit to make this happen now.

So if you are thinking of going electric as far as your next mode of personal transport is concerned but don't like the idea of dirty electricity powering it, then this might be your solution.


After selling their shares in Tesla Cars, Toyota started looking nearer to home for somewhere to put some of their investments. From concept to working models, SkyDrive will in 2018 have a manned prototype being tested.