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Because humanity is now maturing out of its adolescence stage of development, the politics of events on earth cannot be separated from the politics of the intergalactic. This is because the decisions and actions that the power brokers that run the earth now make will show directly how they are likely to act when dealing with any intergalactic & interdimensional neighbours.

In the mine field of information and disinformation ‘The Multiverse’ endeavours to synthesise the many fields that make up our conscious perception of the universe, while at the same time filtering out that which is fantasy as well as that which is deliberately put out to muddy of the waters of reality. The views and opinions offered by outside contributors & links are purely their own and are not necessarily those of ‘The Multiverse’.

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Science riding high.

Newtonian Mechanics backed up by Einstein dictates by scientific doctrine that it is matter that creates gravity and it is gravity that solely holds the universe together, this at the same time as the universe is being torn apart by the Big Bang and at an ever accelerating rate. Surely this means that gravity is not only not putting the brakes on expansion but is actually losing its grip and so presumably, becoming weaker. Where's the constant in that?

Even overcoming this seemingly paradoxical thought process, we then have the problem that gravity is such a week force anyway that it is impossible for it to hold things like galaxies together in the first place. The universe just doesn't contain enough matter for this to happen.

Rather than saying though that, ok maybe there is another major force also at work as well as gravity; the religious zealots of the scientific religion pressed on with their unfounded beliefs and came up with a totally invisible to the naked eye (or other detector), Dark Matter.

After even this leap into the unseen, it was then calculated that there still wasn't enough of the dark stuff and so had to find a new cloak of invisibility to spin and so, Dark Energy was then brought in the equation.

But because upto date and billions having been spent on it and not being able to find this elusive type of matter (which after all is supposedly to be a lot hell of a lot more abundant than ordinary matter), they still have to use words such as ‘could’, ‘whiff’ and ‘one idea is’ to keep us believing in its existence.

These cloaks of invisibility that most of the scientific community with its strict doctrine was decreed to ware  was spun from the most beautifully contorted mathematical equations which were incomprehensible to most people and because of this, could easily be decreed as non see through and so keep the funding pouring in and the metered oil flowing out.

If you are still wondering about the nature of so many scientists being so ludicrous wrong and that it just couldn’t be so, then a simple calculation worked out by whom it was once said, was the most intelligent human on earth is one to consider. 

In his book ‘The theory of everything etc’, Steven Hawkins says that he and Roger Penrose figured out that when working with Einstein equations then there must be a singularity of infamous density at the middle of a Black Hole which means mathematically that you can divide the middle of a black hole by zero and you will get infinity, eh?.

Is it any wonder that so many people don’t understand the math when we are taught in our primary schools that when you times something by nought you actually get nothing or in other worlds, a Big Black lack of anything.

Since the day of Tesla when those that controlled the world's cash flow made sure that he would die in poverty and others in the field of electrical engineering be virtually unheard of, those who have followed on and worked in the world of Plasma Physics world also be automatically held back.

Nuclear Physics, even though it only represents 0.01% of the known universe by mass, could be metered and so ruled the day, while Plasma Physics which includes the other 99.99% in its equations and works QM and everything else, was to be kept very much at arms length because it represented free 'power to the people'.

What had been taught in the classroom to generations of students to be the truth, plus the MSM being used to hypnotise the general public with the newly qualified scientists alike, made sure that most everyone believed what was desired by the industrial/military complex and not even question that there could be an alternative way of thinking.




We live in an Electric Universe and our little part of it was a lot more electric in the past than it is now. Is it any wonder that early man saw meaning in planetary movements with their differing energies and electrical discharges?


This month watch out for the 10th, the day of this month’s New Moon as Venus gets chatty. Then on the 21st when the sun also enters Gemini causing a powerful Stellium, plus on that day it is the latest in the series of exact Uranus/Pluto squares that have rocked the world over the last few years.



From an esoteric point of view-
We live in a world of dualities, a 50/50 balance (Black & White, Good and Bad, Yin & Yang etc) of all manifestations of our existence in matter in its grossest form with this balance act being of Fate putting choices in our way and then us choosing how we respond to them.

These fatalistic choices that we face though are brought about by the previous choices that were made in a previous life and so represent two sides are of the same coin with us the observer of our own actions creating our future. We may create our future but it is still down to us to make those new choices when they come along.

Now that we know that we live in an Electric Universe which creates interacting magnetic fields in matter, we can see that this also mirrors the duality of life with the two poles of a magnet being the same object. At first I thought that North went to south as a field and was moving but it is in fact static and just a line of force running between the two.


When years ago I first felt a distinct disturbance in the atmosphere, I thought that CO2 and the like was the major contributing factors in Climate Change. This view has been modified since to being just as important but as well, I also started seeing the banksters seeing it as an opportunity to make more money by actively promoting the fear.

Now that I know that we live in an Electric Universe and everything in it is intimately connected rather than being a nuclear one which is separated,  I now see the sun plus consciousness being the most powerful of influence on the earth. This means in both exoteric and esoteric terms that if we treat the earth by wantonly polluting it, we will set up a causal effect feedback loop between the sun and the earth. The dirtier we are with the earth then the dirtier the climate will become.



While everyone who knows of the foundation is waiting for them to go fully public (with the MSM helping with that process?), a lot of people including myself still think that all is not right about exactly how correct this is. But as like most people who just wonder if the whole Keshe thing is just a massive and elaborate wind up, I wonder about the explanation of the physics involved.

The way the videos and Mr. Keshe describe their processes is with a conventional view of particle physics and so describes an understanding that includes Dark Matter. But as we have seen (or rather not) Dark Matter doesn't exist in an Electric Universe, so how do his inventions fit with an Electric Universe?

Well I think that it is a process a bit like Tesla who didn't work things out to invent the things that he did (AC Current, Radio Control etc) but had visions which he then built so he could see how they worked.

There could well be a similar thing happening here with Mr. Keshe but because he and his colleagues are trained as a Nuclear Physicists, their starting point in trying to understand the workings will be from the result gained from that premise.

It seems that all scientific disciplines in the future will have to automatically have, at least a very good understanding of electrical engineering. This is probably another reason why the foundation has dropped out of view at the moment as they will now be fully aware of this years 2013 Thunderbolt Conference: ‘The Tipping Point’ in Albuquerque in January and so, will now be hurriedly retraining themselves in the ways of the Anode & the Diode.

It will be interesting to see if Mr. Keshe modified his text to take an account of this at his latest talk in Brescia, Italy. 

The next chance to see him give this talk will be in Varna City, Bulgaria this week.


Which started out as a good idea by imparting knowledge, has turned out it seems to be a weird sect of the modern day scientific religion. This offshoot of the traditional group of devotees though, has taken the idea of devotional worship leading to big bucks to new level.

(includes a video from someone who went through the priestery)

This god-like attitude that the hierarchy of the Church of TED had always aspired to really shows itself when although producing superb cutting edge talks, put blocks on anything that was cutting edge but threatened their profits and control. Rupert Sheldrake was one such person and after being a very popular speaker, was suddenly dropped and banned from the pulpit.
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 Dr. Greer thought he could usurp the Starchild Skull with this one but no, the original still has the genetics where as he at the moment doesn't.









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