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After a relatively quite time lately on the sun it seems to have woken up some what. Following on from the one yesterday I think this one today might get to us rather quick due to the charged blast from yesterday.


This one is a CME and due to hit on Friday the 12th and is likely to be much more notable than last weeks filament ejection. 


Latest prediction is that it will now hit today the 5th and ahead of the original predictions and will be a bit of a whack to our Ionosphere/Earth system. Due to the already charged environment between the sun and the earth from the previous small ejections that already have hit this last week.

The only way to increase the speed of charged particles is to put them in an electric field and so once again this latest ejection in this week's series of ejections shows that we live in an Electric Universe. This is the way particle accelerators like CERN get particles to accelerate to near light speed.


The Filament plus other small Eruptions from the sun didn't disappoint as they hit our earth/ionosphere system with a partially formed hexagon figuring at the end of the last month. There was various geometric formations seen in the atmosphere.

 Although this solar blast wasn't that big we can still see the effect it has on our weather as the system adjusts to the increase in charge.

Normally the area of the Antarctic is brown in this moisture map because not much water is being lifted from the surface of this part of the globe. But for the short time during the day when I grabbed this image, it shows high water content present and being sucked up into the atmosphere with blue being moist to wet and cyan being wet to very wet.

This shows that an increase in charge can even lift vast amounts of water from a frozen South Pole and that it can change matter states very quickly from solid and into a gas and shows why boiling water freezes quicker than cold water, it’s a change in electrical potential.

So knowing that we live in a totally electrical environment, how will an artificially metal rich compound being sprayed into the dielectric between the ionosphere and earth affect us now and in the future?


So in times of any solar activity getting through a weakening magnetic field and where earth and water are in close proximity (includes heavily rain saturated) and where there has been heavy chemtrail activity, I expect an increase in the grounding of charge.

So watch out for any hexagonal or square shaped sinkholes denoting an electrical character, plus whether they are centered around or between some sort of object/s and also maybe, accompanied by some really strange noises.

The increase in sky spraying and the increase in sink holes and strange noises do seem to be going hand in hand, so maybe some old biblical text might be able to shed light our (electric) current situation. With an open mind all must be considered, even if we might think not literally true or have the right interpretation.

Also a good place to look for an increase in electromagnetic activity is both in the landscape as well as the consciousness of man is along the major cracks in the earth crust (otherwise known as plate boundaries).

“magnetic vortices with electric sense”

Hexagons by the Dead Sea

The Ionosphere/Earth System works like a capacitor with the atmosphere being the dielectric (insulating medium) between the two poles of North (ionosphere) and South (earth). The dielectric doesn’t stop the charge, it greatly slows it down and collects it and so it is always fully charged. And when a particular bit of atmosphere gets a bit over charged, we get a concentrated discharge forcing its way to ground through the confining magnetic fields generated by the electricity. This is seen in arc mode when there is high charge through lightning and through tornadoes/waterspouts when there is less charge but the confining vortex caused by the magnetic field is the same.

So if we put tons and tons and tons of metal particulates into the dielectric (atmosphere), then the electricity will not only be drawn to that mass of particulates, it will being metal, give paths for the collections of charge to move down.

As we have seen before, atmospheric discharge likes to ground through water. So the proximity of H2O as well as the holes being hexagonal will be tell tale signs of any Invisible (dark) Mode discharge. A bigger version of an electrical hexagon is of course the North Pole of Saturn.


When viewed purely from separated down & up currents, it is only the down current at the top that stops this forming into an elongated hexagon. The charge is strong in the earth/ionosphere circuit as both directions of traveling charge wants to both hold itself at bay from its kin, more charge (+) and be attracted to the lesser charge (-), where it condenses water vapor into clouds.


The vortex is an interesting phenomenon. Of course these observations and tests are all based on a mechanistic understanding of our universe and don't touch on charge separation and any electrical involvement.

In the past when I didn't have a washing machine and done all my washing in the bath I had plenty of time to watch water go down the plug hole and even though it mainly went down one way, that was not constant and would sometimes just go down the other way or change direction during the draining process and sometimes reversed direction a few times before emptying.




We are entering into the Age of Aquarius and we must get away from the belief system of scientism that exemplified the change from the age of Pisces and now ground spiritual knowledge through physics. 




This is one of my all time favorite pictures from deep space as it not only and beautifully shows the cork screw motion of electricity running through matter with its centralized galactic plasmoid, it also shows it in context to its environment.

This is a heavily populated region of space with loads of galaxies in the field of view and is a fine example of many electrical Birkeland Currents running near to each other. This is why the nearest galaxy has long tail, because it’s a line of convergence among many fields and so is causing the mater to stretch out in between neighboring intergalactic Birkeland Currents. This effect can be seen in the weather systems on earth as the Lows being the down currents to earth and the highs being the returning up circuits to the Ionosphere.

Birkeland Currents being viewed from above


The world of science is getting turned over now but not just in the odd area, it is through out the whole field of the subject. The whole subject of cosmology is returning to what was known by the ancients.

I think this is piezoelectric. The pressure underground would be squeezing any quartz rich rock, then the pressure is released from the quake and the charge is released.









Due to people meeting outside their front doors to protest and then after, boycotting BBC News on their TV’s after they refused to report it, Auntie Beeb have been forced by public opinion to change their stance. Even though it is still a bit limited, it is a start but whether this will bring people back only time will tell and will depend on whether they continue to cover this type of news event or whether they are just paying lip service for the time being.




“We can forgive but we can never forget”, a telling sentence at the end of the video and very much shows the rational way this statement is written.





Physics has to be measurable and be quantifiable so it is noticeable that the traditionalists never really like to say physics too much and always cover themselves with the term science.

Included in the definitions for the word ‘science’ is, ‘you can guess and as poorly as you wish, as long as you can back it up with a contorted math equation that includes concepts which are not numbers.’


Scientism believes in the standard model which has gravity as the only major force that built and is continuing to keep the universe ticking over. Plus it also believes that the massively big universe all came about because of either a big bang that came out of absolutely nothing or a big bang that came out of a something made of matter but very, very small.

Not only are there multiple big bang theories exactly opposite each other (apart from the exciting bit, the explosion), all the big bangs are totally exclusive to objects like black holes which are built on the gravity only model.

And this is even though the two are almost but not really closely related theories but by a name and explosive initiating events that caused it only system and because of this, are actually totally exclusive within themselves and by that relationship are compatible by bridging the depolarized condition which they find themselves in when in fact they are the same, but can in another realm of existence being actually incompatible with each other as well, but at different times, so as long as there is a concept in there somewhere and no matter how ever silly it is, it can in theory work within the term science.

Strangely enough though, this assumption that there is nothing wrong with pure rubbish has never really been questioned by either academia or the Main Stream Media and it would seem that they have continuously and consciously decided to keep it ongoing for as long as possible.

So even though physics has moved on, scientism has still been allowed to come up with wizard like concepts and incantations, like the one behind a black hole being summed up by the equation ‘n/0 = ∞’ or in other words- ‘At the centre of our galaxy there is an ‘Anything divided by Nothing equating to Infinity’.

This of course has absolutely nothing to do with physics because by definition, physics only deals with real tangible stuff that can be measured and is quantifiable; physics has nothing to do with badly imagined tomfoolery.

Even though I have been out and about in universities and elsewhere in the UK telling of the importance of electrical engineering, plasma physics, real stuff and how the human race can now advance and so in effect, telling them nicely that we no longer need to be under the cosh of the old ways that have well and truly fallen over for some time now, for some reason it wasn’t received by some as good news.

But what really got a lot of people’s goat was that I didn’t have any letters behind my name and so wasn’t in fact classically trained in dogmatism and so, I don’t just automatically respect anyone who has.

In the future what will be important will not be the ability to spout and then expand on tenet & dogmatism using bullshit. It will be the desire to learn with a healthy mix of common sense, along with reason and balance to see past auto suggestion. Then with this sure footed foundation, to be expanded upon with creatively and so, coming up with something improved or even something new.

Even though it was pointed out with physics facts that we need to change now and that otherwise in this country at least, we will get left far behind as the others around the world who are forging ahead, so guess what? It is now being proved that in this corner of the world at least, we are being left far behind.

Maybe my manor of heretical delivery isn’t to everyone’s liking but due to the enforced subversion of knowledge and tax payer funding that has been going on for decades now, the alarm clocks are being sounding around the world with the old guess work now quickly being regarded as quirks of history that needs to be moved on from as quickly as possible, or should that indeed be quarks of history.



In Part 1 (July edition) we looked at the very basic understanding of what an Electric Universe consists of, in Part 2 (August edition) we looked slightly deeper at the workings, like the three phases of plasma discharge and now in Part 3 we delve even deeper still, to the level of Atomic.

If you have only just come across this and know very little about Electrical Engineering & Plasma Physics, then please look at the first two parts to get upto speed. It is hopefully an easily explained grounding, plus has some great links to illustrating video clips to help, so it shouldn’t be as daunting as this part might appear to be at first glance if you are new to the subject.

I have speculated before with people that I go along with idea that gravity is the description used for positive charge being attracted to a lesser charged body and that matter gets magnetically dragged along with it due to the attractive properties of the charge and so it seems that objects like the sun have a massive gravitational attraction.

All mass will magnetically attract positive electrical charge and with the mass of the sun being so big, it attracts loads of charge to itself and from all sides.

 The Galactic arm continually feeds the sun with loads of charge and so there is continuing load being piled in it and so a continually drag by charge to it.

Because matter is always a lesser charged body than the power that is all around it. This means that we don’t have to worry about our or any of the other billions of suns burning up any time soon, it is a well tested electrical system that is well used all over the visible universe.

The sun then charged up lets off steam and give out the excess in charge through a circuit of Birkeland Currents to its environment, which in turn gives out that charge to its family of planets and other matter in it’s Heliosphere through the general solar wind as well as the concentrated CME & FE events.

 We are entering the Age of Aquarius and so we are going away from the belief systems which were among the energies that exemplified the Age of Pisces. Now we have to ground out rational beliefs in physics that proves true and the Electric Universe Theory is continually being proven on a daily basis to be true.

So a lot of the major mechanics are in place but as this is only the start of this electric journey and this is quite a long power-line to travel- and then comes any theology.

The hexagon is an electrical signature and electricity in atoms has interconnecting magnetic fields.


at the moment nothing can be dismissed 

Not every aspect of electricity is fully understood yet, like what is its source and who, what or if something turned on the plug in the first place? But what we do know is that it is real because we can measure it and indeed use it. It is has to be there for the holding together of matter and so for the universe as a whole to exist, but too much of it and matter can easily be blown apart.

Don’t try this at home!!!


We also know through sacred geometry and plain observation that Mother Nature doesn’t unnecessarily complicate things and like electricity, will follows formulas and take the line of least resistance.


There are different ideas about what electricity actually is and why magnetism is always there along side it and why sometimes magnetism can be there on its own. Even in the Electric Universe community there are differing opinions as we all explore the inner workings of separation in charge through matter.

But as far as I see it though, because Mother Nature doesn’t like to complicate matters, I’ll go with a straightforward explanation to hopefully get somewhere near to it.

We do know as fact that electricity is the only thing that makes magnetism and magnetism is automatically made when electricity is present. So one is intimately connected with the other but magnetism is in the end just an effect of the electricity moving back from a state of charge separation to a state of balanced charge. So what caused the separation of charge in the first place the matter within charge, or something external?

An atom consists of two types of particle in the nucleus and another type of orbiting particle.

In the nucleus there are Protons which are electrically charged and Neutrons, which are devoid of any charge. The charge neutral Neutrons bind the charged Protons together in the nucleus through magnetism and gives the atom strength, mass and an electromagnetic field.

The conventional interpretation says that the mini particle Electrons that are in orbit around the nucleus are also charged with electricity but of a lesser charge than that of the Protons in the nucleus. The different Electrons are at different orbital distances from the nucleus and moving very quickly.

Other alternative interpretation in traditional science calls these quick orbiting particles clouds and shells which gives a clue to how the E.U will see them. It says that for every Proton in the nucleus there is one Electron in orbit.

From the Electric Universe perspective the Electron particles are dipole sheaves that surround the nucleus and not a single particle racing around at break neck speed and so view atoms more like gas planets with rocky cores, rather than conventionally seeing them as rocky planets with their individual satellites and lots of empty space.

So rather than having one Proton in the nucleus needing one Electron in orbit, it is seen as one Proton having a layer of micro charged particles that is equivalent to one Electron.

Electricity is basically the movement of some of the orbiting charge from one atom to another, so when one atom has more charge (+) than the other (-); the local environment needs to find balance and so one atom gives over some of its bubble of orbiting charged mini particles to the next atom with less.

The atom which received the extra charge now has more than the next one in the line and so will give over the extra load and so on down the line and so the charge moves. The advancing charge will keep going until the supply of moving charge from behind stops or a balance achieved.

Depending on the type atom element, the movement of charge through its Electron sheaves will be easy or difficult. Metal is an excellent conductor of moving charge where as ceramic, plastic, air etc isn’t. This is because their Electron charge around the nucleus is solidly stuck to the nucleus where as with metals; the charge in orbit is loose and easily movable.  

So electricity is created when there is an imbalance of charge being brought to a state of equilibrium via a charged mass of micro particles joining another atom and then in that process some energy is released to the environment.

Electrical charge though when it is moving actually does so very slowly and in some cases at only ‘metres per hour’ but the energy it gives off in waves (the Electromagnetic spectrum) can travel at near light speed. It also gives of other radiation like heat.

But for a wave to travel, it has to travels through something so this medium is thought by a lot in the EU community to be a field of Neutrinos. 

Neutrinos are very small independent micro particles and are different from what makes up atoms. They are charge neutral and have almost no mass and so can pass through all other matter without having any affect on it and so, permeate all other matter as an ‘√¶ther’.

So the universe is made up from a mix between a plenum neutrino material substrate and the atoms that are bound together with the magnetic attraction from the electrical charge.

A side note on Neutrinos- We know that this type of small particles does not have anywhere near enough of a density for them to be made by a nuclear fired sun. But we also know though, is that there is exactly the right amount of neutrinos for an electric model of Sols.


Even though an Electric Cosmology is beautifully simple and can be measured and quantified and doesn't need to have mystical Gene like objects that can’t be seen sitting at the centre of galaxies, we are still grappling with fundamental issues of where all the electricity comes from.

There are different ways that electricity can be brought into existence but it is still all the same thing, because it is just separated charge trying to achieve a balance of charge, by one mass giving charge to another mass that has less. The charge separation and its desire to balance is fundamental in Mother Nature, like so many dualities.

Bringing a separation in charge can happen with an external power input, like in a circuit with the positive pole (+) continually giving to the negative pole (-) to make the system work, like in a house appliance where there needs to be a continuing flow of charge with the resulting energy given off and then being used.

Or it can be seen and felt as a charge differential made from static, where the charge of a mass can be increased when it is rubbed against another mass and the charge is forced from one mass onto another mass with the help of heat.

This is seen with a balloon when it is rubbed against a jumper and a positive charge is built up on one side of the balloon and making the other side have less. This will make the side with less charge try and grab some charge from another surface and make it magnetically attractive to the balloon’s side of lesser charge.


A Re Cap on the four types of matter using H20 as the medium-

Ice, the first state of matter: Put heat into it and this causes movement in the atoms. As they start to giggle about, the magnetic connection that make it a solid begins to break down as they get excited and the collection of atoms start to separate out of their solid form and we get a Liquid and energy is released.

Put in more heat in and the atoms start to move around even more quickly. The atom are now moving around very fast and the magnetism that is holding the liquid together starts to fail and the atoms becomes a water vapour (gas).

And when even more heat is applied, the atoms will be moving around so fast that the Electrons start to loose cohesion with not only the nucleus of their own atoms, but with each other as well and then H2O will become a plasma.

So Plasma is the type of matter where some of its Electron charge is already detached from the atoms and is free floating and this is why electricity can easily travel through it. It is a medium that is in the right charged condition for the electricity to flow.

This gives the clue as to why an ordinary bipolar magnet looses it magnetism when heated and also, why the Mpemba effect happens when boiling water freezes faster than cold water. As it is the change point between one state of matter and the next, it is taking one step away from the process of changing into a third state of matter.


At the atomic level when the heat of friction is applied, some of the charge from one surface is released to be then forced into the other surface.

As the fiction then stops the surfaces cool down and the exchange of charge gets locked into the new surface. Static can also be seen when our feet get charged from walking on a carpet and we then attract a spark from a metal surface (which has loose Electrons) to our hand, the other ends of our bodies which will now have less charge compared to our feet.

As we seen before another type of electricity is piezoelectricity and this is where the charge separation is made by bending or squeezing a crystal and then letting it relax.

Because of the structure of the atoms in a crystal (which are in straight lines) get distorted, some charge is squashed into the surrounding atoms and so some of the squashed atoms are forced to give over some of their charged Electrons to the not squashed atoms. 

Then when the crystal is relaxed the charge differential is brought back to balance with a concentrated release of charge as the side with too much charge gives back the charge with a small Birkeland current spark. So in the end, what ever the type of electricity it is, it is still just a balance of charge through a vortex. With energy waves and electrical filaments then running off the twisting Birkeland Current vortex.


Because metal (or metal rich rock) has its Electron charge only loosely connected to its atoms, it can be manipulated to bunch up the electron charge on one side of the atom and so make one side charge heavy and the other, charge light.

By pulling all the proton charge towards one side of each atom you are in affect creating a running field (- + - + - + - +) of aligned atoms. 

This running field then intensifies and accumulates the magnetism just like electricity intensifies when a series of batteries are lined up together. The magnet then at the positive end (+) tries to connect with its minus end and the field is extended around the magnet to do so.

This field will then be also attractive to other substances and want to pull them in too due to spiraling vortex of the field and the electrons being loosely bound to the nucleus and so being tugged.
When the electricity stops passing through a piece of metal and turns it into a magnet, the charge direction will be frozen in as the Electron sheaves of the atoms once again solidify.

Because the electron sheaves are now aligned in a single direction, electricity can pass through it without actually touching it and power objects at a distance. It’s like a ready made motorway for the electricity to travel through.

The (+ - + - + -) alignment of the atoms as each negative side of the atom is attracted to the side with more charge in its neighbour will keep the effect going as balance in all things must be achieved and because it is now a direction of least resistance.

When we heat a magnet we are exciting the atoms to giggle about and this includes the Electron sheaf.  This rapid movement of the atoms frees the set electron sheaf to resume their proper shape and so looses it magnetic properties as the sheaves become unaligned.


Out of all the math guesswork that has plagued our understanding of reality, Quantum Mechanics has a place on its own. Even Einstein called it ‘spooky action at a distance’ because it is totally incompatible with General Relativity & Special Relativity.

One thing that is the same though, is that there isn’t just one theory for the different ideas, there are a whole plethora of them and they equally don’t work as well as the next. But that doesn’t seem to matter because it gives people who believe in their own superior intelligence and importance, a very good wage.

One of the great quotes from QM and is known by a lot of people, is that when you look at something the result might change. This has implied that reality isn’t set in stone but changeable through conscious intention to look at it.

This comes from the ‘double slit’ experimentation where the conventional idea of what orbiting Electrons were, was fired at the two slits and when they looked to see what had taken place, it turned out to look like a wave after they had gone through both slits. This shouldn't have happened because they were supposed to be single particles.

To try and find out what was happening, it was then decided that they would measure what was going on. So they set up a detector to try and see what was happening but because the separation of charge wasn’t included in the thinking, it led them to the wrong conclusion as to what was being seen. The misinterpretation was then tried to be backed up with what is known as 'digital physics' which is once again a math based perspective relying on the input of a human through computation. Because this has always been continually born out not to work, it led to the 13 different versions.

The trouble with collapsing the so called ‘wave function’ in the 'double slit experiment' is that you need to put a detector by a slit to see what is happening and so invalidate the experiment in the first place due to the electromagnetic force coming into play by the atoms of the detectors itself and is due to a differential in charge and so, has nothing to do with the observer collapsing it.

For QM to work, it must be able to be validated as a fully functioning idea but once again it is just more contorted equations that don’t, so it like the entire standard model is out the window.


A tough time is being had by so many humans experiencing this life at this time and although of course we should look at our evolving soul over many life times, it is still monstrously hard to ignore what is happening individually as well as on this globe now.

But for things to change it does seem that we have to be taken to the brink, so change will be forced. When we are comfortable and life seems to be going right and in the right direction for us individually, why would we want it to change, or in fact think that it should.

A prime example of this is those who are more esoterically minded but consciously still believing for certain (and so put a conscious block on their thinking to change) that some unproven ideas have already been proven and are in fact true.

Because the meaning of the word ‘science’ includes the definitions- ‘theoretical explanation of phenomena’ and ‘An activity that appears to require study and method’ it gives the capacity to come up with absolutely any ridiculous notion and believe it to being true, as long as you can come up with a contorted math equation to describe it.

Now remembering that ‘concepts’ are not quantifiable because they are not numbers and can’t be measured and are just imaginings, you shouldn’t actually use them in equations but because you can theorise about the use of them under the umbrella definition of ‘science’ they have been included.

A fine example of this is the pre-mentioned concept behind a Black Hole and which is summed up by the equation ‘n/0 = ∞’ or in other words ‘Anything divided by Nothing = Infinity’. Yes this is all that is needed to prove the theoretical existence of a Black Hole and that it is, both turning and holding galaxies together and even though it is completely incompatible with Big Bang Theory. 

Physics on the other hand requires that something must be is measurable and quantifiable and so this is why theorists don’t tend to use the word, because something has to be proved and so it gets away from belief,  a wage packet and prestige in life.

So what I think we need to do in the different esoteric groups around the world is embrace the Age of Aquarius with physics knowledge. Then we can truly understand what is possible consciously and so strengthen our resolve to make this world a better place.

Then we can look forward to a better world and leave the restrictions of Saturn behind us and make the future vibration of Saturn solid so we can bridge to the vibrations of Uranus. 

So in stead of believing in theories like QM, Black Holes and all the other fictions, we will know for fact through physics (Observation, Measurement, Lab Experimentation & Prediction that proves correct) that interacting electromagnetic fields (which includes a large part of our thinking process) works from the atom all the way through to galaxies and beyond.

So once we look at the physics of life, we can then actually see that this then goes on to show us that Astrology, Telepathy, Remote Viewing etc does works through these interconnecting electromagnetic fields and so we can then truly dream our future. Nature is beautifully simple and in the end quite easy to comprehend and our Electric Universe is proving this.


Our local electrical environment is the earth/ionosphere system. The system grounds electricity that it receives from our Sun and which had in turn received its electricity from our arm of the galaxy, which has in turn received its power from the intergalactic Birkeland Current that is running through the Milky Way.

Whether building and then turning a galaxy or lighting up strands in a novelty plasma ball, Birkeland Currents will carry the charge to balance the electrical environment it finds itself in. All things in nature try to find balance and electricity is no exception with it doing so by balancing charge between two polarities of more charge (+) and less charge (-).

As the earth and other planetary bodies are many electrical steps down the line from an intergalactic current the power is just about right for us to exist. By the time it has got us to us, it has fired loads of stars with their accompanying planetary systems.

But because electricity isn’t a smooth flow and can be a bit of a beast at times, it is not hard to imagine why our not to distant ancestors took to the caves and recorded why they had to run for their lives to find shelter.

Because electricity is a bit lumpy and comes in fits and starts, the smooth flow capacitor was born to use in electronic circuit boards and so because it was discovered how to smooth out electricity, we can apply that knowledge to what we observe around us.

In the final phase of the electricity reaching the earth, the power is smoothed out to some extent by the way the ionosphere/earth system works as a capacitor, with the atmosphere being the insulating ‘Dielectric’ in the middle of the two poles, (+) & (-). The dielectric also produces internal circuit breakers which hold and then spread the load over a wider distance before grounding the charge, these are the clouds.

With the Ionosphere/Earth system apart from the continuing drip of charge to the earth, the major currents that move between the earth’s surface and the ionosphere are the Highs & Lows in earth’s weather, with the down current being the Lows and the returning current to complete the circuit, the Highs.

So the atmosphere slows the never ending charge down to a trickle as it filters down to earth but has the Lows transporting more charge with the Highs completing the circuit with the lines of convergent between the two poles of opposing charge and so polarizing the water molecules to align its charge in a single direction causing it to turn into vapor which is then sucked up. This vapor then condenses which will then feed and be the medium to transport more charge to the ground.

So when the vapor is held in suspension of aligned charge as a cloud it can then be further charged up from the descending charge from the ionosphere to increase the amount of water vapor and so hold more charge. This can carry on until there is enough charge in the cloud to then force a discharge to ground or to another cloud with less charge and so releasing the charge in the vapor which then changes the vapor once again into liquid and we get the deluge falling.

More often than not, currents will pair up as they can then twist around each other and so make the movement forward easier. If you are a gardener you will know that climbers will climb better if they have something to climb around and up.


Part 12

To visualize the down and up Birkeland Currents on the earth we are going to use what I call in the left side bar under Weather Watch- Birkeland Wind Current Drivers.

Once there, Click on the box with ‘earth’ on it, bottom left and up will pop the legend box, reposition the earth behind by ‘Drag & Drop’ so you see what bit of the earth you want view.

Click TPW in Overlay and Sfc in Height (sea level) and you’ll see wind movement and the moisture at the bottom of the atmosphere, with the cyan colour and lighter areas being the wettest and the brown the driest. You can turn off & on the Legend box by clicking ‘earth’ at any time.

You can now go up through the atmospheric layers by clicking the 1000, 850, 700 hPa etc. and watch how the Birkeland Currents vortices that drives the atmosphere go up through different layers of atmosphere, the jet stream is at 250 hPa. This is a good height to see how electrically active each individual current is with some showing a geometrical form and so its power.

To establish an equalization of charge between any two masses electrical charge naturally twists into Birkeland Currents as it travels. This then creates vortices in the matter that it travels though, both big and small depending on the type of matter.

Click from Air to Ocean in Mode in the legends box to see how a big vortex and convergent lines of charge change when traveling through different types of matter. This view also shows why the sun looks granular from above, we are looking directly down on a load of little vortices.

Going back to Air mode, change from TPW to TCW and we can see where the charged water vapor is condensing into cloud. The cloud then acts as a circuit breaker within the atmosphere/capacitor to quickly transport increases in charge around different clouds and to the ground.

All we have to do is look around us in the solar system and we can see that the sun is a variable entity and its electrical environment is changing and is being reflected through the magnetic fields that the electricity is producing.

This is well understood in electrical engineering and plasma physics but not really at all in general scientism. As the power goes down so does our magnetic shield and so the balance remains. Changing that balance with metal particulates might not be a good idea.

Once again science because you are allowed to guess by definition, it seems to tell us that any guess will do as long as you believe in it and can make up a calculation that involves concepts to describe it.

Physics on the other hand tells us what’s actually there; it has to be measurable and quantifiable. So once again scientism completely misses what is in front of their faces and goes with their guesswork. Whether they do this on purpose, or because they have been hypnotized into believing ridiculous mathematical concepts equates to realty, it leaves us guessing “According to Usoskin et al. (2014), the Sun "shows strong variability in its magnetic activity, from Grand minima to Grand maxima, but the nature of the variability is not fully understood”…



But juicing up doesn’t necessarily mean heating up, it means bigger extremes. So we must prepare for this possibility that it might get a bit chilly in between bits of big heat.


Since following the solar system’s example and feeling a higher energy flow, the anti has been upped and so people are now starting to openly questioning whether some scientists deserve the high admiration they get or even to re-balance the situation, actually show disrespect to those who have taken the general public’s tax money and just played with it. 

When we consider that a massive section of the global human race has had a really poor time of it day in day out, I think that the science money should be spent on real stuff.

Due to me being less a little less than generous with a comment or two, the next couple of my comments on the science site had to go through a moderation process before they allow my views to be aired. I was in the end allowed to post but they confined my comments to being well out of chronological order and well down the comments page.

Not only do I not treat a lot of traditional scientists with any reverence but I also have the capacity to bark when I telling them that. Sirius on my free floating I.C. in the third when I am balanced with the now released fourth house cusp going to a now angular Uranus. 

Among all the many warrior/poets out there, this one is now stamping his little feet at the massive monster of scientism that gobbles up money like it’s going out of fashion.

Plus the hierarchy and some of the devotees of scientism don’t actually come across as being particularly honorable. The way the true scientific researches and physicists that are connected to the Thunderbolt Projects and the Electric Universe in general have been treated over the decades is simply appalling.

Scientism is doing the human race a massif disservice by not or pretending not to know what the **** is going on because they simply believe in doctrine and refuse to admit that any other cosmology even exists let alone that it works. Do we really want this to continue, it seems the universe doesn’t want it to?

Is it any wonder that ET doesn’t want to talk to the elite of this world, they have come looking for honesty, common sense, rationality and intelligence and found minister like sermons purely built on doctrine and belief.

Because the religion of scientism is now finding out in no uncertain terms that the electrical field has been intensified, they are now being Z-Pinched into a corner and electrically shocked out of their complacency and mind set.

So in these early days of post 21st Dec 2012, this is very much a time for saber rattling where the keyboard is being definitely mightier than bullshit and where there is a rapid deprogramming by the worrying process being activated. The fear of being found out is very real now for big-bangers and the like and this is adding to disturbed cognitive functions due to dissonance.

This tax payer is out there and being a tad assertive in the drive for a value for money. Plus I also feel sorry for those students who I think should have the choice as to whether they want to keep studying the present fiction, or make a creative move into electrical engineering and plasma physics.

In my eyes the choice is simple (but then again I haven’t been indoctrinated into a quasi religion), you either go for Real Science built on Physics or carry on with Nonscience built on very poor fiction.

After all the decades of appalling treatment and name calling by those in scientism towards those in and connected to the Electric Universe, the devotees of the quasi religion that believes in undetectable substances and nonscience are now getting pretty shirty now that the tables have been turned and they are in the firing line.

Even though I have been snapping like an annoying little terrier, the moderator and no doubt others of Earth/Sky have allowed my comments to stay. So they obviously do realize that their page should have some proper physics on it as well as the (science) fiction and so has allowed me to make a stand and I thank them for that.

This is my comment about Jupiter's moon Io and its supposed volcanoes-

burnt out image due to the electrical arcs was coloured in by NASA

Volcanoes really? A little simple bit of research and common sense is needed here by the writer, rather than just spouting pseudo religious doctrine. Real science please, (which is Observation, Measurement, Lab Experimentation and Prediction that Proves Correct) as all the evidence over the years has clearly shown us that this has absolutely nothing to do with volcanoes.

When we look at clear close up pictures of the ejected material emanating from the surface of the moon we see that they are totally structured, filamentary and umbrella shaped and so is totally incompatible with an ejection from internal volcanism. If they were ejections they would look like any other volcanic eruption and form a billowing cloud that would drift off into space due to the week gravitational force (or should that be a bending of light, according to Einstein).  

There is only one thing which would make the ejected material form a dome shape and then bring the material back onto the surface in a structured ring and that is a magnetic field caused by an electrical event.

Also when we compare pictures from different probes that have visited Io on different occasions we see that one of the supposed volcanoes has actually moved across the surface of the planet in just a few years, which is of course also quite impossible unless it has legs or be on some kind of sled.

When some of the first close up pictures of the surface of Io were released years ago, the said eruptions produced so much light that they burnt out the image at the point of the said eruption, so nasa actually coloured them in to look like lava. So rather than being honest with what they showed, they decided to falsifying the image (and so, this says a hell of a lot when you think about it and why these newly released images are out of focus and a ruddy colour).

An electrical arc because it produces this type of extreme brilliance is why welders have to use their protective masks, so they can shield their eyes from the extreme UV that is given off by arcing electricity and so it all once again and not unsurprisingly fits perfectly with the Electric Universe Theory.





The Electric Universe is about getting away from the old mathematical guesswork that broke years ago and getting back to proper physics which is Observation, Measurement, Lab Experimentation and Predictions that prove to be true.

Because today’s science has its roots based in the era of the Horse & Cart and Gas-Light, when only three types of matter, Solid, Liquid and Gaseous was really known about but even when the fourth state of matter was understood, it was basically pretty much ignored, science didn’t move on and instead stayed on the spot and spiraled into mathematical absurdity.

When we consider how big the mistake was to think that gravity was the only force to build and keep the universe ticking and ignore the electromagnetic force which is 1000, billion, billion, billion, billion times more powerful, we begin to see just how short sighted the standard model of reality really is.

Comets have been in the news over the last few years and are coincidentally fantastic objects to look at from an electrical perspective in comparison to the accepted guesswork. 

In the traditional mechanical standard model, because they mostly ignore any electrical involvement, most cosmologists would have us believe that a comet’s coma and tail are produced because the comet is a ‘dirty snowball’ and it is melting internally as it nears the sun, causing internal pressure to build up which then forces pockets of dusty water vapour to burst through a tar like surface in jets.

If these were jets though, then they would act as propulsion on the comet and shift its attitude in flight but even under extremely close scrutiny, it is seen that this just doesn't happen, so can’t in any way be jets. This is the reason why we can get space probes to visit them, because their orbits are perfectly predictable and do not shift.

The Rosetta space probe now achieved orbit with its target Comet and together are just less than the distance to Jupiter and the comet is now showing signs of forming a coma. The standard model says that this is due to the 'dirty snowball' melting internally because of its proximity to the sun. Its surface temperature is  -70 Celsius.

So what they are actually saying is that even though it has such a really, really cold surface, it is still somehow transporting heat from the surface of the comet to the inside and so making it melt.

A glaringly obvious feature of the comet is the tail which holds together over many hundreds of thousands of miles in what is a relatively unchanging static state. Even though using contorted math equations are allowed in science, in reality and physics it is impossible.

With the standard model having an electrically neutral vacuum of space, the structure shape of the tail couldn’t in any way happen. The jets would straight away bellow and drift apart like an ejection from a volcano and not stay structured over many, many tens of thousands of miles.

The reason they do hold their shape in both coma and tail is because they are held in place by the electromagnetic lines of charge that run through the solar system from the Sun.




As soon as the first pictures started to come in from the space probe, it showed once again that double-lobed comets with a smooth middle section are actually quite common in electrically hewn rock fragments be they asteroids or comets, with Comet Hartley 2 being the most famous upto now.

Comet Hartley 2 

It could clearly be seen that the comet had sharp features, cliffs and hexagonal craters and was absolutely nothing like a smooth snowball as expected. It is just like all the rock and dust that is around in the solar system, bits of ex planet.

Comet 67/Churyumov-Gerasimenko

Why Ms Hubault an Operations Engineer at ESA in the video doesn’t know this is as per normal a total mystery to those who have looked at other comet and asteroid missions with the ideal of Observation, Measurement, Lab Experimentation and Prediction that proves true.

Even though those at ESA mission centre might have the images from other space missions and still insist that comets are just a loose conglomerate of dirty dusts and snow, those in the Electric Universe community know that they are just like asteroids but on eccentric orbits and so cross the electrical field lines of the sun and arc. So it is interesting to see where they will try and make touch down with the comet.

Because the Electric Universe Theory uses Lab Experimentation over math guess work, it can quite confidently predict events and outcomes, where as the math guess work never can.


Parts 12

Still taught in education institutions and relayed around the world as fact by the Main Stream Media, is that comets are a loosely combined mix of ice and dust traveling through an electrically inert environment and that this was proved when the impactor part of the space probe from the Deep Impact mission slammed into Comet Temple1 in 2005 and released debris into space- This is so wrong.

What was actually proved though, is that once again some scientists are either really clueless having completely forgotten what is involved in the scientific method, or they are consciously engaged in actual deceit to steal more money from the tax payer, in which case they should be sent to trial for fraud.

When simple logic and common sense is applied to what is scientifically observed and measured, we are left with a very different picture to that as described by the main stream using mathematical guess work. This has once again been brought into vivid focus when the Rosetta space probe stated sending back its photos of its target comet.

I am not though talking about those who designed and built the probe as it was launched a decade ago and was just built to spec as required but those who have described what has happened since then and have continually refused to adhere to the scientific method. 

The ESA mission has showed us once again that double-lobed comets with a smooth middle section are against all probability (according to the standard model) quite common, with Comet Hartley 2 being the most famous upto now. 

So this again fits perfectly with the Electric Universe theory that comets are solid lumps of rock just like asteroids but on eccentric orbits so they cross the electrical field lines of the sun and arc.

The idea that they were electrically disturbed from a planetary body rather than forming from the leftovers in the formation of the solar system has been around for loads of years with the Plasma Scientist C J Ramsom showing that this form could even be replicated exactly on the small scale in lab experimentation.

But the main stream has continually said that real science doesn’t matter and those who are involved in Observation, Measurement, Lab Experimentation and Prediction that prove correct are ‘Cranks’.

When the impactor from the Deep Impact mission slammed into but hardly made a dent in Comet Temple 1, instead of forcing its way into the inertia of the comet as designed, it done so at an angle and not straight on and so naturally sent the small amount of ejected material down wind from the impact.

So when a column of different material was recorded and shown to go vertically up at 90 degrees and in contradiction to the impact angle, they ignored it and carried on with the standard model that had been shown to be failing decades before.

As well as ignoring the vertical nature of this other column which is a well know reaction if it was an electrical event, the blind nature of those involved in interpretation the data from the impact only said that water had been recorded to exist and so proved that comets were ‘dirty snowballs’.

What were actually recorded was mix of Hydroxyls which are one part hydrogen & one part oxygen and virgin water which is two parts hydrogen and one part oxygen. What was missing though and most importantly was any dusty material in the water molecules, which if they had come from the inertial of the comet must have been there if their guesswork was to be correct.

There is only one thing that would produce a vertical column of hydroxyls and virgin water and that is an electrical arc on silica, which is solid rock.

I have said previously that because of the composition of the lander that is due to land on next November and because the whole space probe has been in orbit around Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko for six months, I didn’t think there would be an electrical event like before with the deep impact mission.

It is said by Dave T & Wal T that even though the lander itself is not made of the same materials as before, the electronics on board are the same and so might well be affected and especially if a CME or FE erupts from the sun and hits the comet & probe. 

Personally I still don’t think the Lander’s harpoon will be able to spear the comet and so get that near to the nucleus of the comet.

Since last December I have seen the earth's weather systems not being driven by heat but are the major currents running from the ionosphere to ground through the Lows. Heat will have some effect and intensify on a system but then again this will electrical in nature as it heat that strips electrons from atoms and turns gas into plasma.

As for gravity I am tending towards it being the charge going from negative to positive and as it does, it will drag mater along with it. We might get an idea of how near to this it is when Rosetta has been in orbit for a while and especially when the lander is released.

The electrical field by this time will have changed as the comet nears the sun and so electrically intensified. We can also hope for a CME or FE to blast towards the comet which will be of great help to see any effect. 

So even if the harpoon fails will the lander get pulled down to some extend anyway by the increase in electrical potential/gravity? So roll on November when we will see exactly what will happen.

This is the Thunderbolts Project’s latest statement-

From Dave Talbott and Wal Thornhill: After a 10-year journey, the Rosetta spacecraft has now reached Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko. It looks like the mission is going to be a goldmine for us.

Already one self evident prediction of the electric comet model has been confirmed: a spectacular, sharply 'spark machined' surface—just the opposite of what the “sublimating ices” model of comets would predict and a refutation of all published artistic visualizations of the comet prior to Rosetta’s arrival.

As most of our readers will know, the double-lobed form of the nucleus, similar to the observed forms of so many comets and asteroids, is no surprise to electrical theorists. Standard theory, on the other hand, must call upon repeated astronomical improbabilities (merging of two tiny and remote bodies in space) to explain these recurrent morphologies. If such improbabilities are common in a gravitational scenario, why no triple-lobed comets or asteroids?
While no electrical theorist would deny the possibility that a chunk of dirty ice could still be circling the Sun today, none expects substantial water-ice either on or below the surface of 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko. More likely would be a possible localized dusting of frost as trivial levels of ice crystals, created electrochemically in the coma, drift to the surface.

Significant things to look for as the Rosetta mission continues: 1) no evidence of subsurface ice at the sources of the jets; 2) virtually no interstellar dust, the second component of the “dirty snowball” theory; 3) discovery of minerals on the nucleus that are typical of planetary surfaces within the habitable zone of the Sun; 4) characteristic concentration of plasma jet activity eating away at the cliffs of elevated terrain and the margins of well-defined depressions; 5) measurable retreat of active cliff regions in the wake of this activity; and 6) the presence of unexpected electric fields within the coma and/or close to the comet nucleus, possibly even disrupting the anticipated landing on the surface. This could occur on or after touch down because the sharp metallic edges of the spacecraft make an ideal focus for a diffuse plasma discharge, which would disrupt communications and possibly interfere with spacecraft electronics. And…

If a strong coronal mass ejection from the Sun strikes the comet, we expect the comet to respond electrically with a surge of activity, confirming that the jets are not due to warming from the Sun but to charged particle distribution in the electric field of the Sun.
If you’re wondering about the electrical theory, facts, and reasoning behind these expectations, it's time to watch The Electric Comet documentary, along with the accompanying video on reported infrared readings of “water” from the Deep Impact event at Comet Tempel 1.





An Electric Universe uses physics and so adheres to real stuff like interacting magnetic fields and not badly conceived mathematical concepts that failed ages ago. So it even explains the process of how Rupert Sheldrake’s Morphic Fields, Remote Viewing, Telepathy and even Astrology work through interacting electromagnetic fields.


Parts 12








This isn't actually a mission but just NASA (yes public face of the military space organization) trying to make up ground by giving the impression that they might know how the universe works.

They have been forced to do this and try and cover their arses because of the constant barrage and Mick taking from those in the Electric Universe community and which has been going on since Dec 2012.

The Remote Viewers didn't see this coming because they were locked into a purely mechanistic mind set, with the best that they could come up with being to talk about a Kill Shot. Because they only knew of the standard model rather than the actual electrical nature of the sun, they didn't see that it was actually the standard model that was going to be killed off.

Some of what they did see though was quite remarkable and unbelievable when seen from a purely mechanistic view of the universe. But when viewed from an electric visage, not really.


A while ago I showed how a company was developing a short range system that was designed for home use. But now a scientist from the Korean Institute of Science is doing this over a distance of five meters.

At the live talks that I give in universities and elsewhere, I say that unless the UK starts very quickly to throw away the past and seriously embrace the future, we in the UK will be left far behind in developing the future that is now this plainly shouting at us in the face.

We must not pussy foot around anymore and sack the old guard if they don’t take this on board and go into re training so they can teach real science rather than the old guesswork that failed decades ago.

Professor Chun Rim who is trained in nuclear physics and quantum engineering has clearly done this and moved into the study of electricity and has now achieved a power transfer over the distance with a frequency of 20 kHz and 209 watts and over the five meter distance he was able to power three 40 watt fans and a TV.
















But still don't know what they are looking at.



Last month we saw one of the plasma discharges on our planet with the formations in rock both small and massive with the Richat Structure. With this one it is harder to see from space but with Google Earth it is now possible.




When visualizing a twisting Birkeland Current you need to go no further than a novelty plasma ball as each strand is a mini BC. As it hits the outer shell of the ball you can see that it is in fact two strands because they then separate.

A lot of people in traditional science either wrongly through ignorance of the subject, or by design (to muddy the waters of reality and save their pay packets) say that the EU states that there is no gravity because of the electromagnetic effect.

This is wrong and has never been stated by those in the EU community. Both are in operation and there is much thought and work being done to find out how gravity is derived from the EM effect. Gravity is just a type of stabilising force and is noticeable when the EM field diminishes. This is type 1 of plasma mode and is usually called Dark although I now call it invisible (like radio waves) to disassociate it from traditional fiction as believed in by the main stream.

As both strands move forwards they are attracted to each other and so will naturally twist but at the same time will not touch.

Birkeland currents run throughout our universe and on all different scales. From plasma balls through to galaxies and beyond, if you look at the illustration at that I have already put up above you'll see how the twisting currents will come together when it runs through loads of matter and will twist together tightly. Some of this current is then stepped down and transferred through the matter and along the arms of the now formed galaxy.

It’s fine and good fun to speculate and form ideas but we must go by what we do know about plasma physics and electrical engineering first. This is where an Electric Universe differs from traditional cosmology that guesses first and then gets totally surprised when their guesswork differs from observations and experimentation.








Because humanity is now maturing out of its adolescence stage of development, the politics of events on earth cannot be separated from the politics of the intergalactic. This is because the decisions and actions that the power brokers that run the earth now make will show directly how they are likely to act when dealing with any intergalactic & interdimensional neighbours.

In the mine field of information and disinformation ‘The Multiverse’ endeavours to synthesise the many fields that make up our conscious perception of the universe., while at the same time, filtering out that which is fantasy as well as that which is deliberately put out to muddy of the waters of reality. The views and opinions offered by outside contributors & links are purely their own and are not necessarily those of ‘The Multiverse’.

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